After closing [Chat Area], Zhou Han was prepared to see how effective his talent was!

However, he was empty-handed now. There was nothing he could use to strengthen himself.

There was just a school uniform.

He couldn't waste the chance of enhancement on ordinary clothes.

[System prompt: As a novice, please receive your novice weapon at the blacksmith shop in Blue Thunder City!]

"It's so good to have an auxiliary system!" Zhou Han sighed. Otherwise, it would be very time-consuming to explore by himself.

"System, where is the blacksmith shop? Do you have a map?"


[The map is being loaded…]

[Loading complete. You have successfully located the blacksmith shop. The optimal route has been planned. Please check!]

Zhou Han took a look. The entire location of Blue Thunder City was displayed on the [Map].

According to the planned route, Zhou Han spent a few minutes walking over and arrived at the [Blacksmith Shop] in the north of the city.

A burly man, bare-chested, was hammering at the door of the blacksmith shop. He was a native of this world.

"Are you here to collect your weapon?"


As if noticing Zhou Han walking over, the burly man stopped and wiped his sweat as he said, "Take out your proof!"

Zhou Han quickly took out the [Newbie Certificate] from his bag. This was something every player had after transmigrating.

"You can use this Rusted Iron Sword for now," said the blacksmith, taking the certificate and handing over the weapon in a businesslike manner.

"Don't you have a better weapon?" Zhou Han was a little speechless. Was this thing really lethal?

"You're too weak to handle other weapons, lad!"

"Oh, by the way, there's also a skill book here that will help you in your field exploration!"

[System prompt: You have obtained a 'Rusted Iron Sword'.]

[You have obtained a Skill Book. Do you wish to learn it?]

"Learn." Zhou Han nodded. This should also be a benefit for newbies.

[Congratulations, you have successfully learned the skill 'Appraisal'!]


[Grade: Ordinary]

[Description: The most basic identification skill. It can identify the attributes of a small number of objects.]

[Effect: Investigate the target's attributes, grade, level, equipment, and so on to make some corresponding analysis. (Cannot be used on players)]

After Zhou Han read it, he roughly understood.

He immediately activated Appraisal on the [Iron Sword].

[System prompt: You have activated Appraisal. Attribute data has been generated. Please check!]

Soon, some data about the iron sword appeared on the interface in Zhou Han's mind.

[Rusted Iron Sword]

[Grade: Ordinary]

[Attributes: Attack+5]

[Description: An ordinary iron sword with a lot of rust on it. There's nothing to be introduced.]

Through the system's introduction, Zhou Han learned about the classification of weapons and equipment in this world.

They were divided into Ordinary, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Starlight, King, Emperor, and so on.

Therefore, this Rusted Iron Sword was considered the most trashy quality.

"Coincidentally, the system gave me a free enhancement opportunity!"

"Let's enhance the iron sword!" Zhou Han muttered to himself.

Right now, the only things he could enhance were the Rusted Iron Sword and the Appraisal spell.Therefore, after some consideration, Zhou Han definitely chose to enhance the iron sword.

After all, it was a weapon. After enhancing it, it should be able to increase his attack power. This was what Zhou Han needed at the moment.

"I wonder what kind of effect it will have after enhancing the iron sword!" Zhou Han was looking forward to it.

He found an empty corner and chanted, "Enhance the iron sword!"

He used up the free enhancement opportunity.

[System prompt: You have activated the Talent—Infinite Enhancement. The 'Rusted Iron Sword' has been successfully enhanced once. The new attributes have been updated. Please check!]

Hearing the notification, Zhou Han hurriedly opened the attribute data.

[Rusted Iron Sword +1]

[Grade: Ordinary]

[Type: Longsword-type weapon]

[Attributes: Attack+30]

[Special Effect: There is a 50% chance of afflicting Tetanus. In the tetanus state, the target will lose 100 HP per second for 10 seconds.]

[Description: It looks ordinary but is somewhat different.]

The grade did not change. It was still ordinary, but its attack power had increased by 25 points, reaching 30 points.

"Damn! That's awesome!"

"There's actually an additional special effect!" Zhou Han's eyebrows rose. He never expected that after enhancement, it would have such an awesome effect. It was a little surprising.

This tetanus effect was very suitable for a Rusted Iron Sword.

Moreover, the effect was very powerful.

With 100 health lost per second, that meant that as long as the target's health was less than 1,000, he could kill it in one move.

Looking at the plain iron sword in his hand, Zhou Han was very satisfied.

As expected of an SSS-rank talent. Even a Bronze weapon one grade higher wouldn't be so effective.

If it had such an effect after enhancing once, what if it was enhanced twice?

Zhou Han was looking forward to it.

It was just that there were no enhancement points now.

The most direct way to obtain enhancement points was to farm monsters.

"Looks like I have to go out of the city to farm some wild monsters."

However, Zhou Han did not go out rashly. The wild monsters were all outside the city and he did not know what was going on outside the city yet.

Indeed, after the [Rusted Iron Sword] was enhanced, the output effect was very powerful.

However, Zhou Han only had 100 HP. If many wild monsters surrounded him, he would not be able to deal with them.

"Let's see what the other players are like first."

Zhou Han entered the chat area.

He hoped to obtain some useful information from them.

As soon as he entered, he found hundreds of death notifications.

He clicked on it.

[Player Ye Chen was killed by a Level 1 Sharp Caterpillar.]

[Player Ye Fan was killed by a Level 1 Black Dog.]

[Player Long Aotian was killed by a Level 1 Water Arrow Frog.]


"What's going on? We're just getting started and already so many people are dead?"

Zhou Han had a deep impression of Ye Chen.

This was because he had been saying tough words on the public chat.

Moreover, he had awakened a B-rank talent.

Zhou Han had already treated him as a potential competitor, so he paid a lot of attention to him.

Unexpectedly, he was insta-killed by a Level 1 monster as soon as he left the city.

"It seems that this world is much more dangerous than I imagined!"

The people in the chat area were even more anxious.

The power of the wild monster was beyond their imagination.

"How terrifying. Even a guy with B-rank talent was insta-killed by a wild monster. I really don't dare to leave the city!"

"How can I live? If I don't get out of the city and earn gold, I'll die in three days."

"Boohoo, why did you let me come to this godforsaken place? Now that I think about it, having a job is much better. Unfortunately, it's gone forever!"

"Everyone, don't be so pessimistic. Although we can't defeat the wild monsters alone, we can form a team and fight them together!"

"He's right. I, Chen Beixuan, have a B-rank talent. I'm currently recruiting teammates with talent above C-rank to form an elite combat force."

"Boss, I have a D-rank talent. Please guide me! Save a spot for me."


Soon, the chat area became popular again.

Everyone was looking for their teammates and cozying up to them. After all, this concerned their lives and safety. It was not child's play, so they were naturally extremely cautious.

"Huh? This is an attribute picture of a wild monster?"

"Only 300-500 HP?"

Soon, a player posted some Level 1 wild monster attributes in the chat. After Zhou Han clicked on them, he immediately felt relieved.

In this case, Zhou Han was not afraid at all with the enhanced [Rusted Iron Sword] in his hand.

"System, which map should I enter?" Zhou Han quickly asked.

[System prompt: Due to your current strength, you can only choose the map 'Fog Forest'. The route has been planned for you!]

Soon, Zhou Han arrived at the entrance of the Fog Forest.

It was livelier here.

"Recruiting someone with an E-rank talent."

"I'll only accept teammates with the D-rank talent, Strength Enhancement, to form a strength team."

,m "Any teammates with awakened speed talent? We'll specialize in guerrilla tactics."

"Any big shots here? I'm a rich second-generation heir. My family has money. I'll pay a million dollars each time."

Hearing this, many people laughed. He was probably a fool!

What was the use of his money now?

"This is the Godfiend Continent. Do you think this is our old world? Are you stupid?"

"He's gone mad. This brainless rich kid probably wouldn't last a day."

At this moment, the entrance was already crowded and very lively.

There was a familiar feeling of online games clearing dungeons. Everyone was recruiting suitable teammates.

"Little brother! Do you want to form a team? Come to our team!"

Suddenly, a gentle and intellectual voice came from behind Zhou Han. It was very pleasant.

Zhou Han turned around and was stunned.

Dressed in office gear and black stockings, she'd probably been teleported here while she was at work.

She was tall and curvaceous, with a small, slender waist.

Her beautiful face was soul-stirring. She looked like a female CEO in a city novel.

"Sorry! I don't need a team!" Zhou Han refused decisively. It wasn't that he didn't like beauty or had no thought of conquering her, but that this alternate world was filled with unknown dangers.

Now, the main thing was to consider how to survive and become stronger.

As for the rest, he would think about it later!

If they formed a team, the teammates would leech some experience points. Zhou Han would definitely not choose to do this.

"What? You're rejecting me?" Han Qinxue looked at Zhou Han's departing back and pouted indignantly. If not for the fact that Zhou Han was handsome, she would not have taken the initiative to invite him to join the team.

"Hehe! Sister, it looks like your charm has decreased!" Han Xiangning teased.

"Alright, now is not the time to discuss this! Hurry up and form a team. Earning gold coins as soon as possible is the most important thing," Han Qinxue said angrily.