Chapter 86   – Extra 4: After Marriage Series – Mortal Desires!

Princess QingLuan jolted in shock at his actions, quickly pushing against his chest, only to feel his fast heartbeat through her palms.

When did he remove his garments? Her mouth went wide in awe as she stared at the naked man facing her.

He held her hands with a single hand, caressing her smooth skin with his rough thumb before raising them above her head, forcing her back to arch and her full bosoms to perk up right into his face while the delicious twin beans teased him cheekily, filling his entire body with a curious itch.

He clamped his lips over hers hungrily as his sucked in a sharp breath at the mountains that pushed against his chest. They were so close together, no gaps in between as their sweat combined, it was as if they would merge into one at any moment.

He released her unwillingly only when she almost ran out of breath, sighing as he couldn’t bear leaving her touch for even a single second. As his lips left hers, a silver string of saliva connected them, as if their bodies had not want to be separated.

Princess QingLuan was gasping for air as soon as he released her lips, while her chest moved according to her ragged breathing, making her enormous bosoms dangled seductively at him, momentarily dazing him with the wonderful sight and filling his hungry eyes with a beastly urge.


Fu SiNian released her captured wrists from above her before cupping her with both palms, caressing and squeezing them eagerly, “Little monk, your twins are so mesmerizing while your body is so alluring, I’m fairly certain that you’re not suited to stay in places like a temple... I believe that even the Buddha wouldn’t take you as his disciple, how about coming along with me...” He whispered deeply into her ear as his hot breath landed on her neck, sending thrills through her.

Princess QingLuan’s body, which was already weak from being teased continuously by him, was already reacting to his actions, and now his words.

“D...don’t say that...” She whimpered softly, like a little kitten with little to no threat to anything around her, while her words did nothing but to ignite his innermost desires.

His hands trailed downwards from her twin mountains before landing on her beautiful flat abdomen, his fingers circled her delicate navel hole a few times before slithering down her thighs and finally her drenched petals.

Her sweet nectar was already leaking from her long idle softness when his fingers entered her hungrily, and as if sensing the urgency within her, he began to move his fingers in and out of her furiously.

Before long, her tightly shut walls were already clamping down on his slender fingers firmly as her sweet nectar leaked out of her like a loose pipe, drenching his entire palm in her juices.


A woman’s soft moans and a man’s ragged breathing echoed through the quiet room while accompanied by a curious blush-inducing noise which sounded somewhat like water being pushed in and out of something.

Princess QingLuan knew her body well, and she understood that she was indeed turned on by him, but still, this was a holy temple and she could not condone dirtying this holy place with such mortal cravings.

Biting down on her lips, she forced herself to contain her rising needs as she endured his teasing with all her willpower.

Fu SiNian gazed at her adorable actions with glee as he felt the heat within his body burned, before quickly inserting a second finger within her walls.

“Mmph... En... Mn...” Her body tended up immediately at the new entry while her whimpered moans escaped her lips.

Fu SiNian quickly took the chance to bury his head within the crook of her neck, kissing her collarbone softly before licking all around her neck passionately, “Little monk, this lord has but touched you a little and you’re already drenched like a waterfall, could it be that you’re lonely after staying in this holy place for such a long time? Why do you torture yourself so, why not retire and embrace your mortal desires?”

His unrestrained lewd words sent jolt of thrills up her spine, while causing her walls to tighten up firmly around his fingers, as if reacting to him eagerly. She could distinctively feel both of his fingers moving within her, but still, she kept her lips pursed tightly together even though her face was so red and hot that it could be burning in lava.

Yo, such a proud and dignified monk huh? Fu SiNian’s eyes flashed with an excited glint before digging his slender fingers deeper within her while spinning his fingers around, knocking against her uneven walls as he searched for her sensitive spots.

She grabbed onto his muscular arm with trembling hands as she felt her endurance slowly ripped away from within her, “You... That’s enough... Stop fooling around...” She whimpered softly as she complained unhappily, even though her eyes were somewhat dazed from the entire situation.

What happened to being pounced in and devoured raw? Why has it turned into a slow and torturous simmering!!