Chapter 643: Something Different from the Ancestral Dragon ‘s Heart


Jiang Hao’s blade struck the water.

In that split second, he felt that something was about to surface from the seabed.

It was probably a demonic beast.

However, there was no trace of the creature.


“It’s strange. I felt it making a move, but in an instant, it disappeared.”

Using the nameless manual, he could vaguely sense the escape route of the creature.

He had no intention of pursuing it.

“Senior, we can continue on. We’re almost there,” Jiang Hao said to Hong Yuye. It had been several days since they left Ancient Spirit Island, and the Abyssal Sea was farther than expected.

They reached their present location quickly thanks to Hong Yuye. Otherwise, it might have taken much longer.

There was a teleportation array to the Abyssal Sea, but… it was too expensive.


He didn’t tell Hong Yuye about it.

Two days later, Jiang Hao and Hong Yuye stood on the sea’s surface and gazed at the distant island.

“We’ve arrived.”

After many days of traveling, they had finally reached an island near the Abyssal Sea.

It wouldn’t be long before Jiang Hao had to return to his sect.

Now, it was early November, and they had just half a month left before their return to the sect.

Overseas travels took time, and they had been relatively quick, thanks to Hong


“Senior, let’s first gather information on the island,” Jiang Hao said.

Hong Yuye glanced at him. Her eyes were calm. It was hard to guess what she was thinking.

After a while, the two of them landed on the shore, where many people were fishing.

Jiang Hao felt that there was a type of elusive demonic beast in the surrounding waters. It was similar to what he had encountered before.

‘Are these people here to fish for that thing?’ Jiang Hao wondered but didn’t ask aloud.

First, he needed to settle in and then inquire about the members of the Great Thousand God Sect. He wanted to see if he could make contact with them. If they were too strong, he might have to take Hong Yuye along with him.

There was no need for a queue to enter or exit the area, and Jiang Hao took some time to find an inn.

It was rather simple, but not run-down, which was a relief. However, when he entered the inn, he couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching him. He saw a young woman.

She had a restrained aura, but her presence extended far, and her spiritual energy was vast. This was another powerful individual.

Jiang Hao sighed inwardly. There were quite a few strong individuals overseas.

“Do you recognize me, Disciple?” he asked.

The woman seemed somewhat surprised but said, “I do.”

“I have one question…” The woman nodded. “I’m Tang Ya, a guard on the sixth floor of the Heavenly Tower.”

“The Heavenly Tower?” Jiang Hao was surprised, but it made sense that they had found him so quickly.

“Yes, if you answer my question, I’ll answer one of yours,” Tang Ya said seriously.

“Please ask.” Jiang Hao smiled.

Since someone from the Heavenly Tower had come to him, it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

“I remember you went to Chaos Stone Island before. How did you leave before the ships came out?” Tang Ya asked.

Jiang Hao smiled and said, “Why take a ship to leave?”

“But for someone at the early stage of the Return to Void Realm, there is no other way to leave than the ship,” said Tang Ya.

Jiang Hao smiled but didn’t say anything.

His companion was not in the early stage of the Return to Void Realm. Of course, it would be impossible to possess a magical treasure without sufficient cultivation, right?

These matters could only be speculated.

“Alright, I’m not a fan of playing guessing games, but if you want to play, I can’t help it. People I know like to play guessing games, so they’re called ‘Seniors’ or ‘Juniors,’ while I’m just a guard.”

Tang Ya seemed very disdainful. “What do you want to ask? I’ll see if I feel like answering.”

“Is there a Great Thousand God Sect with over three thousand members here?” Jiang Hao asked.

That was what he wanted to know.

“Yes.” Tang Ya nodded.

“Do you know who they are and where they are?” Jiang Hao asked. “That is another question. There’s a fee.” Tang Ya held out her hand.

Jiang Hao was speechless.

He had a feeling that he was back in the Task Hall of the sect.

In the end, he paid a thousand spirit stones.

“Don’t complain about the price later. You get what you pay for. While you might find out this information through investigation, it would take a lot of time, and there’s no guarantee of accuracy. Moreover, investigating the members of the Great Thousand God Sect carries a significant risk of discovery. I’m taking care of all that now,” Tang Ya said. She made it clear that his spirit stones were well spent.

Jiang Hao didn’t say anything. A thousand spirit stones for information was either a good deal or a rip-off.

Either way, a thousand spirit stones was quite a sum.

“Is there anything you want to know? I have a lot of contacts here, and I can help you,” Tang Ya said.

“About the southern region,” Jiang Hao said. “The southern region? Feng Hua?” Tang Ya asked.

“Why is Feng Hua so famous?” Jiang Hao was curious.

‘Why does everyone keep mentioning him?’ Jiang Hao thought. ‘Oh… her.’ “She’s quite famous in the southern region. I checked,” Tang Ya said.

“Is there anything special about her?” Jiang Hao asked.

“Nothing special, and she’s not here. I can recommend someone who knows a lot about that,” Tang Ya said as she looked outside.

After a quick scan, she pointed in the direction of the coastline. “She should be over there. One of the Great Thousand God Sect’s top three thousand members. A covert elder who roams the northern regions. She appears to have a contentious relationship with Feng Hua, but in reality, they get along quite

thousand spirit stones, she should be able to tell you something useful. Of course, if you’re not looking for Feng Hua, it’s better not to ask her. You can inquire with someone else who has better knowledge of the southern region.”

Tang Ya then pointed to someone on the street. “This person is the elder responsible for liaising with the southern region and is well-informed about many tasks. This individual is tough, so you need to find a good approach, preferably by identifying their weaknesses. It’s quite challenging, so I recommend starting with the first option. Feng Hua has made quite a few enemies. Having some information on her can be used as a bargaining chip.” “In that case, I’ll go with the first option,” Jiang Hao said.

“Alright, here you go.” Tang Ya tossed a jade slip to him and handed over a bell. “Remember to take care of me the next time you have business. This can be used as long as you’re in the sea. My people will find you as soon as possible. It won’t work once you leave the sea area.”

After speaking, Tang Ya turned to leave.

Jiang Hao looked bewildered. Were people from overseas usually this accommodating?

However, he remembered that the senior at the Task Hall was quite accommodating as long as he had enough spirit stones.

“Oh, by the way,” Tang Ya suddenly said, “I’ll tell you one more thing. It’s said that there’s been a new change in the Abyssal Sea. It seems like there’s a different energy from the Ancestral Dragon’s Heart. If you have time, you might want to check it out.”

‘Why is she telling me this?’ Jiang Hao was puzzled.magic

“It’s a freebie. I hope you’ll be respectful to me the next time I find you,” Tang Ya said.

Jiang Hao was perplexed.

But it didn’t matter. For now, he was Smiling San Sheng. When he returned, Smiling San Sheng would have nothing to do with him..