Chapter 2: Fang Zhihan, Your Husband(2)

Translator: Yunyi  Editor: YunyiYu Gangan’s auntie and Yang Tianyou were so shocked that their expressions immediately changed.

They then turned and looked at each other.

“How’s this possible? I watched Gangan grow up. How could I not know that she got married? Why are you lying to us?” the old aunt’s voice once again resounded; her deliberately high-pitched voice almost shook the roof off.

Yang Tianyou was also displeased as he glared at Fang Zhihan, “Mr. Fang, have you wandered into the wrong room? This is my fiancee!!”

Fang Zhihan ignored the two as though they were just thin air, while his gaze remained focused on Yu Gangan.

Yu Gangan massaged her temples and said with an uncomfortable expression, “Auntie, I want to get some rest. Please leave first.”


But, how could the old aunt leave willingly? With an anxious and worried expression, she said, “Gangan, don’t listen to this man’s nonsense. I’m your aunt and I’ve never seen him before. You need to believe me, Tianyou is your fiance.”

Believe you?

As if!

Yu Gangan couldn’t even force a smile as she raised her voice and repeated herself, “Auntie, please leave!”

The old aunt couldn’t help but feel a little angry. Inside, she was annoyed that Yu Gangan was being so ungrateful, but her tone remained tender, “Gangan, listen to me, in this day and age, there are a lot of liars…”

Yu Gangan: “…”


The way that Yu Gangan’s auntie kept trying to forcefully convince her that she had a fiance, made one question her motive.

A moment later, the hospital room door once again flew open. This time, two tall and built bodyguards stepped into the room and dragged the auntie and Yang Tianyou out.

Everything fell silent.

Yu Gangan watched the entire scene play out with shock. Afterwards, she returned her gaze to the man that claimed to be her husband.

From beginning to end, Fang Zhihan did not glance at the aunt nor Yang Tianyou even once.

He took the roses in his hand and gently placed them into the vase atop Yu Gangan’s bedside drawer. His long fingers were slender and white like jade. As they intertwined with the fiery red roses, there was an indescribable sexiness.


A gust of wind swirled around the roses and a slight fragrance wafted across the air into Yu Gangan’s nose.

It smelled beautiful and crisp.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere no longer felt so tense.

After he finished placing the roses in the vase, Fang Zhihan’s gaze once again fell upon Yu Gangan’s body. As like before, there was no warmth to his gaze. One look was enough to freeze a person down to the bone.

This was not the way a husband should look at his wife, ( ̄— ̄~)~

Yu Gangan’s long eyelashes twitched once before she calmly looked the man in his eyes and asked, “Who exactly are you?”

“Fang Zhihan, your husband!!”

They were the same four words as before, but this time, as she looked into his eyes, there seemed to be a deep meaning to his response.

He stood beside her bed as his tall body cast a dark shadow over her.

He was much too tall. He towered over her like an almighty God, looking down at the splendors of the world.

Yu Gangan looked up and her eyes fell upon the man’s slightly raised Adam’s apple. This perfect arc was both sexy and mesmerizing, like a beautiful landscape on a man’s body.

She was being tempted by her hormones.

But, not only did she not know this cold, dangerous, yet attractively seductive man, if she had even laid eyes on him once, she was sure she would have had some memory of it.

Since she didn’t know him…

…why did he say that he was her husband???