Chapter 2739  : Chapter 2744-scattered in one move!

Early the next morning, master su had already sent out the message and very quickly, all the commoners in the city knew about this news. At this moment, a few people in another large Manor had also started to conspire.

“What’s going on? This old man should have been obedient, why is there so much trouble?”

“Didn’t you already investigate it? With such a result from the investigation, could it be that this old man still has some other power he hasn’t shown?”

They had investigated master su before and he was probably a more open-minded person. Moreover, he was quite old. At this time, he should take the initiative to give up his position to someone else. This way, there would be less trouble.

However, they really did not expect the old man to do something like this at this time. However, they could not refuse.


“Forget it, forget it. Don’t think too much. At most, we’ll just take one step at a time. Anyway, he can’t cause any trouble. At most, he’ll go and meet them in the afternoon and then teach these people a lesson. By then, won’t the position still be ours?”

The young man who said he wanted to be the city Lord said in an irritated manner.

Soon, it was the time they had agreed on at noon. Master su brought ye chen and su Yuhan here.

The commoners had also gathered over, including the so-called new city Lord candidates.

“Well, may I ask which one of you is the candidate mentioned by the Imperial court? It’s also convenient for us to come out and get to know each other so that the people can recognize our faces. Otherwise, no one will know when you’re promoted. ”

Ye chen took a step forward and said with a smile, as if he were the kind of person who was easy to bully.


“It’s me. What’s wrong?”

The young man standing in the middle took a step forward and forcefully puffed out his chest, looking very excited.

“It’s nothing. I was just asking. Since everyone has already taken it, let’s talk about our new city Lord!”

Ye chen did not respond to the other party’s provocative words. He turned around and walked to the center of the square platform, then faced the people.

“Since everyone is here today, I won’t waste any more time. I represent master su to say hello to everyone.”

“We don’t have a city Lord in this group, and master su has been doing a good job. He can be considered half a manager, and he has a certain say in today’s matter. Don’t you all agree?”

Ye Chen’s words were very fair, so the people below immediately responded to him.

When the young men heard them, they were a little unhappy, but they couldn’t stand up to refute them. After all, they hadn’t even sat in that position yet!

“Master Song has toiled for many years. Everyone has seen it and remembered it in their hearts. I believe everyone knows this. Now that this person from the Imperial court has come to say that he wants to be the city Lord, master su has no other thoughts, but the position of city Lord is not something that just anyone can take.”

Although ye Chen’s words were not direct, there was a hidden meaning behind them. However, he was not trying to hide his intentions.

“That’s right, our city Lord must be a virtuous person. Master su is very suitable!”

“That’s right, master su. You aren’t that old and you can continue to be our city Lord. When the next person has talent and strength, you can continue.”

“I don’t know where these people came from, but they said they were the new city Lords, so they are?”

Ye chen, who was standing on top, heard the words of the people below and was quite happy.

Fortunately, his father-in-law was a very responsible and serious person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to find so many supporters now.

Moreover, this was also a big enough Foundation for him to reveal these people’s true colors later. The emotional card was indeed very useful at this time.

Ye chen understood that he had to know when to stop, so he did not continue speaking and took a step back.

Master su walked to his original position and said to everyone.

“Thank you very much for your love, fellow villagers. Now, we have a new candidate for the new city Lord.”

“In that case, let me test him to see if he’s suitable to be the new city Lord. I believe that no one has any objections, right?”

The moment master su finished speaking, it was logical for everyone to respond.

Moreover, ye chen would be in charge of this matter now.

Ye chen held a folding fan in his hand and walked to the middle of the stage like a scholar.

“I’ll answer the first question. Please don’t think that I’m bullying you. I’m just asking the truth. I hope you can give me an appropriate answer.”

Ye chen did not intend to make things difficult for these people. However, just by looking at their appearance, he knew that they did not have any real talent. They were probably here to cheat him of his money.

This place was very far from the Imperial court, and it was an area under his control.

That was why they had come to try it out as a consolation prize. Since they were already here, it wouldn’t be good if they didn’t show off their talents.

In fact, ye chen was certain that they were not the real reason. Another reason was that the city here was under the Azure Dragon sect’s control.

If there was such news, it would have been sent to him first. If there wasn’t any, then these people were lying.

“Since that’s the case, you can come up with the question!”

Those people were actually a little flustered because they could not prevent what kind of problems ye chen would have. They were afraid that they would be made difficult but they could only brace themselves and face it.

In fact, this was only the third time they had done this. The first two times, they had done it in a very small place, so the news was very limited, and they had not been discovered.

This time, they had finally managed to make a big move but they did not expect to run into an iron plate. Moreover, ye chen did not look like someone easy to deal with.

“Don’t be too nervous. I’m just asking a question about the people. It’s very easy to fight. Moreover, you are all learned people from the capital, so how can such a small matter trouble you?”

Ye chen said politely.

Then, as if he suddenly thought of something, he lowered his head and smiled.

“Aren’t you all very powerful? He should be a top scholar, right?”

“I don’t know if there are any names on the Golden list. If such a person becomes the city Lord in the future, it will definitely benefit our city!”

Ye chen spoke unhurriedly and did not give the other party any sense of oppression. However, he had also imperceptibly praised them very highly.

It was as if he was an outstanding talent of a family of generals that was almost impossible to touch.

Before the city Lord could say anything, his subordinate took a step forward and said proudly.

“Of course, our young master is a Flower Hunter!”

When ye chen heard his confident reply, he thought that it should be true, but he did not know if there was any water in it.

“It’s naturally the best if such a talent comes to our place. Shall we start now?”

Ye chen had a rough idea of what to do, so he began the next part of the event.

He asked his servants to bring up a table, brush, ink, paper, and an inkstone. Then, he handed him to the so-called Tan Hua. Following that, ye chen gave him a question for him to answer.

This person seemed to be standing there with his hands and feet tied, as if he was not very familiar with all this.

Ye chen asked his men to help him deal with this. Then, he dipped the pen in ink and handed it to him.

Even he himself felt that his plan was almost perplexing. It was very seamless, and the other party had no way to refuse, nor could he find any other excuse or reason to avoid this matter.

This was also the point that ye chen had done the most carefully.

The next moment, the city Lord candidate wrote an entire page of words before everyone’s eyes and then stopped.

He had written very little, not to mention that he didn’t have any strength, so all of this could be considered to be made up.

At this time, ye chen had been observing the few people behind him. One of them’s behavior and expression directly caught ye Chen’s attention.

This person looked like a more refined type, but for some reason, he was mixed in with these people.

Ye chen almost laughed out loud when he saw what the person had written at the end.

First of all, the words were scribbled, and the content was almost out of tune. 70% of the questions he raised had nothing to do with it.

At this time, ye chen had a rough idea in his heart. One of these people might indeed be Tanhua.

However, it could only be the person he had been looking at just now. This person could also be the military counselor between them who had come up with the plan.

Otherwise, with their intelligence and ability to deal with things, they wouldn’t have had the chance to enter the city to deceive people. They were simply fools who were pretending to be ghosts.

Ye chen quickly hung up the things that this person had written. In the end, the other teammate did not even dare to look up. His writing was almost a mess. Ye chen found it funny. He did not know why they did not let that person talk and directly become the city Lord. If that was the case, he might have been able to fool around with today’s trap. Unfortunately, it was all in vain now. The people in the city also saw that something was wrong. If it was really Tanhua, how could he not be able to answer this question? moreover, the words written on it looked like drawn Fu paper, messy and unkempt.

He couldn’t recognize what the words were written, they were vague and complicated.

“You’re a fake city Lord, right? there’s no news from the Imperial court, so this is all just a scheme you’ve come up with!”

Ye chen saw that the people were beginning to look at each other, so he immediately succeeded in hot-smithing and stood in the middle, shouting angrily at those people.

The moment he started, the commoners below did not plan to hold back. After all, these were just a few young people who were trying to deceive people.

When compared to master su, he was simply asking for trouble. The contrast was obvious.

“What are you saying? How could we be fake? I’m warning you, don’t doubt the information we’ve brought. This stupid question that you’ve come up with from who knows where doesn’t mean anything at all!”

Those people were already panicking, especially the one who had just answered the question. He was very angry and started scolding ye chen.

“Before you came here, you should have known that this city is under the protection of the Azure Dragon Gate, right?”

Ye chen saw that they were still unconvinced, so he asked directly.

When they heard him mention the Azure Dragon Gate, these people who were trying to fish in troubled waters suddenly became a little flustered.

They had investigated before coming here, but they also knew that almost everyone in the Green Dragon sect was on the mountain these days.

It was impossible for them to come down the mountain, and it was impossible for them to know about these things. That was why they dared to touch it so recklessly.

This was something they had not expected. It was truly too unfortunate that they had just entered and had run into ye chen.

“The Azure Dragon sect did not receive any news from the Imperial court. All of this was made up by you.”

“Impossible. We came here with the news. So what if they didn’t receive it? I advise you not to rely on your previous Foundation here. If you don’t want to resist us, you can ‘t!”

Although they were still arrogantly saying such things, in reality, they were already a little lacking in confidence.

“Oh, really? But I’m the sect leader of the Azure Dragon sect. ”

“What’s wrong? You can’t be thinking of using the fact that you’ve been living here for a long time to oppress us, right? what sect leader? Azure Dragon sect? Sect leader!”

The person who had been clamoring just now was instantly scared silly by the words that he had repeated.

His eyes stopped on ye chen. He looked at this man who seemed to be about the same age as them. Then, he looked at him and calmly took out the Jade token from his waist.

Although they had never seen it before, they had seen the Jade plates of these sect leaders when they were learning.

Even if the others didn’t recognize him, the person in disguise and Tanhua behind him should know.

“I didn’t receive any news from other places at all. You guys should be swindlers who wander in the Jianghu, right? it’s just that this time, I really didn’t happen to run into you. I’m also here.”

Ye chen kept the sign and his expression became serious.

He really didn’t expect that this group of people would be so difficult just by memorizing one question. It was really easier than he had imagined.

“Sect leader, please spare me! We know we were wrong!”

“We will never do such a thing again. Please give us a way out!”

“We’re willing to do anything for the leader, as long as we’re alive!”

Only in such a dangerous and worrying situation would they suddenly bow and bend their knees, as if they were pitiful people.

However, ye chen would not be so easily deceived by them.