Chapter 933  : Huo Xishen, I Love YouOn the eve of the wedding, Bai Moliang insisted on bringing Yan Jinyi back to the Bai family’s home.

“Bai Moliang, you’re just creating trouble for Second Brother, aren’t you? They’ve already been married for a long time and yet, you’re still insisting on going through those traditional customs.”

Huo Zihang couldn’t help but criticize when he watched Yan Jinyi get inside the car.

“Call me Brother.” Bai Moliang glanced at him coldly. “Don’t you have any manners at all? Is this how children of the Huo family are taught?”

“What has it got to do with you? If you didn’t agree to give Second Sister-in-law a red packet, she wouldn’t have left with you!”

Bai Moliang didn’t answer and instead thought about it for a moment before turning to look at Yan Jinyi.

In fact, he wasn’t the one who persuaded but his parents who had come to discuss with Huo Xian.


Yan Jinyi was from the Bai family after all so no matter what, she had to be married off in a glorious manner.

Time can heal everything and at the very least, Yan Jinyi seemed to be getting along better with Leng Jing now.

Knowing that Yan Jinyi was going to return to the Bai family, Leng Jing picked another guest room and gave it a makeover, in a bid to turn it into Yan Jinyi’s room.

The carpet was replaced and the furniture was decorated with exquisite red ribbons too.

Leng Jing helped Yan Jinyi into the room carefully and said, “You have to be more careful since it’s your first pregnancy. This is our home. If there’s anything, feel free to give your instructions. If you’re still worried, you can look for me. The pajamas are in the closet. I don’t know which kind you like so I bought a few sets…”

Leng Jing had been rattling on and on since the moment she saw Yan Jinyi.


Yan Jinyi sighed gently and said, “Mom, I’d like to take a shower.”

“Oh, alright.”

Leng Jing nodded and came to a sudden realization as she stared at Yan Jinyi with her eyes wide open. “Sweetie, what did you just call me?”

Yan Jinyi tilted her head and said, “Mom. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Leng Jing burst into tears of joy. “Yes, yes, it’s correct. I never thought you’d ever address me as your mother in this life time. Quickly take a shower. There’s bird’s nest porridge in the kitchen. I’ll bring it to you later.”


Yan Jinyi felt that the most blissful thing ever was to get married with the blessings of her parents.

In her previous life, she was an orphan, and was later adopted by the owner of the old fortress. Although she wasn’t an orphan in this lifetime, it wasn’t any better.

Now, she had a family, parents, and a brother.

She would be getting married into another family tomorrow.


Yan Jinyi and Huo Xishen’s wedding was to be held in the most famous church in the city. Apart from Shenyang Daily, there were no other media personnel present.

Yan Jinyi said that she was a very tacky person because she liked clothes that were as luxurious as possible. Hence, Huo Xishen opted for a European-style decor, which was luxurious, exquisitem and resplendent.

“Hey, Tang Qing, shall we crash the wedding and snatch the bride?”

Zhuang Heng had already been itching for a fight for a long time.

Tang Qing glanced at him and said, “You’re such a boor. Don’t tell anyone that you’re my younger brother.”

“We’re only half siblings.”

Zhuang Heng patted Huo Chengyu who was on the other side. “Hey, your youngest brother became a father before you did and now, your second younger brother is getting married before you. Aren’t you jealous?”

Huo Chengyu glanced at Shen Yan who was behind Yan and said, “Mr. Zhuang, you probably don’t know me well enough. I’m already married.”


A bunch of nobodies.

At this moment, Yan Jinyi and Huo Xishen had just exchanged rings at the end of the red carpet with flowers.

Yan Jinyi stared at the handsome man in front of her. For the first time, she felt the glory of marrying him.

“Huo Xishen, Huo Qingyuan said you used to hate me. I also heard that you almost got married to someone else before you were supposed to marry me.”

Huo Xishen moved the hair in front of her forehead away and said, “Those are just rumors.”

“But you were really mean to me in the past!”

“Darling, there’s no turning back in life. Just focus on the future.”

Yan Jinyi smiled and grinned beautifully.

“Do you love me?”


“How much do you love me?”

“More than words can explain.”

“Huo Xishen, what if you realize that I’m not me?”

“As long as you’re Yan Jinyi, it doesn’t matter.”

“Huo Xishen, I love you too.”