Chapter 2 up the mountain

  Original owner, haven't you left yet?

  Yang Lan'er looked at the sun after eating, calculated the time before 2:00 pm, and said to the twins, "Baby, mother, go to the mountain to see what to eat, don't run around at home."

   "Mother, we also want to go with you, okay?"

"Baby, it's a long way up the mountain. You guys walk slowly. When you get to the mountain, the sun father-in-law will go down the mountain. Mother, go and come back quickly, okay?" Yang Lan'er complained silently in her heart: It's really not our place to coax children It's done by a woman who hangs out with men all day long.

   After all the good words, I finally got the consent of the two brothers and coaxed the two children.

  Yang Laner breathed a sigh of relief, picked up the back basket and sickle and walked quickly up the mountain.


  Tonight's dinner has not been settled yet, there is only half a bowl of black noodles at noon, even if it is boiled into a mush, it is still very watery. Now her stomach is almost full of water, and the two babies are half full. But it is sensible to say that I am full, which makes people feel distressed.

  Thinking of this, Yang Lan'er straightened her back and sped up the speed. Tan's house is halfway up the mountain, not far from the back mountain, and it is very convenient to go up the mountain.

It is now March, and Shanghe Village belongs to the south, and at this time in previous years, the grasses and grasses should grow, but this year, due to the drought, the grasses and wild vegetables on the ground are all gone. Poached away.

  The surrounding areas of the mountain are all bare. Yang Laner didn't want to waste time, so she went directly to the deep mountain, and the greener gradually became more and more deep.

  While walking, I observed the surroundings, hoping to see some wild vegetables. After walking for another quarter of an hour, I suddenly saw a few purslane trees in front of me. Although there are only a few small ones, Yang Lan'er is still very happy.

  At the same time, I also despise myself in my heart: Yang Lan'er, Yang Lan'er saw your future, and bought you with a few wild vegetables. It seems that the more you live, the more you go back!


  After harvesting, I walked in again, and sure enough there were still some wild vegetables inside, like gray vegetables, dandelions, etc.

   But it’s not enough. Although it’s a drought now, if you can live a better life, who wants to live a poor life? Yang Lan'er went to the depths quickly again, it was getting late, and she promised the babies to go back early! In fact, she was worried about letting the two brothers stay at home alone, so let's go faster. Thinking of this, she quickly went deeper.

  The mountains behind the Tan family are collectively referred to as Dachong Mountain. The mountains of Dachong Mountain are connected by mountains and stretch for hundreds of miles. The mountain peaks are tortuous and precipitous, with precipices and cliffs. In the deep valleys and gullies, there is an unpredictable mountain atmosphere.

  The rough mountains are undulating, and the big trees are soaring into the clouds. Of course, there are many poisonous snakes and beasts in the deep mountains.

  The villagers of Shanghe Village dare not go deep into the mountains. They usually collect firewood and dig wild vegetables at the foot of the mountain. Even the hunters in the village only hunt in the outer area.

   There used to be many people who did not believe in evil, and they never came out after entering. As time passed, no one dared to enter the inner circle of Dachong Mountain. The original Xianggong was also a hunter in the past, and he often hunted in the outer area.

   "The original owner is you, you are the original owner, her husband is not your husband now?" The **** is not happy!

  Someone is unconscious at this time, she has already left the single!


  Yang Lan'er's position at this time is almost between the outer and inner circle of the deep mountain. Birdsong could already be heard here, and at the same time she raised her vigilance and looked around. Slowly search around to see what wild vegetables can be eaten.

   Suddenly, a vine plant not far ahead caught her attention. She ran to it, squatted down, and quickly dug the soil with a sickle, waiting to see the plump purple-red rhizome below.

   (Note: This kind of yam grows in the south, with a shallow and short surface, which is different from the northern Tiechu yam.)

  Yang Lan'er was ecstatic: "The sky will never die and I will be!" Tonight's dinner is settled.

  Actually, seeing the little ones eating half full but saying they were full at noon in order not to worry her made her quite sad at that time.

  Yang Lan'er quickly dug out all the nearby yams and put them in the basket. Yam is rich in starch and protein, and has the functions of invigorating qi, nourishing the lungs, strengthening the kidney, and benefiting the essence. It is a very good tonic food for the current body of their family.

  Put on the basket and continue walking in, harvesting more than a dozen yams along the way. Yang Lan'er felt a lot more relaxed, the light in the woods was getting darker and darker, she looked up at the sky, guessed it was getting late, she thought that she should come here today and go back first, the two brothers were at home, which made her feel uneasy.

  Go back and change the route, and dig some wild vegetables one after another.

   Originally, Yang Lan'er wanted to eat a pheasant or a hare to satisfy his hunger, but he didn't see it. It may be because of the drought that even the wild vegetables on the periphery have been lighted. Rabbits and pheasants have all gone to the inner circle, and she will go to the inner circle next time. You can't guard this resource-rich Dasong Mountain and still starve to death, right?

  As the saying goes: "Support the bold to death, and starve the timid to death."

  Of course she will not take her own life lightly, she will do what she can, and she still cherishes her life.

  But on the way back, I found a small mountain spring in a crevice of a cliff, what a surprise! The east corner is lost, and the mulberry elm is harvested.

  It happened that she was so thirsty that her throat was smoking, so she drank it from the bamboo tube she carried with her, filled it up and took it home for the two brothers to drink. Drought makes water extremely precious. If the drought continues, there will be almost no water to drink.

   It may not be long before the villagers have to flee the famine.

well! The people are in dire straits! Gotta figure out a way to survive.

People without thought, he must worry about. Yang Lan'er felt that it was better to settle the immediate worries before considering other long-term concerns. Her immediate worry is that she is now so hungry that she sings! She wanted to fill her stomach, so she had to speed up her pace and head home.

  Go home and enter the yard, the yard is quiet. Yang Lan'er panicked and shouted loudly: "Bao'er, Belle, mother is back!"

   At the same time, the footsteps have already moved towards the room.

   "Mother, brother, mother is back!" Bao'er laughed.

   "Mother, you're back! Haha!" Belle was very excited.

  Hearing their voices, Yang Lan'er's high-hanging heart fell back to reality. At the same time, I threw the basket by the door of the main room, and I rushed into the bedroom, and saw the babies sitting on the bed, as if they had just woken up, so cute!

   "Ba Ji..."

   "Ba Ji..."

  Hold two little heads and kiss each face.

   "Hehe... Mother!"

   "Hey... Mother, a lot of saliva!"

   "" Another kiss.

   "Did you miss your mother?"

   Unanimous voice: "Think."

   "Are you hungry? Mother will cook something delicious for you, okay?"

"it is good"

well! I didn't expect her, the overlord flower of the secret service team, to say such unnutritious words one day, it should be regarded as parent-child interaction! (Hey! Comfort yourself! Cover your face!)

   ~Baji...baji~, a few kisses. Please collect, please collect~Please recommend, please recommend~Meme~



  (end of this chapter)