[Detected that your innate talent is extraordinary!]

[Congratulations, you have been selected as a player of the Godfiend Continent!]

[Attention: The Godfiend Continent is a real world with 100 million players. Teleport now!]

Zhou Han, who was in class, suddenly heard an inexplicable electronic notification in his mind.

Before he could react, a white light enveloped him.

He disappeared from the classroom, leaving the students beside him dumbfounded.

Zhou Han slowly opened his eyes and found himself in an ancient city.


Well-equipped soldiers with a baleful aura were patrolling the streets. Clearly, they had been through wars.

The roars of dire beasts constantly came from outside the city, signaling that this world was definitely very dangerous.

"Damn, this is too tragic!" Zhou Han was a little speechless. He was still a student who had not experienced the adult world.

Suddenly, he was forced to come to an even more dangerous alternate world!

[Regional Announcement: You are currently in Zone 666—Blue Thunder City. There are 100,000 players.]

[All players have been teleported. The auxiliary system has been officially activated. This system will accompany you in your conquest of the Godfiend Continent.]


[Gentle reminder: Use your mind or voice to send instructions to the auxiliary system!]

After the prompt, a virtual panel appeared in Zhou Han's mind.

There were many sections on it. [Chat Area], [Trading Area], [Personal Information], and so on.

"Open the chat area!"

Zhou Han gave it a try and chanted in his mind.

Soon the scene changed and a virtual dialog box panel appeared in front of him.


It was somewhat similar to a chatting application.

This auxiliary system was indeed very intelligent.

He could really issue instructions with his thoughts conveniently.

Zhou Han entered the chat area to take a look.

​ At the moment, he was still a little confused and wanted to see if he could learn anything useful.

Everyone chatted enthusiastically, showing 999+ unread messages.

"What kind of place is this? I want to go back. I still have billions of dollars worth of assets waiting to be inherited!"

"Oh my God, how terrifying. I just saw a fire-breathing wolf outside the city. It was the size of an elephant…"

"Do—don't scare me. Is it that scary? I don't want to die! Mom, I want to go home. I'm forty years old and I still don't have a girlfriend!"

"Why go back? You want to return to a life of working 6 days a week with no rest?"

"I just communicated with a native in the city!"

"I heard that on the Godfiend Continent, as long as you have a good opportunity, you can even become a god. All life is equal, we will have a chance to become gods after today."

"I'm Ye Chen. I used to be a security guard at a top company. Now that the opportunity is in front of us, why don't we seize it? We might be able to change our fate!"

"Brother Chen is domineering. I think highly of you!"


Zhou Han watched for a while and learned some information. This world was like an online game, but it was not a virtual world.There were many players selected, and they had all kinds of identities.

Rich kids, office workers, security guards, older men, and so on.

Regardless of their previous identities, everyone was on an equal footing after entering this alternate world. The starting point was the same.

[Regional Announcement: In ten minutes, every player's talent will be randomly selected.]

[Talent Rank: F, E, D, C, B, A, S, and above.]

[Talent can help players increase their strength, fight powerful enemies, and reach the peak!]

After hearing this announcement, the [Chat Area] exploded again.

The rank of talent did not represent their highest achievement.

Yet, it determined the speed of early development.

With a high-rank talent, one could definitely quickly stand out and take the initiative.

"Goodness, can we awaken a talent? It's so exciting. This way, everyone will have a different starting point and the gap will widen."

"I wonder what talent I can awaken. I'm so nervous! Do you have an anxiety pill? Give me one."

"In the name of the chosen one, please bless me. My requirements are low. An A-rank talent will suffice."

"Really, you call this low? I wonder what the probability of each rank is."

"Let's not talk about it. The ten minutes are up. The moment of revelation is here."


[Regional Announcement: Dear players, your talents have been randomly selected. Your character attributes panels have been activated. Please check it yourself!]

[The city is a safe zone. You will have three days of novice protection so you can stay in the city for free!]

[In order to prevent players from becoming lazy, you must pay 1 gold coin per night to stay after three days. Otherwise, you will be expelled!]

[Last reminder: This is the real world. Before reaching Level 100, you only have one life. Please explore carefully!]

[Good luck, all of you!]

After Zhou Han heard this, he immediately felt a sense of urgency. He only had three days.

With the protection of the army within the city, it was very safe.

However, there were all kinds of crises outside the city, especially at night when more powerful races roamed.

Three days later, if they could not pay the gold coins, they would be chased out of the city. The consequences could be imagined.

The alternate world was just that cruel!

"Oh right, talent! I wonder what kind of talent I awakened!" Zhou Han was looking forward to it.

He clicked on [Personal Information] and checked it.

[Player: Zhou Han]

[Level: 1 (0%)]

[Class: None (Class Change at Level 10)]

[Health: 100]

[Attack: 10]

[Defense: 0]

[Talent: Infinite Enhancement (SSS-rank, the only one in the universe)]

Their initial levels were all Level 1, and their initial attack power was 10 points.

They could only change their class after reaching Level 10.Zhou Han was still wearing his school uniform so his defense was 0.

Next was talent!




Zhou Han's pupils constricted.

He saw that his talent was actually an SSS-rank Infinite Enhancement, and it was the only one in the entire universe.

He was completely shocked, and then he was overjoyed.

He was finally lucky for once!

After calming down a little, Zhou Han opened the details.

[Infinite Enhancement: It can consume a certain amount of enhancement points to enhance everything except yourself. After enhancement, it will randomly produce some special effects. The more times it enhances, the more heaven-defying the effects.]

This was very vague. The exact effect was unclear.

It seemed like he had to slowly explore it later!

"Right, enhancement points? How many enhancement points do I have now?"

How can I obtain enhancement points? Zhou Han asked in his heart.

[System prompt: Your current enhancement point is 0, but because you have just activated your talent, the system will give you a free enhancement opportunity.]

[Through leveling up, killing monsters, mission rewards, and other methods, you can obtain different amounts of enhancement points. The enhancement points obtained will be accumulated on the virtual interface. You can check it at any time!]

The smart auxiliary system directly answered Zhou Han's question.

Zhou Han nodded. As long as there was a way to obtain enhancement points, it would be easy.

"I wonder what the other players' talents are?"

Zhou Han was a little curious. After all, these players were all in Zone 666 and would be his potential opponents in the future.

It was important to know your enemy's situation.

Zhou Han looked at the chat area again.

"Hahaha, I'm taking off! I've awakened my D-rank talent, Defense Enhancement. Who else can compare to me?"

"How impressive. I envy you! I actually have an F-rank talent. It's too f*cking tragic."

"A mere D-rank talent dares to be impudent? I, Ye Chen, have a B-rank talent, Burning Blood Qi. I'm the Son of Destiny!"

"Brother Chen is awesome! I only have an E-rank talent. I'm too unlucky. Boohoo…"

"Sister, please message me. I also have an E-rank talent. This is my private photo!"

"Sister, don't be afraid. Brother will protect you!"

"Oh my, I can't stand it. Are you guys serious?"

"Ugh… I'm leaving!"

"Why is everyone so awesome? I've awakened the weakest F-rank talent!"

"Me too."

"I'm F-rank too!"


"Me too."


Soon, the chat area was flooded with the words F-rank. Clearly, there were the most people of this rank.

Most were F-rank talents, followed by E-rank.

Talent above D-rank was already rare.

He did not see anyone above or at S-rank, let alone SSS-rank.