Chapter 641   - 641: Do You Not Recognize Me?

‘Someone came to visit?’ Chi Tian frowned.

He wasn’t particularly well-known, so it was unusual for someone to ask for him.

“Yes. It’s a senior with quite a high cultivation realm,” the woman said.

Chi Tian’s heart sank. “A senior with a high cultivation realm? What does he look like?” he asked.

“He’s a middle-aged man carrying a sword,” said the woman.

‘Middle-aged?’ Chi Tian sighed in relief.


At least it wasn’t the same person who delivered the letter last time.

“Let him in,” he said.

“Of course. Please wait a moment.”

Chi Tian sat in his chair and examined a pill. Even though someone had come to visit, he continued to do his work.

After some time, there was a knock.

“Senior Huo Lu, the guest is here.”


With his head down, Chi Tian said, “Let him in.”

The door was opened, and the woman escorted the guest inside.

Chi Tian glanced at the middle-aged swordsman. He didn’t seem familiar, which put his mind at ease.

“Please make yourself comfortable. I need to finish up some work,” Chi Tian said as he picked up a pill to examine.

Although someone had come to visit, he didn’t want to neglect his duties. The woman gestured for the guest to take a seat. He then poured him a cup of tea. After that, she left the room.

Jiang Hao found it amusing as he sipped his tea.


However, he thought that the tea was quite ordinary and not even as good as the low-quality tea he had given to Hong Yuye.

As for tea like the September Spring, only important people could afford it.

He had consumed quite a bit of it the previous night, but it was used for his artwork, and it hadn’t improved the Mountain Sea Seal.

Nowadays, he often encountered dangerous creatures, so it was important to strengthen the Mountain Sea Seal.

He knew he would need to invest more time in it. The Universe in A Palm Technique grew with his cultivation realm, but the Mountain Sea Seal strengthened with his mental state.

He could rely only on the Mountain Sea Seal to seal important and powerful things.

“Fellow Disciple Huo, are you busy every day like this?” Jiang Hao asked.

“Not every day. These few days, I’ve had a lot of people here,” said Chi Tian.

“Did you recently advance to the Primordial Spirit Realm?” Jiang Hao curiously asked.

The first time he met Chi Tian, he was at the Golden Core Realm, and now, he had reached the early stage of the Primordial Spirit Realm. It was quite an achievement.

“I’ve recently refined my cultivation.,” Chi Tian said casually.

Jiang Hao wasn’t bothered by it. “Is the Sun Moon Pavilion treating you well?” Chi Tian was puzzled. ‘What do you mean?”

“I’m not implying anything.” Jiang Hao smiled gently. “I’m just curious if you’ve ever thought about going somewhere else. Perhaps a place that might suit you better.”magic

This time, Chi Tian didn’t ignore Jiang Hao but set down the pill he was examining and turned to him. “Aren’t you here today to test the pills?” “Maybe…” Jiang Hao leaned back. “Would you like to hear me out?” “Please go on.” Chi Tian wanted to know who this person was.

“Although this place is nice, it’s rather small.” Jiang Hao sipped his tea. “The Sun Moon Pavilion may seem good, but in the context of Ancient Spirit Island, it’s still a small place. Ancient Spirit Island is nice, but within the vast Heavenly Rive Sea region, it’s still relatively small. Being small means that information doesn’t flow well and there’s limited room for development. I think someone as capable as you shouldn’t be confined here.”

Chi Tian said, “You’ve only seen the surface. You don’t understand the true scale of this region.”

Jiang Hao was unfazed. “No need to overthink, Senior Huo. I’m just wondering if you’ve ever considered going somewhere else. Maybe a place more fitting for your talents.”

Chi Tian said, “You… Why are you asking me this?”

“Aren’t you going to ask me where I want you to be instead?” Jiang Hao asked.

“Where?” Chi Tian asked.

“Judgment Heavenly King’s domain… to serve under King Taomu,” Jiang Hao said as he put down his teacup.

“I must decline,” Chi Tian said without hesitation.

“Decline?” Jiang Hao feigned ignorance. “Why wouldn’t you want to go?

Chi Tian was surprised by Jiang Hao’s words.

He didn’t know how Jiang Hao had learned that he was a part of The End of All Things, or that this place was a small business of The End of All Things.

“Who are you?” Chi Tian asked cautiously.

“Hmm?” Jiang Hao feigned puzzlement. “Don’t you remember me? I had someone come to greet you not so long ago. You don’t remember?”

Jiang Hao stood up and exuded a heavy aura. It resembled boundless mountains and seas. This was the influence of the Immortal Mountain Sea Shield.

“We haven’t seen each other for so long, Chi Tian. How have you been?” Clang!

Chi Tian was so shocked and scared that he stumbled back in panic and knocked something from the table.

However, Jiang Hao remained composed. He simply stared at the man, who was now retreating.

“Why are you so afraid of me?” Jiang Hao asked softly.

Chi Tian didn’t know why he was so frightened. He only knew that he had used the power of The End of All Things and thought he had successfully hidden from this person.

However, he realized it was all in vain. To this person, everything was like an illusion.

Jiang Hao shook his head and sat back down. He didn’t say anything more. He slowly sipped his tea.

When he finished drinking the tea, he asked, “Did you find anything about The End of All Things?”

Chi Tian nodded. At that moment, he had lost his previous arrogance.

He quickly shared all the information he knew, including the fundamental operations of The End of All Things and some of the things he had witnessed.

Jiang Hao listened attentively.

From the conversation, it became apparent that The End of All Things occasionally hired ordinary cultivators to assist them, such as in the Sun Moon Pavilion. There weren’t many members here.

Even the person in charge didn’t know the real force behind them.

Likewise, they were given various tasks, such as spreading rumors, all for the sake of facilitating The End of All Things’ subsequent actions. Such people couldn’t easily interact with the core members, and even exploring missions required immense luck.

“It seems that staying here won’t provide any useful information,” Jiang Hao remarked as he gazed at Chi Tian. “Have you thought about going to King


“How will I go there?” Chi Tian asked with his head down.

“It’s up to you.” Jiang Hao thought for a moment before saying, “I’m in no hurry. You can take your time.”

This wasn’t something that could be rushed, and he didn’t want Chi Tian to progress too quickly. After all, he had no chance of winning against King Tao Mu and needed plenty of time.

Of course, with Chi Tian’s level of strength, his progress wouldn’t be swift. As long as Chi Tian was around, Jiang Hao would keep receiving an update.

“Have you been well?” Jiang Hao asked again.

Chi Tian looked at the man in front of him with a bitter smile. “Yes. Very well.” “That’s good.” Jiang Hao nodded.

The present Chi Tian was no longer the same as the Chi Tian from before, who sought revenge and was willing to sacrifice anything… even his life.


This was what a normal person would feel..