Chapter 856: You’re super sweet (76)

The radiant sun pierced through the clouds and fell on the sea. It was dawn, and everything was over.

Lu xuechen held his son in his arms as he called Lin Jiayu from the back of the boat. Meanwhile, Fang zhihan sat at the front of the boat with Yu Gangan in his arms as he enjoyed the sunrise.

Fang zhihan told Yu Gangan that Qian Dasheng didn’t manage to escape and had been taken to the police station. But, he refused to tell her the location of the yacht.

It took them some time to spread out and search for the speedboat. Fortunately, both she and little Lele were fine.

With the beautiful scenery in front of her and the beautiful man in her arms, Yu Gangan didn’t want to talk about Qian Dasheng. She wrapped her arms around Fang zhihan’s waist and looked up at him,””When I was in the sea just now, I remembered a lot of things.”

Fang zhihan’s lips curved upwards slightly and his cold face was filled with a light smile.


“Then who am I?” he asked.

“Jiang, GE, GE,” Yu Gangan called out softly. Every time she called out, it felt like the tip of her tongue was gently rolling a few times.

Fang zhihan looked at her but did not respond.

“Brother Jiang,” Yu Gangan called out.

“Brother Jiang.”

“Brother Jiang.”


She called out three times in a row, sweet and soft.

The soft ending of her voice was dragged longer and longer, as if it was going to reach the depths of his heart.

The smile on Fang zhihan’s lips deepened.

He suddenly bent down and kissed her on the lips, with the doting, lingering love and the deepest affection.

The wedding went on as usual.

Fang zhihan wanted to delay it, but Yu Gangan insisted on not doing so.

The flower wilted, indicating a new blooming.

The leaves fell, indicating a new exuberance.

The cicadas didn’t cry, indicating a new vitality.

This kidnapping marked a new beginning.

And the wedding was a symbol of melodious happiness.

Yu Gangan and Fang zhihan’s wedding was held in the most luxurious hotel in the capital.

As the wedding march played, the bride and groom slowly walked down the red carpet.

Today’s wedding was held in a very special place. Usually, when the bride walked down the red carpet, she would only hold her father’s hand.

But today, the bride was holding the hands of two men.

Gu Chen and he Shigui were on each side of her. Yu Gangan held onto her cheap father and her master handsome as the two most important men in her life led her through the flower arch and towards Fang zhihan at the other end of the red carpet.

Before he handed Yu Gangan over, he Shigui said with mixed feelings,””I’m handing her over to you today. If you treat her badly, I’ll take her away from you. ”

Gu Chen coldly added,”and you will never see her again.”

Fang zhihan, who was wearing a white suit, said in a serious and serious tone,”you won’t have the chance!”

Gu Chen and he Shigui looked at each other and placed Yu Gangan’s hands into Fang zhihan’s hands.

Fang zhihan held onto Yu Gangan’s hand tightly and said to Gu Chen and he Shigui,””Thank you for letting me hold the world. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely respect her, dote on her, and love her for the rest of my life.”

After speaking, his eyes fell on Yu Gangan.

Through the White veil, Yu Gangan looked at him and smiled.

The beauty and brightness of lovers looking at each other seemed to make even the sun lose its color in front of them.

After the wedding, Yu Gangan and Fang zhihan did not go on their honeymoon. Yu Gangan rested for a few days before returning to work, while Fang zhihan was busy at work.

As usual, the two of them had their own work and were not together during the day. At night, they were more intimate and loving when they got home.