Chapter 891 The supreme Celestial bloodline  

"This place is more like a battlefield for the gods and other beings,some fight for territory while some find for honor,and there are some who fight simply pass the time, everyday is a battle..."the women explained.

"Why do you fight?"Yohan asked curiously, hearing Yohan a surprise look appear on her face but then she simply smiled.

"I wonder..."she said and the next moment she simply snapped her fingers and a small bottle manifested into the air,the bottle was carrying the red liquid identical to the liquid that Yohan drank before awakening his bloodline,the bottle floated in front of yohan's sight.

"This potion contains the essence of my bloodline,and as I can see your body is identical to use this potion afterall you have no impurities in your current mortal bloodline...which is unbelievable after all it's rare to see the pureness in the bloodline of mortals"the women spoke,Yohan bitterly smiled after hearing her and he explained that he used cleansing potion right before awakening his bloodline.

The woman scratched her chin after hearing Yohan and understood the reason behind the purity of his bloodline.

"You are indeed an capable cultivator for being mortal, reaching heavenly soul realm in such young age,you are indeed worthy and capable of my bloodline"the women spoke in proud manner,on the other hand Yohan simply smiled as she is the one who told him that his Cultivation is nothing in her eyes.


"You know I can still hear your thoughts so you don't have to be arrogant,it might be a big deal for you of achieving heavenly soul realm but i born with the base of heavenly soul realm"the women exclaimed, yohan's face turned dark as he was not expecting to hear that.

"I don't know the reason why you decided to change your bloodline nor i am interested of knowing that,but remember one thing once you awaken this bloodline you can't go back,this bloodline of mine can't be change or replaced by any type of potion, every bloodline cleansing potion will become useless,this is the extent of this bloodline,"the women explained to Yohan and she continued.

"And one more important thing,don't expose yourself in the upper heaven unless you become powerful enough to take care of yourself,the existence of this bloodline itself is a grave threat to those beings and their order!"the women exclaimed before uncapping the small bottle.

"Wait what? I don't get it...''Yohan was in the middle of completing his sentence as he didn't understand any of the things that she said in the last sentence but before he could complete his sentence the woman shoved the bottle in Yohan's mouth and emptied the liquid in his body.

Yohan was dumbfounded and didn't even resist as his body was not even in his control,his movements were restricted inside this place,soon after drinking the whole liquid he felt extreme hot sensation and somewhat filled with extraordinary energy that is surrounding every single part of his body.



[The bloodline awakening in the process,your current lesser mortal lineage bloodline is being replaced by the supreme Celestial bloodline] A notification took place in Yohan's head and his eyes widened with shock when he heard the term supreme celestial bloodline,and the next moment his body started disappearing from the place.

The woman who was sitting right in front of Yohan turned shocked when she realized what was going on there. The gentle and calm expressions that she had on her beautiful face were replaced by the sadness.

At the same time Yohan also realized that he is leaving this realm,the mysterious women was indeed right,her idea of sharing her bloodline with Yohan was indeed spot on,Yohan's body in the midst of replacing his current bloodline but he realized that it might be the last time that he is seeing her, having that thought in his head he smiled and looked her with affection.

"Can I atleast know your name?"Yohan asked after all he didn't even know the name of the women that helped him while sharing her bloodline,Yohan didn't knew whether it was fate or some kind of coincidence that he ended up here nor did he cared,right now all this matter to him to know the name of the women that literally saved his life.

"My name is thea...the goddess of chaos,who dominated and ruled thousands of realms single handedly!"the beautiful women wearing golden armor smiled and responded to Yohan,she has the gentle and beautiful smile on her face when she introduced herself to Yohan,on the other hand yohan's facial expressions changed when he heard the name thea,but before he could do or say anything his body disappeared from the place and the next moment he found himself sitting inside the empty room of the Nichole clan manor.

"This is some kind of joke right,she said it some kind of coincidence?"Yohan muttered in confused manner after all the women inside that realm and the women inside hia head shared the same name,as he was in his deep thought a notification took place in yohan's head.


[ Congratulations host for awakening new bloodline,your current lesser mortal lineage bloodline has been successfully replaced by the supreme celestial bloodline]


[Congratulation host You have successfully unlocked the new title,the descended of the chaos,the current title is being replaced,you can change it back through system interface]


[Congratulations host you have successfully broken through your mortal shackles]

One after another two notifications took place in Yohan's head that took him by surprise. He doesn't understand what is that title or what is the meaning of breaking his mortal shackles but soon after everything becomes clear like water when his stats window pops in front of his eyes.


Name: Yohan Lin Race: Celestial being

Cultivation Level: First level of the heavenly soul realm [Divine Physique]

Cultivation Type: Dual Cultivator/Qi Cultivator

Title: The descended of chaos

Bloodline: Supreme celestial bloodline

Legacy: None

Yin Qi:9000Ml

Celestial Yin Qi:00Ml

Demonic Yin Qi:800Ml


Health:20250 action



Ability: Divine eyes/thousand steps swords technique/ Space Twister/Lightning asura/ Divine palm/cursed eater.

Soul bond: Evelyn[Status Locked]


Soul weapon: Asura[ The Curse Sword]