Chapter 1353 Continuous Breakthroughs! Terrifying Improvement!  

Thinking of this, Chu Feng no longer hesitated.

He sat cross-legged on the futon.

A large amount of power of laws instantly emanated from his body.

With the enhancement of the two Dao Comprehension Assistance Treasures, Chu Feng fell into a state of enlightenment almost instantly.

Countless insights rose.

The benefits he had just obtained from the Green Emperor were too great.


It was almost equivalent to putting the exercise book in front of you and letting you copy it at will!

Coupled with Chu Feng's monstrous comprehension ability, how could his improvement be slow?

Some of the difficult questions that were originally impossible to understand were no longer confusing.

He instantly broke through the shackles of realms.

Without any obstruction, he did it in one go.

Chu Feng's realm was also rapidly increasing.


After experiencing many battles previously, Chu Feng had gained something. He had completely comprehended the third slash of the Nine Sabers, the Flame Saber.

As for the fourth slash, the improvement was extremely small.

Logically speaking, it would take a long time to accumulate and temper before he could master it.

But at this moment, Chu Feng could clearly sense that his comprehension of the fourth slash of the Nine Sabers, the Earth Saber, was pouring over like a landslide. It was unstoppable!

He even felt that it did not take long for him to completely master it…

Chu Feng himself found it unbelievable. magic

Since when did comprehending the Dao become so easy?

Others would take decades or even hundreds of years to complete it, but to him, a few hours? No way!

At most, it would take a few incense sticks of time!

This speed was too terrifying!

Even as he was comprehending, Chu Feng could still free up his thoughts. He calculated in his heart.

In any case, with the Great Dao futon and the power of laws, entering a state of epiphany was as easy as drinking water and eating. He did not care if he wasted an opportunity.

"After comprehending the third slash, I walked the Third-Turn Nirvana Path. With other means, my strength is comparable to an ordinary Seventh-Turn warrior."

"And now that I've comprehended the fourth slash… Why do I feel like my improvement is even greater than before?!"

Chu Feng had an incredulous expression.

Because he had an inexplicable feeling that if he encountered an opponent with Li Yuan's strength, he could easily kill him…

This was too terrifying!

One had to know that Li Yuan was a peak Eighth-Turn existence!

If not for the Green Emperor's possession, it would definitely not have been easy for Chu Feng to deal with him!

But now… He took a deep breath.

Chu Feng knew that now was not the time to consider those things.

His top priority was to master all his insights as soon as possible.

He immediately composed himself and entered a state of enlightenment again.

The fifth slash of the Nine Sabers, the various mysteries of the Metal-Element Saber, began to appear in his mind.

Chu Feng verified it with the Great Dao comprehension he had absorbed from the Green Emperor. They corresponded to each other, and his realm was still rapidly increasing.

This rocket-like improvement fascinated Chu Feng…

It was not known how much time had elapsed.

Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his eyes.

Divine light erupted from his eyes, as if his Dao aura was dissipating. It was breathtaking.

Not far away, Yu seemed to have sensed something and exclaimed.

"Damn! Chu Feng! What are you doing? Are you green-eyed? Your eyes can light up?"

After a pause, Yu sized Chu Feng up carefully and was extremely puzzled.

"Eh, why do I feel like you've become stronger again?"

"I can't even see through you now…"

Hearing Yu's voice, Chu Feng subconsciously turned around.

But he said nothing.

"Hey, I'm talking to you. Why are you ignoring me?! Didn't you just improve a little? Why are you so arrogant?!"

Yu rolled his eyes.

He continued indignantly, "Let me tell you, I've gained quite a bit this time!"

"Now, even without the help of the array formation, I'm comparable to some ordinary Seventh-Turn Divine Lords!"

"That's why you shouldn't be too arrogant, kid. Who knows, I might surpass you one day!"

Yu scolded Chu Feng and puffed out his chest proudly. He slapped Chu Feng.

He planned to shock Chu Feng a little. fre ewebn ovel

But the next moment, before his palm could touch Chu Feng, there was a whoosh!

Chu Feng did not even move. Or rather, it was Chu Feng's instinctive reaction.

An extremely sharp golden saber beam tore through the sky.


Yu's expression changed drastically, as if he had sensed something extremely terrifying.

He suddenly retreated.

However, the golden saber beam still chased after him.

Yu was so frightened that he hurriedly roared for help.

"Chu Feng!!"

"Damn! Are you going to kill someone?!"

"What is this golden saber beam? It's so terrifying!!"

"Quick! Disperse! Ahhh! I'm about to be caught up! I'm dying!!" In just an instant, Yu was already badly mutilated by the sharp saber beam.

If that golden saber beam caught up to him, he would be severely injured even if he did not die!

Hearing Yu's cry for help, Chu Feng suddenly came back to his senses.

He was also shocked.

However, he still waved his hand immediately and dispersed the golden light that had instinctively burst forth from his body.

Chu Feng did not have the time to care about the terrified Yu. He looked at his hands in shock.

"Just now… That seemed to be just a wisp of aura dissipating from my body. It almost killed Yu, who was comparable to a Seventh-Turn Divine Lord?"

"This is too ridiculous?!"

"How strong am I now?!"

Just as Chu Feng himself felt that it was ridiculous, opposite him, Bing Yao and the others were all standing on the spot in a daze. They looked at Chu Feng in a daze and could not say a word.

Only their eyes were filled with shock.

Instinctively, a tiny saber beam could kill a Seventh-Turn Divine Lord. With such strength…

And at this moment, Chu Feng completely came out of his epiphany. The divine light in his eyes dissipated and he returned to normal.

With a wave of his hand, he put away the Great Dao futon.

Looking at the extremely miserable Yu, to prevent him from extorting him, Chu Feng took the initiative to attack.

"What are you doing? Are you courting death?"

Yu felt extremely aggrieved.

"Damn! You're the crazy one! Kill me to silence me!"

"I just want to let you feel my improvement. Why are you planning to kill me the moment you come up!"

"Also, why are you suddenly so strong?!"

Beside him, Bing Yao could not help but ask.

She could see better from the side.

The power emitted by Chu Feng just now was extremely terrifying. Even an ordinary Eighth-Turn Divine Lord could not unleash it!

"Um… Chu Feng, did you break through to the Master God Realm?!"

Bing Yao was extremely shocked.

Hearing the increasingly unreliable guesses of the crowd, Chu Feng felt helpless.

"How can I break through to the Master God Realm?!"

"That will attract the tribulation of the Master God!"

"I just comprehended a little more saber techniques. Is there a need to be so shocked…"

At this moment, Yu rubbed his chest and walked forward with a grimace.

"Damn! Look for yourself. That terrifying attack just now could be executed by comprehending a little more saber techniques?!"

"Quick! Tell me the truth. How strong are you now?!"

"I'm curious!"

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