Chapter 1: Fang Zhihan, Your Husband(1)

Translator: Yunyi  Editor: YunyiWhile she sat casually at home, her husband fell down from the sky!


Yu Gangan’s eyelids drooped.

She struggled as her auntie’s shrill voice intruded her ears like a reckless bomber plane.

“Gangan, this is really your fiance! You used to say every day that you must have saved the galaxy in your past life to be given the opportunity to be with Tianyou~~”

Half a month ago, Yu Gangan was riding a little yellow scooter, when she was hit by a big black Volkswagen. At that time, she was knocked off the road by the impact and fell unconscious.


By the time she woke up again, she was already in the hospital.

Her injuries weren’t that serious, but she was forced to stay in the hospital for an entire month.

When she came to her senses, her auntie did not express a single word of concern, instead, she pushed a man called, Yang Tianyou, in front of her and told her he was her fiance!!


She had never been in a relationship and had never had a boyfriend before. Where did this fiance come from?

What an impressive act!


Yang Tianyou chimed in with the old aunt and looked at Yu Gangan lovingly, “Gangan, do you know how upset and brokenhearted I was when you lay unconscious in bed?! I prayed every single day for you to wake up. Even if it meant that I had to sacrifice my life, I was willing to do it. Now that you’re awake, I’m so happy. I really want to get married with you right away…”

The man’s voice was gentle like water.

He then tried to grab onto Yu Gangan’s hand.

But, Yu Gangan’s gaze sank as she quickly pulled her hands under the covers to avoid his touch.

Yang Tianyou looked hurt as he asked painfully, “Gangan, what’s wrong, do you not recognize me? I am ‘Ah You’…”

She didn’t care who he was.

Not only did she not know him, she had never even heard of his name before!

In fact, Yu Gangan was so disgusted by his whiney tone that she got goosebumps.

If this man continued to put on an act with her auntie, Yu Gangan was going to call the police.

In the end, Yu Gangan continued to remain cold and unresponsive.

The room fell into a short period of silence before there was a knock on the door.

The door flew open and light slowly trickled into the room.

Yu Gangan watched as a firm and tall figure walked in.

The light that flowed in made it difficult for Yu Gangan to see the man’s face and eyes, but his tall, handsome posture and strong presence was very intimidating.

In his hands, were a bouquet of flowers: roses that represented love. He stood calmly in the middle of the room and swept his cold gaze gently across the people in it with a fierceness between his eyes. The originally babbling aunt and Yang Tianyou immediately shut up.

Yu Gangan looked at the handsome and proud man.

His temperament was extremely cold. He seemed classy and restrained with an air of mystery that one couldn’t see through, but he felt dangerous.

Who was this man?

Did he walk into the wrong room?

Yu Gangan gently asked, “Excuse me, you are…?”

All of a sudden, her throat tightened and she choked back the rest of her question.

Without warning, a pair of profound eyes focused on her like two deep pools of coldness and she felt as though she was being drowned by an icy liquid.

“Fang Zhihan, your husband.”

The man’s deep and sexy voice matched the vibe that he gave off: cold, restrained, but extremely seductive.

What husband?

Whose husband?

My husband?!!

Yu Gangan was stunned.

She only slept for a while, but somehow woke up to not just a fiance…

…but also a husband?!

Did these people think she was a fool?

If she had to tolerate this, then what else did she have to put up with?