Extra 3: After Marriage Series – A Wild Burglar Appears.

Everything moved slowly and quietly in this secluded temple, as it was far away from civilization.

Tonight had been the perfect night to paint, as it was peaceful and cool. In fact, Princess QingLuan had her entire focus drawn towards her painting while her mind flew around like a little bird who was chirping happily at the freedom as she poured her passion onto her painting.

But it had all ended in a blink of an eye. Her painting had disappeared from her view and she was dragged gently towards the bed, like an innocent sheep trapped underneath a starving wolf.

She winced slightly as he tore through her humble garments, ripping it into pieces of cloths before tossing everything onto the ground with disgust.

Her days in the temple had been peaceful and slow, and the fact that the monks made it a point to take great care of this elegant and sweet princess, she actually seemed healthier than she had been when she was back in the city.

Her skin was as smooth as ever, while her bosoms perked cheerfully while half-hidden by her loose undergarments and her waist was still slim and slender. Fu SiNian knew that he would never get tired of gazing at her dreamlike body.


He caressed her skin gently, rubbing through the pinkish patches on her skin that had been caused by the horribly rough and dirty garments from before.

Fu SiNian felt his heart ached slightly, a woman so precious like her, who had grown up and lived her entire life comfortably and in luxury, had to spend her days in this horrible place.

Such a capricious action! Planning and conspiring all of these just to avoid her own husbands, how could they forgive her for treating herself so harshly and irresponsibly?

He squinted his eyes at her.

“Minister Fu... Stop fooling around...” Princess QingLuan muttered softly, intending to convince this man to stop his actions after realizing that her struggling were to no avail, “This is a holy place, don’t fool around simply...”

“Minister Fu? Are you talking about your consort?” Fu SiNian twirled a stroke of her hair around his finger before lifting it up towards his nose and breathing in her sweet scent.


“En?” Princess QingLuan stared at him in confuse, unsure why he would ask her such a confusing question.

“I am not ‘Minister Fu’, as I am just nothing but a wandering burglar, who had decided to stay the night in this temple,” He said calmly while releasing her stroke of hair from his fingers, before caressing her cheeks adoringly.

“They say that a monk lives for the human race in general, humbly saving us from our sins... I wonder if this little monk is willing to save me from my sins?” He whispered gently into her ear before gazing deeply into her eyes with a burglar-like cunning and slyness.

Princess QingLuan felt her heart skipped a beat at his words, What exactly is he up to?

“I really can’t do it today... Please wait for my return...” Knowing that something isn’t right, she answered his question nervously while her soft voice trembled slightly. She had a feeling that even though his words seemed confusing and random, she knew that he would definitely get his way from the firm light that flashed within his eyes.

Immediately, he reached out a his hungry paws and cupped her twin mountains within his palms, “Burglars don’t have a special lucky date when we rob or kill, may as well just do it right now, since it was probably destined for a little monk like you to appear in front of this lord...”

(TNote: because Chinese loves to choose specific “lucky/prosperous” dates for everything, like marriage/launching of a new shop/etc, some people like my parents even insisted to choose a good day to take the plane hahaha, but it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry I guess eheheh)

Princess QingLuan: “...” She did not know whether to cry or to laugh at this exact moment... This man may look stern and firm, but he is definitely You HanGuang’s true senior brother, as expected of students taught by the same master...

Her face was flushed bright scarlet with a slight shyness as she pouted unhappily at his nonsense, not knowing that her current facial expression was actually fanning his restrained urges, which was a tiny flame, straight into a huge forest fire.

His eyes narrowed dangerously as he leaned his head downward, clamping hungrily at the lush lips that he had missed so dearly.

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