Chapter 935: So In Love With SomeoneHuo Shi could speak very clearly when he was only three years old. Everyone praised him for his talent for language.

Winter was exceptionally cold this year. Although it was only December, the entire city was already covered in snow.

The massive Huo family manor had already turned white.

Huo Shi and Mumu were squatting in the garden and playing with teh snow, clad in a thick down jacket.

“Huo Shi, my mom’s pregnant with my sibling. When is Aunt going to give you a baby sister?”

Mumu was referring to Yan Jinyi. Ever since Tan Sangsang and Huo Zihang got married, he was forced to address her that way.

Huo Shi picked up a snowball and threw it at Mumu. “Mommy said that I’m enough. I don’t need a younger sister.”


“Don’t let Second Uncle hear you, lest he kills you!”

Huo Shi wasn’t threatened at all. “Mommy will protect me. Daddy wouldn’t dare to do that.”

Although he sounded a little unclear when he said ‘Mommy’, he could pronounce the word ‘Daddy’ very clearly.

This year’s fashion week was held in the grassland. Shen Yan took the opportunity to bring back a lot of pure grassland lamb.

In the evening, the family had mutton hotpot for dinner.

Tan Sangsang suffered from severe morning sickness in the early stages of her pregnancy. She returned to her room to rest just after taking two mouthfuls of food.


“Daddy, having a child is so miserable. Don’t make Mommy give birth to another baby, okay?”

Huo Shi said in a tender voice.

Yan Jinyi immediately felt touched. She started kissing her son’s face. “Baby, you care about me the most.”

Huo Xishen couldn’t even be bothered.

“Mommy, does Daddy hate me? Why won’t he speak to me?”

“He just hates this world. Ignore him.”

Huo Shi nodded and reached his arm out to help Yan Jinyi to the food.

“Huo Shi is really obedient.” Shen Yan was heartened to see that. “No wonder you’re Mommy’s little darling.”

“Aunt Shen Yan, when will you be giving birth to a younger sister for me?”

Huo Shi gave her a nickname himself.

Apart from his parents, Shen Yan was the person he was closest to in the family.

This time, Huo Chengyu replied, “You should be asking me to work harder.”

Huo Shi tilted his head. “Work harder then!”

Huo Xian took the master seat. Watching the harmonious family, he was on cloud nine. The only person who was still single now was Huo Qingyuan.

“Qingyuan, when are you going to get a boyfriend?”

Huo Qingyuan had already gotten used to it. She answered with a straight face, “Grandpa, I’m still young. Those wild men out ther are only after my money and beauty. They’re very superficial.”

Yan Jinyi rolled her eyes and exposed her without any mercy. “Do you have anything else to offer apart from that?”


‘Even Second Sister-in-law dislikes me now. How pitiful of me.’

“It’s okay, Aunt. I’ll marry you when I’m older!” Huo Shi said while patting his chest.

“What a good boy. I’ll buy you a lollipop.”

After dinner, Huo Xian brought his beloved great-grandsons outside to build some snowmen while Yan Jinyi roasted the firewood in front of the fireplace.

“Darling, Sangsang is definitely carrying a boy.”

Huo Xishen walked over slowly and sat down next to her.

“Can you predict the future?”

“It’s just a gut feeling.”

Yan Jinyi nodded perfunctorily.

“Darling, Grandpa would prefer a great-granddaughter to a great-grandson.”

Yan Jinyi raised her brows.

“It’s been a year since Chengyu and Shen Yan reconciled but they’re still not expecting yet.” Huo Xishen paused before continuing, “We should work hard to help fulfill Grandpa’s wishes.”

Huo Chengyu had a hard time courting Shen Yan again but of course, Yan Jinyi gave him a lot of help.

“That’s none of my business. Don’t you like our son?”

Huo Xishen was just about to speak when Huo Shi entered with a mini snowman in hand.

“Daddy, Mommy, here’s a gift from me to you guys!”

It was really cold and his cheeks were flushed but he was still very adorable.

“My baby is so obedient.”

Yan Jinyi opened her arms and picked her son up, after which they started playing with each other as if there was no one else around.

Huo Xishen sighed slightly because he wasn’t getting a response even after a long time.

‘Forget it. Life is as such.’

He never thought he would be so in love with someone.