Chapter 893 Their dual cultivation [R18]

Back inside the Nichole clan manor, Yohan returned to Alma who was still sleeping. It's been a few hours since he left the room to awaken his bloodline,now it's almost morning,the sun is about to rise.

Yohan carefully returned to bed by Alma's side with no intention of disturbing her knowing she must be tired after that intense session that she had with him but to his surprise she opened her eyes with a smile on her beautiful face.

"You are awake?"Yohan asked, hearing Yohan move her lips and gently kissed him on the left side of cheek.

"You are so considerate,you don't want me to wake up don't you?"


Yohan turned silent after hearing Alma and then he faintly smiled.


"Well...i thought you deserve a proper rest after spending those wild session with me!"Yohan replied in teasing manner,alma's face turned red after hearing Yohan and the passionate moment and time that she spended with him started flashing in front of her eyes,but on the other hand she also felt disappointed knowing she couldn't able to prolong much longer due to the limitation of her body.

"I am sorry Yohan I couldn't able to keep up with you..."she whispered,Yohan took a deep sigh before taking her in his embrace.

"Don't think too much,it was your first time and trust me you were pretty good"Yohan cheered alma knowing she is getting those kinds of silly thoughts in her head which was pretty normal as a newbie who just lost her virginity to him.

After hearing yohan's kind words a bright smile appeared on alma's face and she snuggle him,her warm breath touched Yohan's neck,Yohan could only smile seeing this side of alma which was completely different then her usual personality,she was indeed different then the person he met inside the Gulian city.

"Why are you smiling,did something good happen?"Alma muttered as she looked at Yohan's smile sneakily.

"Its nothing..."Yohan simply shook his head before tightly embracing her and moving his lips closer to her slender neck,alma gasped as she felt yohan's lips to her neck,an euphoric feeling erupted in her body that she felt few hours ago spending those lovely moments with him on the bed.


She gently moved her slender arms around Yohan's neck reaching the back of his head as he kissed her on the neck.

"Mmmm... ahhh" Alma moaned while Clenching her thighs altogether as she felt Yohan's soft lips and his warm breath tickling to her neck along his hand which was fondling her butt cheeks.

After kissing and playing with her neck for a while Yohan moved his lips upwards directly reaching to her soft juicy lips,his cock also started reaching its full length as he was all existed to explore Alma's nether region again,he invaded his tongue inside her warm mouth while getting rid of his clothes,alma helped Yohan desperately as she wanted to feel the essence of his naked body and a moment later she got what she aching for and a seductive moan escaped from her mouth when Yohan pushed his bulging cock between her legs teasing her pussy.

Alma's entire body trembled, feeling Yohan's pulsating cock between her thighs caressing her pussy lips,this was indeed a heavenly moment for her as she was yearning to feel his cock again.

At the same time Yohan also felt excited after feeling the warm sensation of her pussy, and the next moment without giving any thought he grabbed alma's right leg and placed it on his waist before positioning his cock at the entrance of her vagina,alma made a muffled sound feeling the tip of his cock at the entrance of her vagina,she looked into yohan's eyes and he looked into her eyes as two of them exchange the seductive glance with each other's.

At this very moment both of them were looking impatient and aching to dive in the world of pleasure,sure enough the next moment Yohan pushed the tip of his cock inside alma's hot pusy spreading her pussy lips,alma gasped and she dug her nails in yohan's back feeling the extreme pleasure that comes with his dick that is making its way inside her hot cave and the pleasure that she was feeling right now increased many folds when Yohan reached the deepest part of her cave thrusting his entire cock inside her pussy.

Alma instantly felt like peeing but she controlled herself after all she don't want to end up releasing her Yin Qi just yet,she passionately kissed Yohan while pressing her boobs against his chest in order to feel the full extent of pleasure,on the other hand Yohan started thrusting his cock inside alma's pussy with no mercy as he knew that her pussy is now getting used to Yohan's cock,not only he teaches her few positions when they were having sex earlier but he also make sure that her pussy getting used to his size and just like every time it's work in yohan's favor after dual cultivating several times.




A series of moans started echoing inside the room as Yohan moved his hips back and forth thrusting his cock inside alma's pussy, every single times he thrust his cock inside her pussy he felt like he ascended in a completely different realm,at this very moment Yohan forgot the all those things that happened earlier,he was in the completely different world where only he and alma existed.


Meanwhile at the same time there were so many things were happening all around the Northern region.

The mysterious women who were earlier rescued by Yohan and Alma were sitting on the bed with blank expressions as those loud seductive moans were reaching to her ears that were coming to the next room.

A carriage could be seen running into the direction of the Nichole clan manor,inside that carriage seated two beauties occupied in their own thoughts along with an old man who was awkwardly sitting in the corner not daring to disturb these two beauties.

A handsome young man wearing black robe could be seen descending to the ground where thousands of armed soldiers were stationed and four individuals were standing right infront of them looking into this man's direction wondering whether he is friend or foe.