Chapter 892 chasing ghost?  

Race: Celestial being

Bloodline: supreme celestial bloodline

Title: the descended of chaos

"Out of nowhere it feels like I am someone who don't belong to this mortal World,this feels so surreal..."Yohan muttered as he looked his stats window,he somewhat expected that things will be different once he awakened his bloodline but he was not expecting that many changes in single night,not only his bloodline changed but he also became someone who belongs to a unknown race called celestial being,which he had never heard before despite living in this world quite a while.

"So many unexpected things had happened today, whether it's taking over the Nichole clan or meeting that lady inside that mysterious realm... that encounter aloned changed so many things!"Yohan exclaimed and then he shook his head. "It's better to not talk or think about too much, especially about the things that happened inside that realm of forsaken gods, i don't want to end up inside such place where i couldn't even move my limbs,i wonder what kind of ferocious being were living inside that place or what kind of cultivation base that they are having"Yohan bitterly smiled and then the next moment he got up on his feet and stretched his limbs before leaving that empty secluded room.

Yohan was someone who has seen or experienced so many unexpected things in such a short amount of time that he spended inside this world, whether it's becoming a dual cultivator or getting all those abilities that he never thought of getting, not even in his wild dream.



Meanwhile at the same time a carriage could be seen running on the empty road and inside that carriage seated three figures,on one side there was an old man and a young normal looking woman while on the other side seated a woman who was resembling a goddess and was someone who was giving a different kind of vibe.

Old man lee who was sitting timidly right next to his daughter finally cleared his throat and decided to confront neena about the identity of this women who appeared out of nowhere and decided to tag along with them,earlier he couldn't get any information regarding this mysterious women as neena was looking lost for some unknown reasons,she only said that this mysterious individual is someone who she knows of her and she is going to travel with them for a while,apart from that she didn't explain or say anything regarding the identity of this mysterious person.

Old man lee was anxious after all out of nowhere his daughter disappeared and then later on she appeared with an mysterious individual that he never seen before,and apart from that he is not able to digest the fact that she is someone who is acquainted of neena,it was indeed hard pill to swallow as he remember every single person that neena knows,this is the first time he is meeting with her.

"My name is Athena,it's nice to meet you!"before old man lee could confront or bother his daughter about her identity Athena made her move and decided to introduce herself to him, afterall neena was in her own world after knowing the relation that she shares with was understandable to Athena as she has been through the similar situation.

Old man Lee slightly bowed his head after learning Athena's name. "My name is Lee and i believe this is the first time we are meeting lady Athena,you see I am just concerned about my daughter..."old man lee mustered courage and decided to confront athena as he was worried about his daughter,neena snapped out of her daze and looked her father in slightly weird manner as she was not expecting him to say such things but at the same time she realized the reason why it comes to this,it was her own fault to behave differently after coming to her father.


On the other hand Athena smiled after hearing old man lee and then she shook her head while maintaining that gentle smile on her beautiful face.

"Don't worry i am not an enemy,I mean no harm to you and your daughter trust me,"Athena said,as she intended to ease out the awkwardness between them.

"Lady Athena is telling the truth,don't ask weird Questions,you are embarrassing me in front of her with your weird questions!"Neena said in an annoyed manner,old man lee scratched his chin after hearing neena and seeing his daughter in her usual self,deep down in his heart he felt relieved at this very moment.

"Child i was worried about you when you suddenly disappeared and then appeared with mysterious individual that I never seen before,and apart from that you were looking different then your usual self,so i thought something is wrong,"old man lee confronted neena, hearing her father neena frowned and moved her gaze outside the window of carriage. action

"It's nothing..."she whispered in low voice,old man lee exhale deeply as he understands that something is bothering her that she don't wanted to talk about at this very moment,old man lee tilted his head and looked Athena with smile.

"Please forgive me for doubting you lady Athena,i just..."

"Its okay you don't have to ask for forgiveness,it is not your fault elder Lee,i should be the one who is asking for forgiveness afterall i am the one who is troubling you with my presence"athena interrupted old man lee,old man lee smile as he heard Athena and then the next moment he asked something that he wanted to ask for a while.

"Are you certain that our destination is same lady Athena,afterall we ourselves are not certain where we are going at this very moment!"Old man Lee said after all he knows that he is chasing ghost with her daughter,a son who is rumored to be hiding in Nichole clan territory.

Upon hearing old man Lee,a bright smile appeared on Athena's face.

"Don't worry despite our goal our destination is pretty much same,you will understand soon!"she replied to old man Lee,a confused look appeared on old man lee's face while neena who was looking outside the window,her cheeks slightly turned red as she understand the meaning behind Athena's words, despite their goals their destiny were pretty much same, thinking about that line she took a long sigh and wondered whether she was ready to face Yohan or not.