Chapter 745: Extra

The medical research center was where every medical practitioner wanted to go.

It was almost impossible to get a slot in the research center. It was even harder to be an assistant to the leading researchers.

The experiment today allowed four students from University A to take part in it.

Gong Liuying was one of the lucky ones.

She graduated from medical school from University A, and she was allowed to follow her professor here because of her good grades.


“Mr. Gu, look at how lively they are...” Her professor was speaking to Mr. Gu next to her.

Gu Xichi was facing the computer and recording an old man. He took over the test tube from the professor and said, “Pass me my senior’s results.”

As he spoke, he showed the test tube to the old man and said, “Old man, look at how lively my experiment is. We haven’t got the results from my senior’s experiment...”

The professor turned and said, “Liuying, go fetch Young Master Cheng’s results.”

“Huh? Ok.” Gong Liuying froze for a while and then turned back.

There was a man in the experimentation area. He was recording down the data with his dark pen.


He looked really casual, he didn’t like to smile, and he emitted a cold aura.

Even the way he wrote emitted a cold aura.

Cheng Juan kept a low profile these few years. He was busy handling the businesses of the four families and the matters on Continent M. Otherwise, he was taking care of Cheng Ziyu’s education. He hardly appeared in the research center. He spent less time in the research center as compared to Gu Xichi.

Hence, Gong Liuying didn’t know about him.

When Cheng Juan was done writing, his phone rang. He put down his pen and picked up the phone. Even though his face didn’t change, he sounded more gentle. “You’re here? Yup. He’s here as well. Wait for us for a while.”

As he spoke, he passed the report to Gong Liuying. He then started to wipe his hands with a piece of wet tissues.

After five minutes, Gu Xichi and Cheng Juan left.

Gong Liuying was still recording what the professor was saying. As she heard the commotion, she looked out.

The walls of the research center were made of bulletproof glass. Hence, she saw a girl wearing a plain white tee outside. She was leaning against the wall, looking impatient.

Gong Liuying noticed that Cheng Juan was walking towards the girl. His face changed as he approached her, and her eyes lit up as well.

When they left, the four of them breathed a sigh of relief. A guy next to Gong Liuying exclaimed enthusiastically, “I can’t believe that I managed to see Mr. Gu, but who is his senior?”

Even though they didn’t know who Cheng Juan was, they knew that he must be awesome. Even their professor was willing to be an assistant for him, and he was even Gu Xichi’s senior.

“Try to recall who this research center belongs to.” Just as they thought, a guy said after looking at them.


“You want to attend a comedy show with Yan Xi?” Cheng Juan frowned as he ate dinner.

Cheng Juan and Gu Xichi were facing some problems in their research. Hence, he had rarely been home these days.

Qin Ran would come to visit occasionally, but she was afraid that she would hinder their research. She had been busy as well; the Physics Research Institute wanted to work her like a machine. But they were afraid that she might not be able to take it and gave her twenty days of leave.

But Cheng Juan seemed to be focused on his research during her period of leave.

Qin Ran was worried that she might distract him. Hence, she promised Yan Xi that she would attend one episode as a guest.

Cheng Juan nodded after hearing what she said. He gave a piece of vegetable to Cheng Ziyu and asked, “Where is it?”

Cheng Ziyu was two already. Since he was able to eat normal food, he had been eating by himself.

His only problem was that he was a picky eater.

He pouted at Qin Ran after seeing the vegetable.

He was just two and was really cute. He had round eyes, with fair and tender skin. Qin Ran couldn’t resist him that well nowadays.

However, this time he failed.

“Continent M.” Qin Ran answered him. She then looked at Cheng Ziyu and said, “Listen to your dad.”

Cheng Jin, who was reporting to Cheng Juan, couldn’t stand it anymore. He carried Cheng Ziyu and said, “Young Master, let Uncle Xiao Jin feed you instead...”

“Cough...” Gu Xichi was shocked as he looked at him.

Was this something that Cheng Jin would say?

Shi Liming took over his work and looked at Gu Xichi. He didn’t dare to tell him that Giant Crocodile said the same thing a few days ago.

Cheng Juan didn’t bring up the comedy show again after the meal. He should be fine with it.

The next day.

Yan Xi reached Qin Ran’s place early in the morning. They made plans to go to the studio together.

When he reached, he saw Shi Liming at the door.

“Mr. Xiao Shi.” Yan Xi greeted him and asked, “Where’s the great master?”

Shi Liming was watching Cheng Ziyu playing with a Rubik’s cube. He got up after hearing the voice, confused, and replied, “She’s not up yet, I think.”

“She’s still not up yet?” Yan Xi walked in front of Cheng Ziyu. As he spoke, he watched Cheng Ziyu fiddle with the Rubik’s cube.

“I’m not sure.” Shi Liming looked up worriedly. “What time is your flight?”

The flight was at 9 AM. It was 7 AM already.

It was a bit of a rush. However, Yan Xi and Shi Liming exchanged glances and didn’t dare to wake her up. They knew that Qin Ran would be angry.

Thankfully, Qin Ran came down ten minutes later.

She was wearing a white dress and a hat.

Yan Xi looked at her and asked, “Great Master, are you tired?”

“Let’s go,” Qin Ran said with a low voice.

“Oh.” Yan Xi nodded.

Shi Liming carried Cheng Ziyu and followed.

They were going to bring Cheng Ziyu along to Continent M to visit Tang Jun. Since Qin Ling was there as well, Qin Ran wanted to visit the both of them.


Yan Xi’s show was the third season of (24 hours).

Since the first season when they appeared as guests, Yan Xi and Qin Ran never appeared on this show again.

However, the studio didn’t want to wear out his popularity. The other comedy shows were rejected by the studio for Yan Xi.

Hence, this was Yan Xi’s second comedy show.

Qin Ran stayed at Tang Jun’s place for a couple of days. After that, she left Cheng Ziyu with Qin Ling and went to look for Yan Xi.

The reason why she attended this show was that it was highly requested by the fans, and it was also on Continent M.

Qin Ran was worried that something might happen.

The netizens got the news that she was going to appear on the show and were excited.

However, as it was overseas, they couldn’t find her.

They could no longer find any videos of her previous appearance in the show. Hence, they were really excited to watch her in this show again.

That was how the netizens were. They could be excited about everything. They were excited over Yan Xi and Jiang Shanyi before.

Hence, they were going crazy over Qin Ran and Yan Xi appearing together this time.

Elder Tang was worried that something might happen to Qin Ran during the recording. Hence, he asked a group of bodyguards to accompany her. As bodyguards on Continent M carried real guns, the people from the studio were careful around them.

Furthermore, Qin Ran was an ice queen as well. Thus, no one dared to approach her.

“How is it? Have you managed to speak to Great Master?” a female guest asked the male guest that delivered drinks to Yan Xi just now.

The male guest took a sip of water to calm himself down. He shook his head and said, “She’s an ice queen. I didn’t dare to speak.”

He couldn’t muster up enough courage.

“That’s true as well. Only Emperor Yan can speak to her,” said the female guest.

The marketing team knew how to promote Qin Ran’s appearance. Since she wasn’t attending the press release, the marketing team released some trailers.

Hence, before the show started, everyone was talking about Qin Ran and Yan Xi.

The best producer, with the best singer.

Who wouldn’t support them?


Qin Ran recorded an episode and returned home.

She didn’t bring Cheng Ziyu along.

Cheng Juan picked her up from the airport. When Qin Ran found the car, Cheng Juan was scrolling through stuff on his phone.

“What are you looking at?” Qin Ran asked as she placed the luggage into the car.

Cheng Juan took over the luggage and answered, “I’m looking at Weibo.”

Qin Ran went to the co-driver seat. She saw the headline on Weibo.

They were trying to match her and Yan Xi—

[Hehehe, I won’t accept anyone’s invitations for comedy. However, I’ll attend the ones that you invite me to. What kind of relationship is this?]

Qin Ran was speechless.

“Madam.” Cheng Juan was done with the luggage and got into the driver seat. However, he didn’t start driving. He went up to her and asked, “Is it an interesting article?”

He was so close to her that she could feel his breath on her ear. She started to flush.

Holding onto her phone, she blinked.

Before she could answer, Cheng Juan grabbed her hand and pulled her in. He kissed her before starting to feel her body.

After a while, Cheng Juan looked deeply at her and touched the tip of her nose. He stared deeply into her eyes and smiled softly. “Show some support for our relationship.”