Chapter 1352 Divine Artifact of Comprehension! The Hope of a Ninth-Grade Spiritual Abode!  

After fooling around with everyone, Chu Feng directly poured his spiritual will into the futon in his hand.


It was as if a thunderclap had exploded in his mind.

In an instant, a vast universe seemed to have appeared out of thin air in front of Chu Feng. It was slowly circulating in an orderly manner.

Chu Feng's eyes narrowed.

The scene in front of him changed again.


Mysterious lights of different colors kept flashing before his eyes.

Chu Feng subconsciously extended his hand gently, as if he could touch it.

"Is this… the Great Dao?"

At this moment, he seemed to have truly seen the charm of the Great Dao!

It was as if he was wandering in the Great Dao Domain!

Those extremely mysterious and unpredictable things seemed to have materialized!


Instantly, countless insights surged in his heart!


Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

Everything in front of him had dissipated.

He was still holding the futon in his hand and did not even move.

However, his eyes were filled with shock!

"This… This… Even the Great Dao can appear directly?!"

"How terrifying!"

"An enlightenment divine artifact!!"

At this moment, information about the futon appeared in his mind.

Item Name: Great Dao Futon

Item effect: Allows the user to enter a similar state of enlightenment to assist in comprehension.

It was just two simple sentences.

There was not even an item grade.

However, at this moment, the shock in Chu Feng's heart was already indescribable!

Enlightenment Supreme Treasure!

A true top-notch divine item!

No wonder even the Green Emperor said that this item was the most important treasure in the entire God Emperor's Palace!

Even a Great Emperor would fight for it!

The value of a treasure that could directly manifest the Great Dao was immeasurable!

Martial arts was a process of comprehension. Unless a warrior had already reached the end of his path and could no longer comprehend anything, he would definitely not be able to escape the temptation of this cushion!!

"The Green Emperor… has really given me a huge gift!"

Chu Feng sighed.

He was even more excited.

Suddenly, he thought of the unlucky Demon Son Er Qi.

"That guy was only one step away from such a treasure. Unfortunately, I intercepted him, hahaha!"

Chu Feng was secretly delighted.

Actually, he did not know.

How could the God Emperor's Palace let someone else obtain such a divine treasure so easily?

Even if Demon Son Er Qi or Mo Tianqiong won, they would definitely not be able to take this thing away! The Divine Emperor's Hall would at most allow the two of them to cultivate on the futon.

As for taking it away, forget it!

This thing was a treasure of the Divine Emperor!

A group of little fellows who were not even Master Gods wanted to take them for themselves?

What a joke!

Were they worthy?

Therefore, if the Green Emperor had not taken action personally, no one would have been able to take it away!

Only the Green Emperor, as the biological son of the Divine Emperor and with his extremely terrifying strength, had a certain authority to make decisions.

Otherwise, to be honest, even other Great Emperors would find it difficult!

How could future generations know of the Divine Emperor's methods?

However, Chu Feng did not know the truth. He had always thought that he had snatched the opportunity of Demon Son Er Qi and the others.

Of course, no matter what, it did not stop Chu Feng from being excited.

"In the future, with the help of this Dao Comprehension Futon and the acceleration of the power of laws, won't my realm soar like a rocket?!"

All along, what had troubled Chu Feng was not strength, but realm!

In terms of strength, he had used all kinds of means and was not afraid of ordinary Eighth-Turn Divine Lords at all. He could even win!

However, in terms of realm, Chu Feng had just comprehended the third slash of the Nine Sabers and had just walked the Third-Turn Nirvana Path.

If it were anyone else, they would only have the strength of a Third or Fourth-Turn Divine Lord. At most, they would be a Fifth-Turn!

How could they be as monstrous as Chu Feng!

Of course, the most ridiculous thing was Chu Feng's current level. Getting to the bottom of it, he had not even opened his Spiritual Abode!

He was not even a divine-grade!

It could only be said that at the late stages of warrior cultivation, most of them focused on their realm. Means were inferior. As for their grade… Everyone was the same. What difference could there be?

There might only be one such weirdo like Chu Feng since ancient times. magic

He rubbed the futon in his hand.

Chu Feng muttered to himself.

"In the future, my realm will definitely increase extremely quickly. But on the other hand, rank will become a factor restraining me…"

Otherwise, when others were Master Gods and Great Emperors and had obtained all kinds of transformations, he did not even have a Spiritual Abode. Even if his realm was high enough, it would still be lower than the average!

How disadvantageous!

"Therefore, it's better to open the ninth-grade Spiritual Abode sooner rather than later!"

Chu Feng muttered.

"Coincidentally… I've gathered the Ghost King's Cloak!"

Previously, Chu Feng had discovered that he no longer lacked the energy to establish a ninth-grade Spiritual Abode. But actually, no one knew that the most important thing to establish a ninth-grade Spiritual Abode was the Divine Light of Heaven and Earth!

That light at the beginning of the world! Only when warriors broke through to the Master God realm could they obtain a blessing from the world to temper their perfect divine body!

It would be good enough if that little amount could temper his body once. He still wanted to use it to temper his Spiritual Abode inside and out?

Don't joke around!

Not to mention, before ordinary warriors established their Spiritual Abodes, they were pitifully weak. How could they have the right to obtain the Divine Light of Heaven and Earth!

However, Chu Feng's situation was extremely special!

He had an undead divine artifact!

He could summon an talented undead like the Terror Knight!

The greatest use of the talented undead was to produce traces of the Divine Light of Heaven and Earth!

Originally, before the Ghost King's Cloak was synthesized, Chu Feng had been doing this.

It was just that the efficiency was pitifully low.

Not to mention the effort, it was impossible to completely temper the Chaos Dantian with the little bit of Divine Light of Heaven and Earth he obtained without thousands of years.

Thus, Chu Feng was about to give up.

But now… there was hope! And there was a high chance!

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was certain that the fused Ghost King's Cloak would definitely be able to summon other even stronger talented undead!

The efficiency would naturally be as high as the sky!

At that time, Chu Feng, who had a large amount of Divine Light of Heaven and Earth, would naturally be able to establish the second ninth-grade Spiritual Abode since ancient times!

Unparalleled since ancient times!

At that time, his realm and rank would increase at the same time… No one could predict how terrifying Chu Feng would be in the future!

Chu Feng had already comprehended something.

The day he opened the Spiritual Abode, the world would definitely be shocked!

"I hope… it can be done before the gods return, so that even if I face ancient experts, I won't be defenseless."

"No matter what they're doing…"

Chu Feng pursed his lips.

He took a deep breath.

Time was still tight!

Yu, who had wanted to come over, was sent flying with a slap.

This guy knew that Chu Feng had obtained a large number of military merits and wanted to experience the joy of the lucky draw with him.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng was in no mood to do that.

He had to comprehend the Dao first!!

When the Green Emperor possessed him just now, Chu Feng had comprehended too many things.

Chu Feng was worried that if he delayed for too long, his comprehension would dissipate.

Therefore, it was best to completely comprehend it as soon as possible so that it would truly become his Dao!

"With the help of the Great Dao Futon, it shouldn't take too long…"

Chu Feng was filled with anticipation!

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