Chapter 1 Traveling through the Great God, you are too pitiful

  Yang Lan'er seemed to hear a childish voice calling "Mother" in a daze. When she tried to hear clearly, her head hurt so badly that she passed out again.


   After an unknown amount of time, Yang Lan'er woke up again and covered her stomach with her hands. She was starving right now, and there seemed to be a fire burning inside her stomach. what happened? It seems that she has no stomach problems! Open your eyes slightly. Silly!

   What catches the eye is the loose thatched roof and the adobe wall? what's the situation? what happened? Could it be that she was rescued?

  But it's impossible. It stands to reason that she has died, and there is no possibility of her surviving. What is this place?

  She sat up with difficulty and looked around quietly: some parts of the adobe walls had fallen off and were pitted.


  There is a small wooden lattice window opposite the bed, making it appear that the light in the room is relatively dark. There was a wooden shelf under the window sills, and an old wooden basin was placed on it.

  There are two old wooden boxes, one large and one small, stacked on the left hand side of the bed, all of which are unpainted logs.

   There is a small wooden table and three stools in the middle of the room, one of which is missing a leg.

  The bed she sleeps in is an old and simple canopy bed with a broken straw mat, and the quilt that has been patched so many times that the cotton wool inside has hardened and clumped.

  Yang Lan'er looked at the clothes on her body. Feeling a little cold, I want to pull up the quilt.

   Wait! Something is wrong, how did her hands turn into shriveled chicken feet? God! This is not her hand. Her fingers are not to mention slender, but they are similar. They are slender and white, and they are a little callused from playing with wooden warehouses for many years. If you touch it now, your body is shriveled and only ribs remain.


   "Oh, mygod!"

  Although she likes to be thin for beauty, she doesn't like ribs either! Then I hurriedly searched my heart, thinking to myself: "Fortunately, I didn't disappoint too much."

  God of Time Traveling: "...I'm dripping with sweat!" The focus of your attention is so strange!

  Yang Lan'er suspected that it was her hallucination. Could it be that he crossed over? At this time, there was another spasm in the stomach, and the headache was splitting in the head.

   "Hmm..." Under the double blow, she lay on the bed with her body arched, pressing her stomach desperately with her hands, biting her lip, her whole body was cold, and her forehead was covered in cold sweat.

   It took half an hour to slowly recover, and the clothes on her back were all wet with sweat. She opened her watery eyes, which were full of stubbornness.

  Yang Lan'er understood that she had time-traveled.

Through the memory of the original owner, I know that I have traveled to a place called Shanghe Village in Daying Country. The original owner is also called Yang Lan'er, the daughter of the Yang family in Lishu Village. She married Tan Anjun, a hunter in Shanghe Village six years ago. Half a month after the marriage Tan Anjun was conscripted and went to the battlefield. Not long after her husband left, she found out that she was pregnant and gave birth to twin sons.

   The "creaking" door is opened


  Yang Lan'er looked up and saw the two little luotou walking in. The two little luotou saw that their mother had woken up, so they quickly rushed towards the bed.

  At this time, Yang Lan'er saw them clearly. On her thin face, there were a pair of jewel-like phoenix eyes, thin lips, and slightly upturned nose, oops! How many girls will be fascinated when they grow up? The coarse cloth clothes with a lot of patches are worn loosely on the body, which can be described as skinny.

   "Bao'er, Belle" Yang Lan'er shouted involuntarily.

  Yang Lan'er watched Bao'er wanting to climb up, and was dominated by the remaining emotions of the original owner, so she hugged Bao'er up. The light weight made her heart tremble.

  The five-year-old child is not as heavy as a normal three-year-old child, and he caresses the heads of the babies lovingly.

  The babies looked up at her, "Mother, don't leave us"

  The babies nestled in her arms nervously, and this time they scared them.

   "Gululu..." Bao'er shyly covered her stomach and smiled.

  Yang Lan'er suddenly felt a dull pain in her heart.

   "Mother will cook, you two will rest on the bed." After saying that, she stood up, her eyes darkened and dizzy for a while.

  She leaned on the bed and stood still for a while, waiting for the dizziness to subside, and then slowly stood up straight.


   "Mother is fine, you stay here and be good."

  Yang Lan'er slowly moved out the door. This room is in a line shape, divided into three adobe rooms, and the bedroom just now is on the left.

  In the middle of the door is the main room, where a set of square tables and benches are placed, where the family usually eats and meets guests, and some farm tools and sundries are placed against the wall.

   On the right is the stove room, with a stove and two stove eyes. Such a stove can hold two pots, one large and one small, at the same time, which is very practical, and there are bowls and other stove supplies in the small cabinet next to it.

  Yang Lan'er looked around, only half a bowl of black noodles remained. Enduring the convulsions in her stomach, she added water to the pot. When she looked at the yellow water in the bucket, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she cried without tears.

  Her house, car and tickets are all gone. In her previous life, she was a gold medal agent. After the last mission was completed, an accident happened when she was preparing to retreat. When the explosion happened, she only had time to push the deputy team away.

   When she woke up again, she was already here, and she suddenly became the mother of two children, and she also had a cheap husband.

   I don't know if the teammates are safe?

  She vomited furiously in her heart: "God of time travel, you are too foolish!" In fact, she did the same.

  Rush out from the stove, stand in the yard and give the **** to the sky.

  Great time traveler: "..." It's hard to be a good person, cry!

  Yang Lan'er took a deep breath and looked at the yellow mountains and khaki fields in the distance due to the drought, and the scattered houses under the mountains. Composing a picture is very beautiful for modern times, but it is cruel at this time.

  Many villagers in the village have already fled the famine, and the rest are some older villagers or those who are hesitant to miss their homeland and will not give up until the end. They always think that it may rain tomorrow! At that time, there will be salvation, and there is no need to leave home.

   Stomach pain came again, alas! You can't hurt the spring and the autumn, otherwise you will starve to death.

   Ponder: "At least the air is clean here."

  Anyway, I can’t go back, so if you come, let’s settle down. Let's settle this meal for now, and let's talk about feeding our stomachs.

   Entered the stove, washed the pot, poured water, squatted in front of the stove to light a fire, picked up the flint on the side of the stove, found some dry grass, and scraped the flint a few times.

   This is what she learned when she was in the Secret Service. Slowly ignite the fire, when the water boils, slowly pour in the black noodles, stir while pouring, and the meal is ready.

  Yang Lan'er stepped into the room and saw the babies asleep, the corners of her lips slightly raised.

   "Bao'er, Belle get up quickly, it's time to eat, hurry up!"

   "Mother, I'm so hungry!"

   "Mother, is the meal ready? I want to eat!"

   "Okay, okay, okay, get up quickly." Yang Lan'er couldn't help feeling soft when she saw them.

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  (end of this chapter)