Chapter 857: You’re super sweet (77)

Yu Gangan and Fang zhihan didn’t plan on having a child so early. But, half a year later, Yu Gangan was discovered to be pregnant by accident. After much consideration, the two decided to have the child.

This made old master Fang and old master Jiang extremely happy.

One of them bought a huge stack of pregnancy books and placed them in front of Yu Gangan.

One of them bought a bunch of baby clothes and handed them to Yu Gangan.

He also arranged for nurses, helpers, and nutritionists to prepare all kinds of pregnancy meals for Yu Gangan every day and carefully protect her.

But, the two old men rarely appeared together. If they did, they would hate each other. It was as if they had discussed it beforehand. They would each come for a day, but every time they came, they would badmouth each other in front of Yu Gangan.


During her pregnancy, Yu Gangan also discovered something big.

One time, elder Jiang was surfing the internet on his phone. Yu Gangan glanced at it and was immediately shocked,””Grandfather, you’re actually Yu Gan.”

Elder Jiang held onto his phone and glared at her through his reading glasses,””What are you doing? can’t you?!”

Yu Gangan smiled and waved her hand,”no, no…”

It was too good.

The old man who loved to surf the internet was a little fashionable, cool, and a little cute.


However, she had never expected Yu Gan to be elder Jiang!

That night, Yu Gangan lay in Fang zhihan’s arms and told him about this. Fang zhihan wasn’t surprised at all as he ran his finger across her face,”if you don’t like it, I can get someone to hack his number and change the password.”

“It’s okay, I’m just shocked. Actually, I think it’s cute that Grandpa is using Weibo and wants to be an internet celebrity.” “Oh, right.” Yu Gangan held back her laughter,”grandfather brought a few names over today. You can pick one.”

“You pick,” Fang zhihan said.

Yu Gangan smiled,”in that case, we’ll pick after the child is born. I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. They’re not as important as you.” After the man finished speaking, he kissed her on the lips.

The man’s ability to say sweet nothings had improved again. As Yu Gangan listened to him, she felt an endless amount of feelings and longing in her heart. Her body and mind were sweeter than sugar.

I hope that in this life, I will hold my son’s hand and grow old with him!

After Yu Gangan’s wedding, he Shigui went overseas to study. As soon as he found out that Yu Gangan was pregnant, he immediately bought a plane ticket back home.

But, he didn’t come to visit Yu Gangan alone. He also brought his nephew, he jingmo, and lawyer Chen.

Mr. Chen was Grandpa he’s ex-lawyer, and he was here today to read Grandpa he’s supplementary will.

Supplementary will? Yu Gangan had almost forgotten about Grandpa he’s will. Her fight with her uncle and Auntie over the clinic and the supplementary will was like a past life.

Grandpa he’s supplementary will indeed had something to do with Yu Gangan’s marriage.

The will stated that if Yu Gangan got married and had children, Yueming Hall would be inherited by Yu Gangan. However, this was an inheritance and had nothing to do with the person Yu Gangan married to. The other party couldn’t have the right to inherit the inheritance or the right to inherit it. So, when did the supervisor hand it over to he jingmo?

This was actually Grandpa he’s last effort for Gangan to ensure that she didn’t have to worry about anything in her life.

Yu Gangan’s heart was filled with gratitude.

It was the luckiest thing in her life to have met her grandfather.

After the reconstruction of the old city was completed, she would definitely return to Baiyang city. She would definitely inherit her grandfather’s medical records and continue to carry forward Chinese medicine. She would fight for the legacy of Chinese medicine for the rest of her life.

Two years later.

In Baiyang city, nanzhen Street was filled with the sound of drums and gongs. The lion was roused from its slumber, and the grand opening of Yuming Tang Chinese Medical Hospital was held …

It was just the beginning!


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