Chapter 744  : Mingyue Enters the Lord’s Heart (77): New Beginning

The two families were still discussing the guest issues.

Inside, the banquet had already started.

It was a Chinese wedding. There were wall paintings, red carpets, and lanterns.

The emcee was at the podium.

“Don’t be nervous.” Lin Siran was holding onto Pan Mingyue’s arm behind a cover as they headed up the stage. “Your uncle is there.”


“Ok,” Pan Mingyue said.

The curtains were drawn, and Lin Siran let go of her hands when they went up the stage.

Jiang Yifan and the rest of the bridesmaids released the dress behind her.

“Mingyue, come.” Uncle was waiting for her at the entrance. He forced a smile after seeing her.

Pan Mingyue nodded and greeted him as she started to tear up. “Uncle.”

“Hey,” Uncle replied. He then held Pan Mingyue’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”


A distance away, Lu Zhaoying was waiting for her.

Uncle was always cheerful. However, he was silent as he walked with Pan Mingyue.

They stopped in front of Lu Zhaoying.

“Xiao Lu.” Uncle looked at Lu Zhaoying and said, “I’ll leave Mingyue in your hands.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle.” Lu Zhaoying took over Pan Mingyue’s hands from him. There was a layer of callous after being in the army for so long.

Uncle nodded and said, “I know that you’re a great kid. But she doesn’t have a good personality. I hope that you will be gracious towards her in the future. She’s really stubborn. She was punished for calling me dad when I went over to visit her previously. She didn’t want to admit her fault even though she was made to kneel down for the whole night. I was initially worried about your occupation. But after thinking about it, it’s not a big deal, after all. Xiao Lu, I just hope no matter what you do, you’ll remember that someone is waiting for you to return. My sister... She’s her only daughter.”

Uncle was crying. When his sister got married, there were no weddings or guests. He couldn’t even send her off.

He only knew about her death after so long.

When Lu Zhaoying brought him to see the statue of the brother-in-law that he never met, he could understand her decision.

However, even though he understood her decision, he would have still rejected it.

Lu Zhaoying looked at Pan Mingyue and said to Uncle seriously, “You have nothing to worry about.”

Uncle nodded. He then turned to Mingyue and forced a smile. He said, “Mingyue, I’m guilty of not forgiving your mom. You’ve suffered because of it.”

He could only know what sort of life Pan Mingyue lived from others.

Pan Mingyue didn’t cry much. It was as though her tears disappeared when she turned 16.

When Qin Ran left, she was taken care of by others. She had to be careful of her every action. Crying was the least of her worries.

Feng Ci had mentioned that she had no emotions. Pan Mingyue thought about it and agreed.

She looked at her uncle and cried as well.

“Hey, it’s your big day. You should be happy. Don’t cry.” Uncle tried to console her.

Lu Zhaoying looked down. He lifted his left hand, while still holding her hand with his right hand, and wiped the tears off her face. He then said, “Don’t cry. Come.”

He led Pan Mingyue and kneeled in a direction.

Yun Cheng.

Pan Mingyue understood what he was doing. She followed him.


After they were done.

Chang Ning was sitting at the special table. Pan Mingyue, Lu Zhaoying, Madam Lu, Father Lu, Uncle, and Aunt were heading from table to table to toast the guests.

When they reached his table, Chang Ning lifted his cup. He looked at them and nonchalantly said, “I only gave you two days of leave for your marriage.”

Feng Loucheng was on the other side. He looked at Chang Ning and opened his mouth, but he didn’t speak.

He was annoyed.

He couldn’t understand why Pan Mingyue would be involved with people like them.

But thank god she wasn’t quitting her job.

Hence, Feng Loucheng didn’t dare to ask for more.

Madam Lu, Father Lu, Uncle, and Aunt had never seen Chang Ning before.

After toasting this table, when they were about to leave, Uncle and Aunt saw Kenneth emitting a cold aura.

The two of them were speechless.

“Uncle, Aunt.” At the next table, Madam Lu introduced the key people at the table. “This is General Chen, this is...”

This was the third table.

Some of them were people that you would only see on the news.

Uncle almost spilled his drink.

It was only after toasting everyone that Uncle could relax and sit down.

The banquet was slowing down.

The Lu family started to send the guests off.

Pan Mingyue had gone to the new room already. It was a newly furnished room on the second floor of the Lu family home.

There was a red blanket with fine embroidery on it.

Qin Ran passed Cheng Ziyu for her to hug. Pan Xiangxiang and Jiang Yifan then stayed with her.

Gu Mingsheng wanted to tease Lu Zhaoying. They also wanted to tease the both of them so that it was more fun. However, with Qin Ran, no one dared to enter.

Cheng Ziyu was really handsome. Pan Xiangxiang and Jiang Yifan couldn’t take their eyes off him since they saw him.

He wasn’t as troublesome as when he was just born. He had dark eyes with fair skin. Everyone would look at him on the street.

He opened his eyes lazily as the ladies played with him.

His long lashes swayed.

“He’s too cute!” Jiang Yifan felt that her heart was stolen. “Look at his lashes! Look at his eyes! Look at his mouth! I have a niece... Nevermind, she can’t match up to him.”

They continued to play with the baby. It was only when Lu Zhaoying arrived that they started to leave.

“How much did he drink?” Qin Ran asked as she pinched Cheng Ziyu’s face. He finally looked like her and Cheng Juan.

Cheng Juan took over Cheng Ziyu. He then replied nonchalantly, “We had a couple of drinks.”


It was definitely not just a couple of drinks.

In the bedroom, Pan Mingyue could finally massage her neck. She said, “Can you help to remove this thing from my head?”

She was facing the mirror. She wanted to remove the accessory from her hair, but it was stuck.

Lu Zhaoying’s face was red, but he looked normal.

He acknowledged and walked over. There were a lot of accessories in her hair, so he removed them slowly.

As he removed the last one, her hair came down.

“That’s better,” Pan Mingyue said as she breathed a sigh of relief. The accessories were made of real gold and were heavy.

She realized that Lu Zhaoying was really quiet tonight. She turned towards him and saw that he was staring at her.

She looked away and said, “I’m heading to shower.”

Even though her gown looked beautiful, it was heavy, and a hassle to undress.

There was a belt, with a belt lock.

And other accessories as well.

Pan Mingyue spent a long time in the dressing room. Normally, she would have no issues with these kinds of stuff. However, there was someone outside... and it was different today. Hence, she started to panic.

Just as she was having trouble, she heard a low voice. “Can I help you?”

Pan Mingyue was done with her outerwear. She was trying to remove her innerwear when she froze after hearing what he said.

Lu Zhaoying didn’t sound like he was asking for permission.

He started to help her undress.

Pan Mingyue breathed a sigh of relief seeing how serious he was.

“Done,” Lu Zhaoying said as he packed up the clothes.

Pan Mingyue looked at him. As she was already fair, she looked even fairer because of the red clothes. She said, “Thank you.”

However, she saw that Lu Zhaoying was still staring at her. His hands were still on her waist.

Pan Mingyue felt uneasy. She turned away and said, “I’ll go shower...”

Before she went away, he pulled her in and kissed her.

She could smell the strong scent of alcohol.

Before she could react, everything was spinning around her, and she landed on the bed.

Her clothes were also taken off and thrown on the floor. She could feel some coldness on her body.

The air conditioning was on, but she could feel that things were spicing up. Pan Mingyue couldn’t think straight anymore.

As Lu Zhaoying had been drinking, his clothes were messy as well. It showed his collarbone.

He started to kiss near her ears. It might have been the alcohol, but he looked different. She could smell it in his breath. He then called out to her with his raspy voice. “Mingyue.”


It’s my desire to head to the heavens to hold you in my arms. You’re everything I dream of on earth.