Chapter 2  : Chapter 2  : So What If I Don’t Want To Apologize?Upon hearing that Cheng Ruoxue was going to call Third Young Master Huo, Director Li immediately smiled deferentially and said, “Ruoxue, it’s just a trivial matter. Why do you have to alarm Third Young Master?”

Third Young Master Huo was the investor of the drama series that they were starring in and Cheng Ruoxue was his girlfriend. If she were to complain to him…

After hesitating for a while, Director Li looked at Yan Jinyi awkwardly and said, “Well Jinyi, after all, you were the one who kicked Ruoxue in the first place. Hurry and apologize to Ruoxue. I believe Ruoxue won’t hold it against you.”

She knew clearly whether or not the detestable Cheng Ruoxue would hold it against her, but since Cheng Ruoxue had slapped her, Yan Jinyi was bent on holding it against her!

“Why should I apologize?”

Not expecting that answer from Yan Jinyi, who was usually obedient, Director Li said in surprise, “Jinyi, after all, Ruoxue…”

To their surprise, Cheng Ruoxue suddenly zoomed past them like a gust of wind and yelled coquettishly, “Third Young Master, there’s a D-list celebrity who bullied me and kicked me when we were filming. My stomach hurts so badly now. Third Young Master~”


As soon as the crew saw Third Young Master Huo, they took a step back one after another and secretly felt scared for Yan Jinyi, especially after hearing Cheng Ruoxue’s words.

They thought, ‘It’s over for Yan Jinyi today. Everyone knows how vengeful this malicious and sharp-tongued Third Young Master Huo is. He’s also very protective.’

No matter how long he would stay interested in Cheng Ruoxue for, she was at least still his girlfriend.

‘Third Young Master Huo Zihang?’

Yan Jinyi quickly found the information about this prestigious Third Young Master and at the thought of his relationship with the original owner, she couldn’t help but curse.

Huo Zihang happened to be near the studio when he received a call from Cheng Ruoxue’s manager, so he decided to drop by and take a look.


Cheng Ruoxue was rather noisy and talkative but no matter what, she was still currently his girlfriend. Those who bullied her would be offending him.

Upon hearing her words, Huo Zihang’s face turned hostile and he asked, “Who bullied you?”

Cheng Ruoxue looked even more aggrieved as she pointed at Yan Jinyi and said sobbingly, “We were supposed to film the scene of me thrashing things out with the home wrecker and slapping her is a mandatory scene. Besides, I only touched her face gently but she kicked me!”

While mentioning this, Cheng Ruoxue tried her best to force some tears and pointed at the shoe print on her shirt. “Third Young Master, you gave me this dress and I specially wore it to set for this scene. Third Young Master, this woman has always been unfriendly to me. Today, she even…”

Yan Jinyi lifted her eyelids and looked at Cheng Ruoxue coldly.


She looked decent but she had a vicious heart.

‘Gently touched my face?’

‘Where did the handprint on my face come from?’

He had some recollection of the dress that Cheng Ruoxue was wearing. Huo Zihang looked up and gazed at Yan Jinyi coolly.

‘She’s beautiful!’


‘Why does this woman seem a little familiar?’

While he was feeling a little confused, Cheng Ruoxue began adding fuel to the fire. “Third Young Master, putting aside what that woman did to me, she’s very disrespectful to you too. Director Li wanted her to apologize to me on your account but she actually refuted.”


Huo Zihang could not be bothered to figure out why she seemed so familiar.

He was a famous and authoritative figure of status in Shenyang, whom everyone would greet politely. Yet, this woman actually disregarded him.

Pointing at Yan Jinyi, Huo Zihang said in a tone that was full of annoyance, “I don’t want to hit a woman, so you’d better come here and apologize.”

‘Oh wow!’

‘This rascal is really haughty. He wants me to apologize, huh?’

Folding her arms, Yan Jinyi whistled like a gangster and said arrogantly, “So what if I don’t apologize?”

‘This woman is really haughty.’

Huo Zihang stared at Yan Jinyi’s pretty face with a frown.

He really hated women who were arrogant and self-righteous.

“Sure, you can choose not to apologize, but I naturally have my ways to make you do so.”