Chapter 591: The Era of Humans ( I )  

In a lively planet within the Silver Cross Cantilever...

The dawn of technology had long pierced through the prolonged darkness, and the civilization on this planet had entered a high-speed developmental phase. Within the period of a hundred years, they went from man and animal powered to mechanical-powered equipment. From the era of cold steel to the era of thermal weaponry, what followed after this was terrifying wars that went from one to the another.

Within a hundred years, all of the countries on the planet were either already at war or were currently preparing for one.

Ever since the second world war, peace had only lasted for about twenty years before both east and west alliances went to war with each other once more. Cities were reduced to rubble, and farms were burned to ashes resulting in countless civilians and soldiers losing their lives, especially during the second year into the war. With both the east and west alliances having gradually begun researching and manufacturing nuclear weaponry, a horrifying nuclear warfare soon arrived.

The war only lasted for three years but number of dead individuals within their civilization had reached over 500 million. The number was about an eighth of their total population. Every month, there would be a number of nuclear bombs dropping throughout their planet, causing fiery lights that seemed as if they were from hell to burst out everywhere.


The war gradually became an unprecedented massacre. None emerged as the victor of the war and yet the war continued. Both major alliances had committed too much in this war for either of them to back down. After all, no one would want to take the initiative and show their weakness. Doing something like this would put them at a risk of losing everything — just like two strong men stabbing each other with a knife and waiting to see who would die first.

According to a standard progress development, this world war would still be able to continue for another few months to half a year until either side completely collapsed.

However, a message that originated from an extraterrestrial civilization sped up the arrival of peace. Everyone began panicking and the war could no longer be continued.

The frontline soldiers were very quickly withdrawn, and at the same the leaders from every country had also begun to relax as they met with each other to exchange thoughts. If the message proved to be authentic, it would mean that they would completely lose their home planet. Compared to a war for the supremacy of the planet, none doubted that this was both absurd and ironic at the same time.

This was a famous demolition notice from an extraterrestrial civilization:

"To the respected citizens of the planet positioned at CA80800087.


We regret to inform you that, the planet that you’re all residing is positioned on the Intergalactic Highway and has been deemed by the Human Supreme Academy of Science, as a potential interference to the operation of the Intergalactic Gateway. In order to ensure regular operation of the Intergalactic Highway, which would improve the entire galaxy’s traffic condition, through the official authorization of the Government of the Human Empire, our department has decided to destroy your star system.

As for the citizens of the planet CA80800087, we’ve entrusted you to a third party, which is the nearby Ryder Civilization, to assist them with moving to the CA80800134 star system located about a hundred light-years away in five years. There’ll be payments of a certain degree of compensation, and if there were any inconvenience brought to anyone, please excuse us.

Notice is hereby given

The Demolition Department of the Hope City Stargate Construction Engineering Corporation of the Human Empire.

Year 4335, July 21st — Human Era"

The content of the message had cast a chill onto people’s spine, causing them to shiver in the absence of cold; it was absolutely absurd. However, this was definitely not some individual or some sort of peace organization’s prank. It was because this message had directly appeared in everyone’s mind, where billions of individuals had received it at the same time in the entirety of their civilization. An extra-terrestrial civilization that could achieve such a feat would naturally also possess the means to annihilate them.

Since they still did not have the means to leave their home planet, they were considered a backward civilization. Facing such a behemoth of a civilization loitering within the nebulas and even preparing to construct an Intergalactic Highway, they were as weak as an ant. No one could muster any thought of rebellion against such an advanced civilization, and all they could do was accept their fate.

However, the appearance of the extra-terrestrials had caused the entire planet’s residents, no matter their country of origin or their political view, to feel the same survival crisis for the first time. Under this kind of stress, the differences they had were quickly cast aside, and after countless sessions of negotiations and agreeing to the terms, this planet’s civilization had finally unified as one after the war three years later.


Five years later, a huge fleet had arrived as expected, oppressing the entire galaxy.

"O great ones who hails from an all-powerful civilization. We — those of us who are lowly and backward are highly grateful to you, who have come to aid us. We can only see an inch away but have never known that this galaxy had such an abundance of civilization. We’ve also never heard of such a mighty and righteous civilization such as the Ryder Civilization. Ever since we received the message from the Human Empire, we’ve been restless; worried about the future of our civilization but we were eager to know the information regarding the star sector and also what the human civilization was? O great ones, could you gave us some answer to the question of the lowly and backward us." The first leader of the civilization had a grand reception to the government officials of the Ryder Civilization and asked in a shuddering manner at the banquet.

The government official of the Ryder Civilization proudly took a glance at him, and then glanced at the mountain of gold gifted by the savage civilization as he coldly replied, "I know what your civilization seeks. In fact, all of you have no need to worry as the universe is indescribably vast, and most of the star systems are unable to produce life. To a civilization like us, we would not be worried about the limited resources for development and expansion of our civilization in the foreseeable future. All in all, this galaxy is a peaceful one only if no two parties are too close to each other. Besides, no civilization would wage war against a backward civilization such as yours!

"As for the Human Empire!" When it came to this, his face suddenly became dignified, and he subconsciously spoke in a deep tone, "The truth about this powerful civilization... Even we only know so much, the mystery surrounding this civilization is unprecedented. In this occasion where we would aid you in your move, we’ve also received a similar message from them!"

"How is that possible? Your civilization is so high and mighty! How’re there any civilizations that exist that could secretly send a message into your brain?" the head of the civilization said while forgetting his manners. Based on the information from their conversation, they were a civilization which came from a star sector about three thousand light years away but it only took them ten years to reach their planet. This would mean that their warfleets were moving at a speed of at least three hundred times the speed of light. It was as if a fantasy had come straight out of a legend and yet, the almighty Ryder Civilization was almost as weak and helpless as them against this mysterious Human Empire.

"All of these are facts! Perhaps, you and I are basically the same against this mysterious Human Empire." Perhaps, they were in each other’s shoes as the Ryder government officials looked at the head of the backward civilization. He sighed as he shook his head and said, "Based on their civilization’s actions, we can theorize that this may be the Milky Way Galaxy’s most powerful civilization, a Super Civilization!"

After all, the humans would soon be building an Intergalactic Highway in order to shrink the scale of the galaxy. This was not just to improve the traffic of the galaxy. It was also a doorway to warn every other civilization. Such a feat was impossible to a civilization that was unable to suppress the entire galaxy.