Chapter 934  : Naming The Great GrandchildYan Jinyi became a completely different person ever since the birth of her child.

In the words of Huo Zihang, the once unruly Second Sister-in-law was gone. She was now a merciful Yan Jinyi.

It was mainly because she was worried that everyone would dislike her baby, and thus, she was protecting it all the time.

Yan Jinyi was finally done with her confinement period and all her family and friends arrived one after another.

They were all there help name Huo Xian’s great-grandchild.

Huo Xishen did not get what he wanted. The princess he envisioned he would have, turned into a rascal who vied with him for his wife.

“Grandpa, since our family advocates thriftiness, why don’t we name him Huo Qing?” Huo Zihang asked, raising his hand as he was the first to speak.


Huo Xian glanced at him coldly.

Huo Zihang swallowed some saliva and said, “No, that sounds simialr to Tang Qing. How about Huo Jian?”


This time, the person who spoke was Huo Qingyuan, who was seated right beside Yan Jinyi and was teasing her nephew from time to time.

“Huo Jianqiang is a good name.”

Yan Jinyi smacked Huo Qingyuan’s hand away and snapped, “Get lost as far away as possible. From now on, you’re not allowed to set foot into the Huo family’s home unless you change your name to Tie Niu!”


With tears in her eyes, Huo Qingyuan defended herself, “Second Sister-in-law, I just want this baby to be strong because everyone prefers girls to boys.”

“Shut up, do you want to get beaten up?”

Huo Xishen and Huo Chengyu were both talents with high IQ. Yet, Huo Zihang and Huo Qingyuan…

“Yan Yan.” Yan Jinyi glanced at Shen Yan and immediately smiled sweetly. “How about you name my son?”

“I can’t do it.”

Huo Chengyu looked to the side and said, “Let’s train in advance.”


Sensing the ambiguous gaze coming from the people around her, Shen Yan blushed and said, “Let Mr. Bai name her. After all, he’s her uncle.”

Bai Moliang shrugged and thought to himself that he wanted to do so but unfortunately, Yan Jinyi didn’t want to give him the chance to do so.

“Miss Shen, since Jinyi trusts you, don’t turn her down.”

Shen Yan thought about it for a while before suggesting, “How about Huo Shi?”

“As long as you think it’s a good name, Yan Yan.” Yan Jinyi nudged Huo Xishen with her elbow and said, “From now onwards, our son shall be named Huo Shi. You’re not allowed to object.”

The second successor in line was named just like that.

Huo Shi was extremely clingy, especially towards Huo Xishen. He would cry whenever Huo Xishen was out of sight for half an hour.

It was nighttime. Huo Xishen, who had abstained from the deed for nearly a year, resolutely handed his son over to Leng Jing, after which he got off work early and washed up. He then lied down on the bed to wait for Yan Jinyi.

Yan Jinyi was preparing to return to showbiz after a hiatus. The upcoming period drama that she would be starring in was about a female lead who grew up in a bandits’ lair.

The director wanted her to star as the female lead because she was completely similar to the female bandit in the show.

After reading the script and taking a comfortable bath, she returned to the bedroom, only to see Huo Xishen leaning against the headboard of his bed and reading a book.

“Where’s our son?”

“Mom came over today. She’ll be looking after him tonight.”

Yan Jinyi frowned slightly. “I miss…”

“Darling, you don’t.”

Huo Xishen closed his book and pulled Yan Jinyi into his arms. “Darling, I’m not interested in being a monk.”

Seeing how deprived he was, Yan Jinyi sighed slightly and decided to take pity on him.

Just as they were about to get intimate, someone started knocking on the door incessantly.

“Xishen, Jinyi, are you guys asleep? Huo Shi keeps crying. I think he misses you two.”

Yan Jinyi pushed Huo Xishen away immediately and said, “Relieve yourself. I’m going to go coax our son now.”

Huo Xishen turned pale and he was speechless for a long time.

That was the reason he didn’t want to have a son.