Chapter 1354 Power of Ninth-Turn! Ultimate Ghost King!  

Yu stared at Chu Feng excitedly.

"We're all on the same side. Even if you break through to the Master God Realm, there's no need to hide it. Don't worry, we'll keep it a secret for you!"

Chu Feng was speechless.

"Alright, stop farting. I haven't even opened my Spiritual Abode. How can I break through to the Master God Realm? Use your brain!"

Yu was puzzled.

"Then why is your strength so terrifying all of a sudden?!"


"I feel that Li Yuan's full-strength attack just now is far inferior to your casual attack just now!"

Chu Feng could not be bothered to waste his breath on this fellow.

He closed his eyes and began to carefully sense the changes in his body.

Just now, he had successfully comprehended the fifth strike of the Nine Sabers, the Metal-Element Saber.

To comprehend the fourth and fifth slashes at the same time, even the Nine Sabers God Emperor would be amazed by such a terrifying advancement.

One had to know that the realm difference between each slash of the supreme saber manual, the Nine Sabers, was extremely great.


It could be said to be a qualitative change!

Otherwise, Chu Feng would not have been comparable to an ordinary Divine Lord when he comprehended the first slash.

After comprehending the second strike, his realm was comparable to a high-level Divine Lord.

When he comprehended the third strike, his realm was comparable to a fourth or fifth-turn Divine Lord!

Now that he had directly comprehended the fourth and fifth slashes, it was obvious how much he had improved!

Even now, Chu Feng himself could not tell how far his realm had reached.

Seventh-Turn? Eighth-Turn? And the unbelievable Ninth-Turn?

Without comparison, Chu Feng himself could not be sure.

He muttered, "Why don't I try the Nirvana Path?"

Seeing how many turns of Nirvana he could clear, he naturally knew that what kind of Divine Lord his realm was roughly equivalent to.

This was the best way to test it.

However, to ordinary warriors, no one would joke about the Nirvana Path!

That was something that could really kill him!

Only Chu Feng, whose realm was so high that there was no possibility of failure, could be so casual.

With an idea in mind, Chu Feng was not a hesitant person. He immediately sat cross-legged on the futon again and the power of laws surged out again. Yu was stunned.

"What are you doing?"

"Didn't you just finish cultivating? What are you doing now?"

Chu Feng did not explain. He entered another epiphany and his consciousness instantly entered the Nirvana Path.

To the current Chu Feng, this path was becoming more and more familiar.

Previously, he had at most reached the beginning part and could not advance anymore.

However, this time, along the way, it was as if there was no difficulty at all. Countless insights surged into his mind. Even the flaws from his previous comprehension were completely comprehended.

This was the greatest use of the Nirvana Path!

Checking and filling in the gaps allowed warriors to improve themselves to an almost perfect state before breaking through to the Master God Realm, so as to maximize the success rate of breaking through to the Master God Realm!

Chu Feng was also on this path now. Furthermore, he was clearly about to reach the end…

After some time, Chu Feng felt that he could not advance anymore. He suddenly turned around and unknowingly walked an extremely far distance.

He looked up again.

The end of the Nirvana Path was in front of him… Chu Feng came to a realization.

"Unknowingly… I've actually reached the Eighth-Turn realm?"

"I'm only one step away from the limit of the Divine Lord realm, the Ninth-Turn realm."

"Senior Green Emperor has helped me too much this time!"

Chu Feng himself felt that it was abnormally ridiculous.

It allowed him to leap from a little fellow at the Fourth or Fifth Turn to the Eighth-Turn realm in the blink of an eye?!

And this was only an increase in realm!

According to Chu Feng's previous performance, with all kinds of methods added together, Chu Feng thought that he could wrestle with a Ninth-Turn Divine Lord?!

That existence was only one step away from becoming a Master God!

"No wonder I almost killed Yu with his subconscious attack just now…"

Chu Feng smiled sheepishly.

He was extremely excited.

Finally, with his current strength, even in the ancient times, where heroes competed for supremacy, he was definitely not a nobody!

Furthermore, he still had a peerless Heavenly Dao treasure like the Ghost King's Cloak!

"I wonder what changes will happen after the Ghost King's Cloak is completely fused…"

Thinking of this, Chu Feng's heart suddenly felt like it was being scratched by a cat.

From the initial Soul Summoning Boots, which summoned the most ordinary skeletons and zombies, to the Vampiric Cape, which summoned the lich and the Terror Knight…

Finally, he had gathered all three items of the Ghost King's Cloak today!

It was impossible for him not to be excited.

He took a deep breath. free.c om

Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

The aura that casually dissipated from his body surged out. Yu, who was circling around, was instantly sent flying.

Yu was so angry that he cursed in midair.

This guy was too much of a bully!

Forget it if he almost killed him just now.

Now, he was actually playing dirty again!

Yu could clearly see that this guy had definitely gone to take the Nirvana Path just now. Therefore, Chu Feng was definitely awake this time!

That also meant that this bastard… meant it!

"You're trying to kill your ancestor!!"

Yu's howl resounded through the sky.

Chu Feng ignored him.

With a wave of his hand, a Heaven Shrouding Formation appeared, completely concealing himself from others.

The Ghost King's Cloak was still too precious!

There was no harm in being careful.

Just because an existence like the Green Emperor did not care did not mean that other Great Emperors did not care either!

If it was really leaked, Chu Feng estimated that on the day the gods descended, he might be surrounded and killed by countless peerless experts!

Therefore, the fewer people who knew about this thing, the better!

It did not matter even if the news that he had summoned the undead spread. After all, no one knew if he had gathered this legendary Heavenly Dao treasure!

No one had ever truly known what kind of ability the fused Ghost King's Cloak would have and what kind of undead creatures it could summon.

Therefore, as long as Chu Feng was careful, it would not be a big problem!

After doing all kinds of concealment methods, Chu Feng carefully took out all three items and placed them in front of him.

Soul Summoning Boots, Vampiric Cape, Undead Charm… The three components all emitted a faint black light, and they seemed to be intertwined with each other.

"Combine, Ultimate Ghost King…"

Chu Feng muttered.

As he waved his palm, the three treasures in front of him all erupted with a dazzling black light. Even Chu Feng could not open his eyes.

At this moment, Chu Feng seemed to hear the roar of skeletons and the neighing of horses.

Summoned undead creatures appeared before him. Even the vast Undead World seemed to have opened a door to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng felt that he only needed to casually extend his hand to summon an army of endless undead!

It was as if he had become the undead ruler!

Not long after, when the light dissipated, an ancient and exquisite black silk cloak quietly floated there… the Ultimate Ghost King!