Chapter 3  : Chapter 3  : You Were Nothing When I Was A BanditAll members of the Huo Family had their personal bodyguards. Knowing that Huo Zihang was definitely going to get physical, Cheng Ruoxue looked at Yan Jinyi gloatingly, feeling extremely triumphant.

‘See, Third Young Master still cares about me after all.’

Huo Zihang waved his hands and the two tall and burly bodyguards behind him had already begun walking towards Yan Jinyi.

The people in the room quickly turned away as they were afraid of witnessing a bloodbath. In the end, Yan Jinyi did not scream at all, even after a long time. Instead…

Yan Jinyi picked up the broom without hesitation and swung it at Huo Zihang’s body.

No one expected Yan Jinyi to have the guts to hit Huo Zihang, including Huo Zihang himself. Hence, he only recovered from the shock and realized what was going on when the broomstick landed on his body.

The burning pain spread throughout his entire body, causing him to jump on the spot and yell, “How dare you hit me? You’re tired of living, aren’t you?”


Huo Zihang was completely enraged and he had already clenched his fists, all ready to attack. However, before he could even touch Yan Jinyi, she grabbed him backhandedly and easily restrained him.

“You, you, how dare you hit the Third Young Master of the Huo Family…”

Unable to move at all, Huo Zihang felt humiliated and infuriated to the point that his handsome face had turned red.

The others were petrified and stood still, especially Cheng Ruoxue who was the nearest to the two of them. She managed to witness the entire scene up close and the sound of the broom falling on the body of Third Young Master Huo was still echoing in her ears.

“When I was a bandit, you were still nowhere to be found. You’re showing off those pathetic skills of yours. Don’t you find it embarrassing at all? All you do is bully others, eh? I even dare to hit the emperor, why would I be afraid of you? Since I’m back, I’ll teach you a lesson on your brother’s behalf!”

Huo Zihang, who was initially eager to rip Yan Jinyi into shreds, was suddenly stunned.


‘On my brother’s behalf?’

‘My brother?’

‘Wait, this woman is…Yan Jinyi?’

Damn it!

‘I was just wondering why she seems so familiar. This woman is my Second Sister-in-law who almost has zero presence in the Huo Family. Since when did Yan Jin Yi become so beautiful and so good at combat?’

While Huo Zihang was still overwhelmed with astonishment, the people around them had already begun hiding because Yan Jinyi had hit Huo Zihang, and they were afraid that they would get implicated even though they were innocent.

‘She’s out of her mind, Yan Jinyi is out of her mind. She actually dares to hit Third Young Master Huo!’

“Get in the car.”

Yan Jinyi sternly reprimanded before pulling open the car door and getting inside, ignoring Cheng Ruoxue and the others who were shuddering while looking at her.

‘I’ll teach these nobodies a lesson next time.’

Still taken aback by her domineering aura, Huo Zihang followed her into the car.

Huo Zihang was still dumbfounded but Yan Jinyi had already secretly begun sizing up the luxury car.

‘So this is the unique mode of transport in this world!’

‘Not bad, not bad, it’s indeed faster than the transport in the world I came from.’

In fact, she was also a bit shocked.

To think that she had been an overbearing tyrant for 20 years in her past life and despite being a bandit, she still had countless suitors. Yet, in this world, she was already married and had become someone else’s wife.

Looking at Huo Zihang from the corner of her eye, Yan Jinyi sighed a little.

However, she cherished her life very much because she had queued up for 500 years for the chance to be resurrected!

Spoiled heirs like Huo Zihang would end up squandering away all of the Huo Family’s assets sooner or later.

At the very least, she was still the Second Young Mistress of the Huo Family, and for the sake of her future luxurious and carefree life, she had to keep an eye on him.

When the car drove into a large mansion, Huo Zihang abruptly snapped back to his senses and realized that he had been hit.

He had been hit.

For the first time in 27 years of his life, Huo Zihang was hit by a woman!

Damn it!

“Yan Jinyi, you think you can act in Second Brother’s name and throw your weight around in the Huo Family just because Second Brother isn’t around? Let me tell you, that’s impossible. Even if Second Brother is not around, you’re in no place to call the shots in the Huo Family. Hurry up and kowtow thrice to apologize to me!”

‘It takes him quite long to react.’

Yan Jinyi smiled contemptuously, ignoring Huo Zihang and pushing open the car door to get out.

Huo Zihang was even more infuriated when he saw her attitude. However, as soon as he spoke, he saw Yan Jinyi pulling out the branches that were used to hold the vines in place.

Thinking about the fact that he had been hit by the broom just now, he still felt some pain.

“You want me to apologize, right?”

Yan Jinyi casually knocked the tree branch against the tree, raising one of her eyebrows lightly with a nonchalant smile. There was a tinge of mischief in her voice.

Huo Zihang secretly swallowed some saliva and shivered, immediately feeling timid.