Chapter 592: The Era of Humans ( II )  

The message regarding the human construction of the Intergalactic Highway had been broadcasted through the quantum high-dimensional telepathic range at tens of thousands of times the speed of light, spreading the news to every powerful civilization within the galaxy. Countless civilizations were shocked by the occurrence!

After the mysterious disappearance of the previous galactic overlord about two thousand years ago, a new overlord of the galaxy had finally emerged. Surprisingly, it did not come from any civilization from the Silver Heart Zone... The civilization that accomplished it was an extremely mysterious and unfamiliar one.

The Silver Heart Zone contained about half of the planets within the galaxy. That area was the one that gave birth to most of the civilizations, and the interaction between them was much more common and close, which in turn caused a higher frequency of wars waged between each other. If the Silver Heart Zone was a city, then the other areas within the galaxy would be the wilderness.

The existence of the Pangurian Civilization was like a great beast suppressing all the civilizations found within the Silver Heart Zone, deeply affecting and regulating the rules and laws within the area.

Among the tall mountains and small hills, the Pangurian civilization was considered to be extremely powerful. As the transcendental crane that stood amongst the rest, they had firmly taken the position of being the overlord by surpassing all other civilizations tens of millions of years ago.


All the remaining civilizations had gotten used to the existence of this overlord. Naturally, after securing their position as a powerful and almighty overlord, no other civilization could have expected that their overlord status to be taken away by someone else.

In fact, during these tens of millions of years, there was not a single civilization that challenged the Pangurians for their position as the overlord of the star sector. In the long history, including the Silver Heart Zone and other star sectors, a total of twelve quasi-super civilizations had ever been born; only those civilizations were gradually able to become a threat to the Pangurians. From those civilizations, some of them made a fuss about it at their resident star systems while others kept quiet and continued their development as they continued expanding. However, if any of those civilizations were to show any signs that threatened the status of the Pangurian civilization as the overlord of the star sector, the Pangurian civilization would in turn completely annihilate them.

Thus far, there was not even a single civilization that resembled that of the humans’.


It was not that they were that different in comparison to any of the other quasi-super civilizations; the humans had already declared war against the Pangurian civilization.

The human’s message was like a loud explosion on a field, thundering across countless civilizations!


Everyone remained quiet while awaiting the Pangurian civilization’s reaction and response, and quite a few of them expected that a war which would decide the galaxy’s overlord status would be unavoidable.

However, a full dozen years had passed and the Pangurians seemed to have disappeared. The entire galaxy remained still, as if all of the civilizations had ceased to exist.

Some of the powerful ancient civilizations were finally vaguely aware of something.

They immediately looked at these past few thousands years and studied all of the cosmic-level disaster cases within the Silver Heart Zone.

Since the previous incident where the Pangurians had revealed their location two thousand years ago, a total of twenty-eight huge disasters had occurred in the entire Silver Heart Zone.

Twenty-seven of those huge disasters were supernova explosions during a cosmic storm, and one of them was an intense pulse from the collision between neutron stars. These disasters had destroyed dozens of civilizations near the edge of the star sector.

Furthermore, the star particle density at the Silver Heart Zone was much higher than the outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy, since most of the areas there were made of nebulas and countless planets that huddled together. It was a rare occurrence for a cosmic-level disaster to occur at the edge of the galaxy but within the Silver Heart Zone, it was a very common event. Quite a few of those habitable planets had hosted civilizations that were the very first ones to flourish. After having been through a few dozen replacements, a new civilization would arise from the one that had been destroyed every time.

Omitting the natural occurrence of cosmic-level disasters, a backward civilization would consider these disasters to be extinction-level events. However, once that civilization had obtained curvature flight technology and hyper light speed detection technology, they could completely avoid the disaster before it even occurred, not to mention that the overlord of the Galaxy, the Pangurian Civilization was also present.

What made things so interesting was when a black hole had collapsed about 2,200 years ago, causing a mass of about three thousand stars to get poured into the galaxy. This caused the area within hundreds of light years in radius to become a void empty space; even if two thousand years had passed, the area was still only made up of nebulas that emitted hazy red lights.

The powerful gravitational force that was created when the black hole had collapsed, had caused the fall of a nearby powerful civilization.

After searching through ancient history regarding that black hole, its mysteries gradually emerged.

First of all, the black hole was still particularly young and had appeared more than a million years ago within the area of influence of the original Pangurian civilization. After it came into existence, the spatial dimension of the universe would slightly shrink by a little every once in a while. What followed afterward was that the disappearance of the Pangurians civilization from the galaxy, including all the planets within their area of influence.

Quite a few of those ancient records had theorized that the Pangurians had constructed an isolated dimensional universe and the entire civilization had moved into that isolated dimension, a dimension higher than that of the three dimensional universe. However, there was nothing to justify this theory.

Moreover, the millions of years gradually covered this up. Apart from noting that the black hole had actually left its original position, the Pangurian civilization’s actual location still remained a mystery.

Secondly, its mass and the gravitational pull that it created were extremely inconsistent with each other. The gravitational pull totaled that of a hundred planets... but the mass it spewed out when it exploded weighed up to a few thousand planets, this occurrence had totally overturned the general understanding of how things functioned.

Finally, its position was constantly changing and its flight track was impossible to be calculated. Other than the gravitational force originating from the Silver Heart Zone and other similar disruption forces, there was not much to be noted. However, before its collapse, the black hole’s position was already quite far from the area of influence of the Pangurian civilization and was much closer to the Silver Heart Zone.

Much of these signs were pointing to a single clue, that the Pangurian civilization’s existing location crossed path with that black hole.

However, no civilization could discover why this black hole had collapsed so suddenly. About a few thousands of years ago, before the black hole collapsed, it never sucked in an abundance of materials or particles. Its gravitational pull had also never even increased or decreased.

Its collapse was seemingly caused by an external influence that other civilizations were unable to detect.


A dozen years later, somewhere in the Silver Heart Zone, there was a sudden and intense ripple-like effect that shocked the dimensions. The next moment, a neutron star warfleet shrouded with a powerful binding field emerged out of thin air.

Very quickly, the quantum high-dimensional telepathic range broadcasted a message to all of the civilizations in the star system, notifying them regarding the arrival of the humans.

"The construction project of the Intergalactic Highway will soon commence in this area, in order the smooth progression of the construction, a radius of ten light years away will officially be prohibited. The estimated time of completion would be a year, if there are any inconveniences that are brought upon any friendly civilization, please excuse us.

The Construction Department of The Hope City Stargate Construction Engineering Corporation of the Human Empire."

The quantum high-dimensional telepathic range broadcasted at intervals of once a day, for fifteen earth-days. When the fifteen earth-days had passed, the neutron star vessel suddenly fired and maintained thousands of energy rays. Once these energy rays had been fired, it leaped into the fourth dimension.

Once they were detected by the spatial wavelength detector and aimed at by the space probe, the very next moment would see all the civilizations in the surrounding area would be vaporized by the energy ray that had dimensionally descended from the fourth dimension regardless if it was intentional or unintentional, powerful or weak. After vaporizing their primary target, the energy rays went right through them and continued their journey at light speed, even shooting through a few unlucky habitable planets that were in its trajectory. This caused several planets to explode, leading to countless lives instantly being lost as collateral damage.

This was an act of deterrence from the new overlord of the galaxy. At that moment, all the civilizations secretly admitted that they would not stand a chance against this new overlord.