Chapter 642   - 642: A Bit Far From The Mines

When a person has nothing to lose, they dare to go all out, even at the cost of their life.

But when a person has settled old scores and is living a comfortable and wealthy life, they start to fear losing things.

They are more worried about their life.

Hunger makes you crave food, and being full makes you desire warmth. That was human nature.

“I’m leaving. Is there anything you want to say to me?” Jiang Hao asked.

Chi Tian stood up respectfully. “When will you visit again, Senior? I would like to welcome you properly.”


Hearing this, Jiang Hao chuckled softly. He then opened the door and left.

“When it’s time, someone will naturally come to find you,” he said as he left.

Even though he wouldn’t be visiting the area, it didn’t mean he couldn’t send others.

Liu was not an ordinary person.

Once Jiang Hao left, Chi Tian sat down in his chair.

Even though the other party hadn’t threatened him, he felt afraid.


No matter how he struggled, he always felt like he was within the other person’s grasp.

He just couldn’t understand why such a significant figure would target someone as insignificant as him.

After dealing with Chi Tian, Jiang Hao arranged his future plans and intended to find Hong Yuye.

They would depart for the Abyssal Sea tomorrow.

As for Heavenly King Taomu, he could only leave it to fate.

His target was Feng Hua, and he needed to find a way to obtain some useful information to ensure the success of his plan.

‘I looked for people from the Heavenly Tower or those related to The End of All Things. I wonder if I can find someone from the Great Thousand God Sect.’

The Great Thousand God Sect reportedly had over three thousand members, and Feng Hua was one of them. So, finding someone from that sect would be a good starting point.

He just didn’t know who was more familiar with Feng Hua or who might have a

personal vendetta against him.

Sometimes, it was better to find an enemy because only enemies truly understood you.

‘Abyssal Sea has gathered many forces… I should be able to find someone from the Great Thousand God Sect.’

With that, Jiang Hao stopped dwelling on it.

He would depart tomorrow.

Several days later, Jiang Hao stood in Hong Yuye’s room and couldn’t help but sigh.

So many days had passed, and Hong Yuye still hadn’t woken up, which was quite frustratinq.

During that time, he had appraised Madam Gong’s token. As he suspected, there was a problem. He couldn’t give it away. Madam Gong was still the rightful owner of the place, and only she could give the token away.

It wasn’t impossible to destroy it, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Jiang Hao couldn’t help but sigh. Powerful people weren’t ever honest. They always had something hidden.

He also checked the Tranquil Fruit Tree. There didn’t seem to be any obvious issues. He just couldn’t determine if it could be used to threaten Feng Hua.

To be on the safe side, he needed a backup plan.

Of course, if Madam Gong had deceived him, he would know about it from Dan


Even if he couldn’t kill Madam Gong, he would make her understand the meaning of pain.

This was the problem with dealing with strong individuals. If they cheated you, you had no way to retaliate.

With the formidable presence of Hong Yuye, the fact that the other party still had ulterior motives was truly remarkable.

He also appraised Nine Nether. It was quite lively and wouldn’t take long to break free from the seal. This was because of his lack of strength.

‘I should go mining.’

Jiang Hao had inquired about it, but unfortunately, there were no mines nearby. The nearest mine was a day’s journey away, so he couldn’t leave without preparation.

“It’s been many days… I wonder how many more days we have to stay here.”

If he had known it would take so long, he would have gone to the mines earlier. However, many people had come to Ancient Spirit Island. They were looking for Smiling San Sheng. He needed to be cautious.

Around mid-October, Jiang Hao woke up from his meditation and found that his body was exuding the aura of a sword and the essence of the mountains and seas.

This aura was not something he could normally possess at the Return to Void Realm.

He extended his hand, and the Mountain Sea Seal appeared.

It wasn’t incredibly strong, but the aura was remarkable.

‘I made some progress, but it’s still not enough to confront my enemies. It can, however, be used to suppress some evil spirits.’.

He used it to seal Nine Nether and then walked to the next room.

Jiang Hao found that she was still lying on her bed and resting. She was soundly asleep.


He called her several times, but there was no response. Jiang Hao hesitated. Then, he appraised her.

[Hong Yuye: Deep asleep. Once your aura disappears, she will wake up…]

‘Deep asleep?’ Jiang Hao felt helpless. He didn’t know how long she would be asleep.

If she continued to sleep, they would miss the events at the Abyssal Sea.

Three days later, Jiang Hao put away Nine Nether. Over the past few days, he had been attempting to communicate with it. Unfortunately, three days seemed insufficient, and there had been no changes.

On that day, he entered Hong Yuye’s room and found her sitting on the bed. Her eyes were slightly closed.

Jiang Hao stood still. He had never seen her like this.

Then, everything went black, and he almost passed out.

At noon, the two of them left the Ancient Spirit Island and headed to the Abyssal Sea. Jiang Hao left behind a golden ring in case it was needed later.

In the sea not far from the Abyssal Sea, there was an island that remained uninhabited throughout the year.

Even though there was a city, only a few dozen people were guarding it.

Anybody who stayed was undoubtedly there to explore the Abyssal Sea.

However, every year, the number of people here would decrease. But the sea area was never lacking in adventurous cultivators.

So, the numbers kept filling up.

The appearance of the Ancestral Dragon’s Heart suddenly brought many people to this island, and now, it was bustling.magic

However, everyone knew that once the Ancestral Dragon’s Heart was obtained, this place would return to its original state.

“This place has changed a lot.”

Mr. Tao couldn’t help but marvel at the city.

He was dressed in an ordinary outfit and carried a longsword.

It suited him well.

“Mr. Tao, do you really need to dress like that?” said a young woman helplessly.

She was of average height and had a knife strapped to her back.

“It’s fine. This is how I used to dress. Zhu Shen is used to it,” Mr. Tao said with a smile.

“But I’m not Senior Brother Zhu.” The young woman sighed.

Mr. Tao chuckled. “Then, get used to it.”

“Why did you come here, Mr. Tao? It’s easy for someone to recognize you, and then they might suspect that the Heavenly Tower is also involved,” the woman asked in confusion.

“If they want to suspect, let them suspect,” Mr. Tao said nonchalantly.

“But…” the girl whispered, “There are people in the tower who know that you are on the wrong track. If you cause trouble for the tower here, it could become a problem for you, Mr. Tao.”

Mr. Tao smiled mysteriously.

“It’s alright. Let’s first gather some information about this place.”

“What information do you want to gather, Mr. Tao?” “Do you think Smiling San Sheng is worth investigating?”

“Not really. Is he?”

“Let’s ask around.”