Chapter 2740  : Lin Mo’s story!

Ye Chen’s identity was the last straw that crushed them.

In their eyes, people with spiritual power were very different. No matter how bold they were, they would not dare to challenge the Azure Dragon Gate so easily. However, the sect master was standing in front of them.

“I don’t know how many times you’ve done this, but since you’ve come to my place, I won’t let you continue to swindle the people.”

Ye chen did not say much after that and left everything to his father-in-law.

After all, master su was the most prestigious person in the city. Moreover, there was another condition now, which was ye Chen’s identity.


This made him stand out even more. The commoners were even more clear that everything in the future would definitely follow their old master su.

Master su quickly demolished his servants and took all the troublemakers away. He definitely wouldn’t kill them all.

However, it was impossible for these people to leave their journey in a short period of time, because they had to watch the lesson that they should be taught face to face. After the punishment was over, they would be sent out of the city.

After the matter was settled, the commoners dispersed and returned to their seats. Master su also brought his family back to the SU residence.

The couple was very happy. They did not expect ye chen to give them such a good face.

Not only did he win back a round for him, but he also did not expect that his son-in-law’s position as the sect leader of the Azure Dragon sect would be so useful.


It was almost noon when he got home. He immediately arranged for the kitchen to prepare a table full of dishes to celebrate today’s event.

“If it wasn’t for you today, I might have been deceived by those people. Fortunately, you saw their strangeness.”

Master su was now very satisfied with ye chen. Compared to the beginning, he was a little uncomfortable and unwilling. Now, he really liked to admire ye chen more and more.

When ye chen heard his father-in-law’s praise, he waved his hand humbly.

“They already have evil intentions and want to take the opportunity to snatch this position and collect taxes from the people. By then, there will definitely be complaints and they will not be able to hold on for long.”

After ye chen said this, he continued to praise his father-in-law.

“If you hadn’t been so good to them, they wouldn’t have been so United to stand on your side. It’s all your merit!”

The female lead was listening to the two of them being in love at the side, and I forgot that I was about to laugh out loud with my polite words.

“Why are you two suddenly using such a serious official tone? you’re not allowed to speak like this anymore. You sound so polite. We’re family, so why are you talking like two different families?”

After the female protagonist said this, the atmosphere also became more relaxed. After a while, Xiao Rou also ran back from outside. Because it was time for dinner, she rushed back.

This little girl loved to play. All day long, she would climb the trees and climb the mountain with the children in the alleys behind her. She was very unrestrained.

“You’re finally back, my little ancestor. Wash your hands and come over for dinner.”

The female protagonist pulled her daughter to the side, washed her hands with warm water, and brought her to the dining table.

“Father, you finally don’t have to stay on the mountain all the time. I miss you very much.”

The little girl’s mouth had always been sweet and her words were very pleasing. Naturally, ye chen liked her very much.

While the family was having a good time, Lin Mo was having a hard time on the mountain.

Most of the disciples on the mountain didn’t need him to deal with them, but these disciples that he had already taken care of looked very eager to learn.

Long Jiang and long Liang had already packed their things and moved to the two empty rooms next to his.

When Lin Mo woke up in the morning and saw this scene, he was shocked. The moment he pushed open the door, the two disciples stood in front of his door. He had originally wanted to go out, but he did not have a room to stay in. He had almost bumped into them.

The two twin brothers supported him and greeted the elder affectionately.

To be honest, the three of them looked very similar in age.

In fact, Lin Mo was the one who looked a little younger. After all, his looks and figure made him look a little younger than others.

Lin Mo brought his two disciples to the side after breakfast and asked them what they wanted to learn.

Then, he thought about it and thought of a few moves to teach them.

“Master, my swordsmanship isn’t very good, so I’ve always wanted to learn it. I wonder if you have any way to help me improve this move?”

Long Liang took the initiative to ask.

Lin Mo seemed to be a little reserved with this character, so he could not directly figure out how to deal with these two examples. Now that the other party had taken the initiative to say so, he immediately nodded and said,”

“I do have a set of sword technique, but it’s quite ancient. I don’t know if I can teach you something that doesn’t belong to your Azure Dragon sect. Anyway, I’ll do a demonstration first.”

Lin Mo pulled out a sword from the side and jumped up very lightly. He performed the sword technique from his memory.

But what he didn’t expect was that when he was halfway through the fight, a figure suddenly looked over from behind. It was long Liang, who had just asked him for advice.

“Master, I feel that just watching is definitely not enough, so I’ll just follow behind you and learn together.”

He grabbed Lin Mo’s slender wrist without putting much pressure on it. Then, he followed Lin Mo’s movements and learned the set of sword techniques bit by bit until he stopped.

Lin Mo really did not expect to be so intimate with his disciple. When he stopped, he felt that his hands were going numb and quickly withdrew from the warm chest.

Long Jiang, who was standing at the side, spoke to him again unhappily.

“Master, I also want to follow them once.”

Lin Mo was rather convinced. Couldn’t the two brothers have just attacked together? Moreover, he didn’t have to stand behind him. Why did he have to practice it twice?

Although the two brothers were twins, one was warm and cheerful, while the other was reserved and didn’t talk much.

Ye chen did not know if they had learned the whole morning’s practice. In any case, he was covered in a thin layer of sweat. After he was done, he sat at the side and felt that his face was slightly red.

“Alright, now that you two are almost done learning, why don’t you show me the results?”

Lin Mo said to the two of them.

The two brothers, long Liang and Long Jiang, quickly exchanged a look. Then, they quickly stood up and began to show off the results of their training.

The two of them had excellent strength and Foundation, so they learned the basics very quickly. Not to mention, they were following behind their master, so they almost used their bodies to feel the essence of the movement.

Even though this would take a little effort from Lin Mo, the effect was really good.

“Master, we feel that there are still a few movements that we haven’t fully mastered, so we hope that you can continue to teach us the same way you taught us just now.”

Long Liang jumped to Lin Mo’s side happily and massaged his thin shoulders.

Lin Mo still felt that something was amiss, but he did not say anything.

After all, he was now playing the role of a master. Since his disciple had something to ask, he would definitely not avoid it.

Therefore, he stood up and repeated those movements again and again. During this time, the two brothers were really unwilling to slack off. They kept holding his arm and standing behind him to learn.

In any case, Lin Mo had probably stayed too long with the guys, so he did not interact with many people.

Therefore, he was not very good at doing some things, and he knew that he did not understand these things.

Therefore, by following the steps of the disciples step by step, he had also taught them the moves, and the effect was not bad.

After practicing for the whole morning, the people from the dining room quickly sent the food over at noon. Because of the two disciples ‘arrangement, the three of them were directly sent together.

“Master, we’ve always been very curious about your previous experience. Since we’re eating now, it’s not a waste of time. Why don’t you tell us about it?”

Long Liang started the conversation, and Lin Mo began to talk about it while eating.

He was actually a very pitiful child. He had not felt much love from his parents since he was young.

This was because there were simply too many children in the family, and for some reason, he was completely different from the others.

His appearance was very different from the rest.

Compared to the ordinary looks of his other siblings, he was like a lotus that had grown out of the mud.

Of course, he didn’t go into detail about this part, but it was because of his appearance that he received even more unfair treatment.

It should have been very likable, but it had become the beginning of a family dispute.

In short, the adults who came later said that he was the cause of this disaster, but he did not do anything at all and blamed all these things on him.

This also led to his feelings being sealed up. Although growing up like this would indeed bring some love from family, it would not be too distorted.

One day, his family almost sold him to a rich master in the city.

Lin Mo knew what the old master looked like and knew that this family was not good people at all. They had only bought a boy back to relieve their bad luck.

However, this would bind Lin Mo to that place for the rest of his life.

He simply couldn’t understand why his family’s life could be considered relatively comfortable and not to the point of being short of money, yet they still wanted to push him away.

Until one day, he overheard that he was not the child of his parents, which was why he had not been loved since he was a child.

He even did the heavy and tiring work, while his brothers and sisters did not have to do anything and would even go to school.

He was like Pu Yi who was brought here by nature. He never raised his head at home. Even if his looks were outstanding, he could not walk out of the house that treated him like a servant.

He would not usually eat with the other children at home. He would only hold a small bowl and hide in the back of the courtyard. He would just eat by himself and would not be full.

Now that he thought about it, these words actually felt ordinary, as if these things did not happen to him.

And because of the unfair things that happened later, he gradually embarked on a road of no return. He ran away from the marriage.

After that, he was chased to the edge of the cliff by the master and the two so-called seniors of his family.

Who knew that he couldn’t jump down directly, and because of this, he was infected with the spirit of a martial arts expert and learned the things that others called evil ways that shouldn’t belong to him.

But when Tao Tao returned, he didn’t really hate these people, but he couldn’t control himself.

The memory of that period was very vague. The evil spirit in his heart had magnified his emotions by one fold, and then it had formed an unchangeable fact.

In short, he didn’t completely destroy the city. He only killed some people who had treated him badly in the past.

That city was also very unlucky. An Army passed by and captured the city. Half of the people in the city died in the war.

However, for some reason, all of this had fallen on Lin Mo’s head.

Lin Mo had said all this so casually. He seemed to be very relaxed, but the two disciples could feel his tension.

In short, he must have hidden a lot of things about how he had been abused, but he couldn’t say it directly.

As Lin Mo spoke, he felt that the mood at the dining table was not quite right, so he looked up and smiled, breaking the atmosphere.

“It’s okay. It’s been so many years since that incident. I don’t care about it at all. Aren’t I living well now? Furthermore, I went up the mountain directly to the elder and you two disciples. It can be considered as me accumulating merit. ”

Long Liang, who was sitting beside him, grabbed his hand. The two big hands wrapped around his hand completely. He could only feel the rising heat.

Long Liang put down his chopsticks and looked at Lin Mo.

“Master, what happened before must have been very important to you, but all the good and bad things are in the past. From now on, you have the two of us as your disciples on the mountain. You can deal with anything you encounter directly.”

“The two of us will definitely love Master very much and will definitely not leave him!”

Lin Mo was stunned by Long Jiang’s words and did not know what to say. Long Jiang grabbed his other hand and removed his chopsticks.

“I know. I’m no longer the person I used to be. Not to mention, your sect leader has given me such great treatment. I will naturally teach my disciples well!”