Zhou Han did not waste any time and walked into the entrance of the Fog Forest.

At the entrance was a door of light with inexplicable energy flowing through it.

As soon as he entered, a light flashed and Zhou Han's figure instantly disappeared.

He felt a brief tearing sensation on his body and soon heard the prompt.

[System prompt: The current realm is the Fog Forest. This area is a combat area. Players can attack each other. Please pay attention to your safety!]

Hearing the system notification, Zhou Han's eyes narrowed.

The meaning was obvious. In this area, players could kill each other. This was even crueler.


As the name suggested, there was a thin white fog floating in the air.

The visibility was very low, and one could vaguely hear the low roars of dire beasts.

Even though he had the enhanced Rusted Iron Sword, Zhou Han did not get carried away. If he was surrounded by wild monsters, it would not be easy for him.

Therefore, to be cautious, Zhou Han's current strategy was to find wild monsters that were alone and kill them.

This way, it was the safest.

The development period in the early stages was the most difficult. As long as he got through it, it would be much easier later on.


Having made the decision, Zhou Han carefully explored the forest.

After walking for about three to four hundred meters, he was lucky to finally encounter a lone wild monster.

It looked like a chicken, but it was several times larger than an ordinary chicken. Moreover, it had a green-gray shell all over its body, and its defense looked very strong.


At this moment, it was holding its crown high and crying loudly as if no one was around.

"Appraisal!" Zhou Han chanted in his mind.

Soon, the attributes of this wild monster appeared on the virtual interface.

[Iron Rock Chicken]

[Grade: Ordinary]

[Level: 1]

[Health: 300]

[Attack: 23]

[Defense: 10]

[Skill: Iron Rock Shield (The body is covered with a layer of iron rock. Increases defense by 3 points for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds)]

[Description: Its defense is very strong. New players are advised not to fight it head-on. Otherwise, bear the consequences!]

After reading it, Zhou Han finally knew why so many players died.

These wild monsters are indeed very strong,

With 23 Attack, it only needed to attack five times to easily finish off a player.

After all, novice players had no defense, and their HP was only 100 points.

No wonder the arrogant Ye Chen was instantly killed by a Level 1 monster.

Relying on the system-issued initial weapons alone, the player only had 15 Attack, 0 Defense, and 100 HP, so it was purely courting death by fighting the wild monsters alone.

"The Iron Rock Chicken has 300 HP!"

'If I trigger the effect of tetanus, I'll only need three seconds to kill it!' Zhou Han thought.

However, the chance of triggering tetanus is only 50%, so if he did not trigger it, he would be finished.

Zhou Han was still a little worried.

"Just three hits. If I don't trigger the tetanus effect after three hits, I have to escape!"

This was because the Iron Rock Chicken only needed five attacks to kill Zhou Han.

'I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.'


After making his choice and planning his escape route, Zhou Han took a deep breath.

He launched a surprise attack on the self-absorbed Iron Rock Chicken.


The iron sword struck the Iron Rock Chicken and felt a huge resistance. Its defense was indeed very strong.


Red damage values floated out on the cockscomb.

With only 20 points of damage, even if it was enhanced, it would take 30 strikes to kill it with just normal attacks. After such a long time, the wild monster would have already killed him.

"I'm out of luck! Tetanus didn't trigger!"

It seemed that the Iron Rock Chicken was a little confused.

Actually, it had long noticed Zhou Han, but when it saw that the other party was a newbie and was still alone, it ignored him.

It did not expect Zhou Han to dare to provoke it alone.


Zhou Han took this opportunity to stab again, but he still did not trigger the special effect.


The Iron Rock Chicken was furious. Its sharp beak pecked Zhou Han.


A painful feeling came. The huge difference in strength made Zhou Han stagger a few steps back.

The Iron Rock Chicken took advantage of the situation and spread its wings, pouncing on Zhou Han.


Zhou Han was shocked. He had already lost 46 HP.

He raised his iron sword and slashed.

If this attack did not trigger the effect, he would have to escape.

[System prompt: You have successfully triggered the special effect 'Tetanus'. The Iron Rock Chicken is currently in a tetanus state. Within ten seconds, it will lose 100 HP per second.]

"Good! It's done!"

The system notification sounded like heavenly music. Zhou Han was overjoyed.

He put away his iron sword and hurriedly distanced himself from the Iron Rock Chicken.

Now, only three seconds were needed. The Iron Rock Chicken would definitely die.

Zhou Han would definitely not be stupid enough to continue fighting it.





Three seconds later, the huge body of the Iron Rock Chicken fell to the ground. Zhou Han wiped the sweat on his forehead and smiled.

[Congratulations, you have killed a Level 1 Iron Rock Chicken and obtained 1 enhancement point, 1 experience point, and 5 copper coins.]

After seeing the experience points accumulated on the interface, Zhou Han was very happy.

This first battle was won without any mishaps.

He picked up five copper coins from the floor.

The currency of the Godfiend Continent was divided into copper, silver, and gold coins.

A gold coin was worth a hundred silver coins. It was worth ten thousand copper coins.

Therefore, if one wishes to obtain a gold coin for a day in the city, he would have to kill 2,000 Level 1 wild monsters in three days.

Of course, as the level and grade of the monsters killed increased, the benefits obtained would naturally increase.

"Huh? Equipment dropped?"

When Zhou Han was packing up the copper coins, he discovered that there was a black shirt beside the Iron Rock Chicken's corpse.

He was immediately a little excited to have come to the Iron Rock Chicken.

He immediately picked it up.

[Congratulations, you have obtained equipment 'Cotton Robe'. Do you want to appraise the attributes of this equipment?]

"Yes!" Zhou Han hurriedly nodded in agreement.

He did not expect to obtain equipment after killing the first dire beast. His luck was not bad.

After using appraisal, all the attributes appeared on the virtual interface.

[Cotton Robe]

[Grade: Ordinary]

[Type: Armor Equipment]

[Attributes: Defense +2]

[Description: Black fabric. Looks cold in it, and it's quite warm, but its defense is average.]

After seeing the effect, Zhou Han took off his school uniform and changed into the robe.

He looked good in black but most importantly, his defense was no longer 0.