Chapter 932  : Trying On Bridal GownsThe following day…

When Yan Jinyi opened her eyes, she saw Huo Xishen sitting on the single sofa next to her reading a book, dressed modestly.

Seeing that she had woken up, he conscientiously stood up to bring her a glass of warm water. “Darling, what are your plans for today?”

“Why? Are you asking me out for a date?”

Huo Xishen nodded and said, “We can try on some bridal gowns too.”

‘Bridal gowns!’

Yan Jinyi squinted her eyes slightly. Suddenly reminded of something, she pointed at her stomach and asked, “How can I fit into a wedding gown when I’m so bloated now? Are you fooling me?”


“Your belly won’t show. Shen Yan designed it.”

Since Shen Yan was the designer, the dress would definitely be gorgeous. “Fine, I’ll just give in and try it with you.”

Shen Yan was commissioned by Huo Xishen a month ago. She specially designed a wedding gown that combined Chinese and Western elements after taking into consideration the fact that there might be changes in Yan Jinyi’s figure.

Yan Jinyi fell in love with the gown at first sight.

As a woman who had lived in ancient times for so many years, she was more interested in Western wedding dresses.

They were white and beautiful!


“Remember to tell me if something doesn’t fit.”

Shen Yan said while helping her to arrange the hem of her dress.

“Can my baby bump really be hidden? Why do I still feel like it’s bulging?”

“I really can’t tell. It’s just a placebo effect. Can I still be your bridesmaid even though I’ve been divorced?”

On the other hand, Tan Sangsang sighed and said, “So what if you’re divorced? I have a child! Anyway, I must be Jinyi’s bridesmaid. Even Hades can’t stop me.”

Yan Jinyi had very few female friends, among which there were only one or two who were suitable for being bridesmaids.

“With my protection, no one will dare to gossip about you guys being my bridesmaids.”

Shen Yan was very meticulous, for she had also designed the bridesmaids’ gowns.

“Sangsang, why didn’t Huo Zihang come with you?”

Tan Sangsang shrugged and said, “He fled after hearing that you were here to try on a wedding gown. He wouldn’t dare to come.”

‘Well, that’s right. That kid can try showing up.’

Huo Xishen’s outfit was much simpler. It consisted merely of a black suit, which made him look really suave even though it was simple.

Tan Sangsang was here in the name of preparing for Yan Jinyi and Huo Xishen’s wedding. Seeing this, Tan Sangsang immediately held up her camera.

“Mr. Huo, you don’t mind me taking a photo of you, right?”

She had already made up her mind and decided that she would write about Yan Jinyi and Huo Xishen for the first post on the publishing house’s social media account.

Huo Xishen was extremely cooperative as he immediately held onto Yan Jinyi’s shoulder and said, “Miss Tan, please send me a copy of the photo.”

While saying that, he paused and said, “I want to use it for the wedding poster.”

Tan Sangsang was grinning widely. “Got it. I’ll definitely take a good shot and write a good article.”

“Xishen, when is the wedding?”

Huo Xishen scratched Yan Jinyi’s’s palm and said, “Grandpa and Uncle Bai have already decided on the end of this month.”

That night, Huo Xishen posted the bridal shots of him and Yan Jinyi on Weibo.

In the photo, Yan Jinyi was sitting on the sofa and throwing a little tantrum while he was seated beside her with a piece of cake in hand.

She seemed extremely displeased but he was smiling warmly.

Shen Yan said she had never seen him smiling like this before so he suddenly wanted to share the photo.

There was soon an uproar in the comments’ section.

[Oh my God! It’s been almost a month since I saw a photo of Sister Jinyi. Thank you, Mr. Huo, Sister Jinyi will give you happiness!]

[With such a handsome husband by her side, why is Sister Jinyi still displeased? This is the first time I’m seeing Mr. Huo’s front profile. He’s really dashing.]

[If Mr. Huo joins the entertainment industry, Zhuang Heng can get lost.]

[Are they holding a wedding? Mr. Huo, you’re in charge of Sister Jinyi’s lifelong happiness.]

Huo Xishen actually replied, which was rare of him. Anyone could tell that he was in a really good mood.