Chapter 3: Overflowing With Ambiguity

Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi“You say you’re my husband, but how did we meet and when did we get married? Why don’t I recognize you at all…?”

While Yu Gangan was questioning the man, a red marriage certificate appeared in front of her.

She immediately choked back the rest of her words and looked at Fang Zhihan questioningly.

This marriage certificate…

Did this belong to the two of them?

How was this possible? She was certain that she never went to the Civil Affairs Office with this random man.


Yu Gangan was in shock as she received the marriage certificate and opened it up to have a look.

The photos attached to the marriage certificate were indeed her and Fang Zhihan!!

How was this possible?

Yu Gangan stood wide-eyed, unable to say a word. This was too hard to believe.

When did she take a photo like this with Fang Zhihan? Why couldn’t she remember a thing? Had she actually lost her memory?

The name on the certificate beside hers was Fang Zhihan…


Just as she was about to scan down and look at the date of registration, Fang Zhihan took the certificate back.

Yu Gangan frowned at Fang Zhihan and stretched out her hand, “I haven’t finished looking at it yet…”

Fang Zhihan held onto the marriage certificate and looked at her calmly. His deep black eyes were still, like a cold pool of unfathomable depth.

His gaze made Yu Gangan feel a little uncomfortable, so she raised her voice, “Give it to me!!”

Fang Zhihan raised his eyebrows with slight ridicule in his gaze, “No.”

Yu Gangan was a little taken aback as she glanced at the marriage certificate in Fang Zhihan’s hands, “Do you take me for someone with brain damage? Or do you think I’m paralyzed? I’m perfectly healthy. One look and it’s obvious that you spent 5 bucks to buy this fake from a punk off the side of the street!”

With a look of disdain, Yu Gangan tried to snatch the marriage certificate out of Fang Zhihan’s hands without warning.

But, Fang Zhihan appeared to have predicted this move as he calmly lifted his hand.

Yu Gangan failed to grab the marriage certificate, so she tried again. However, Fang Zhihan simply raised his hand higher. This repeated a few times, but Yu Gangan still did not succeed.

It was definitely a fake certificate that he made to deceive her!

Yu Gangan was so angry, she tried to snatch the certificate again…

But, this time, Fang Zhihan grabbed onto her hand and lowered his head.

Their noses almost touched.

Their breaths intertwined.

Their eyes met.

There was a slight ambiguity to the situation.

Yu Gangan jumped in fright as she tried to sit back down, but the man suddenly hooked his other arm around her waist.

He then closed in on her.

His warm breaths brushed against her cheek, sending tingles down her spine.

At that moment, the atmosphere was no longer just a little ambiguous. It seemed, even the air they breathed felt slightly alluring.

Realizing that she was being forcefully restrained by the man, Yu Gangan’s cheeks heated up.

Her naturally pale complexion was now blushing with two patches of red.

She clenched her fists to suppress her angst and discomfort before she lifted her head and looked at Fang Zhihan with a fierce expression, “What are you doing? This isn’t a film studio, stop acting out a stupid 8pm soap opera. If you keep provoking me like this, you better be careful. I might…I might slap you in the face.”

But, even though her tone was cold, her voice was a little shaky.

And weak.

Fang Zhihan looked at her red cheeks. She was obviously nervous, yet she was trying to look fierce.

This fake act of fierceness reminded him of a snarling kitten.

It was a bit dopey and cute.

Fang Zhihan’s lips curved slightly upwards as he scanned his eyes across her face with a deep gaze.

Finally, his eyes paused on her lips.

Yu Gangan felt her heart tighten. Was he planning to kiss her…?