Chapter 3  : Absurd and Contrived Mary Sue StoryWhen Su Yayan heard the sudden mention of the name of her ex-fiance, her body trembled, and only then did she realize that she had returned to the time three years ago.

During Grandpa Huo’s eightieth birthday at the Huo family’s place, she accidentally discovered that her dimwit fiance was cheating on her—he was not even trying to hide it. To make things worse, she was then pushed down the stairs by the mistress and her fiance who were supposedly madly in love, and ended up in a coma and hospitalized!

When she thought about that *sshole and b*tch duo, and the jerk’s family who had been courteous and respectful toward her on the surface but were treacherous and hypocritical elders behind her back, a wave of disgust quickly flashed across Su Yayan’s eyes.

However, the image of the man who kissed her in the morgue immediately and unconsciously appeared in her mind. Then another image of him a few years later appeared—he was alone and clutching her ashes tightly as he set himself on fire.

However, everything in the future had not happened yet in this timeline; both the man and she were still alive!

When Su Yayan realized that, her heart trembled fiercely and she could not quell the desire to see him right now. “Mom, I want to go to the Huo family’s place right now!”

“But your body…” Mrs. Su assumed she wanted to go to the Huo family to make them pay, so she sympathized with her daughter but was still worried. “Good girl, just endure it a little longer. Once you get better, we’ll give them a visit and give them their just desserts!”


“I’m feeling fine. I think I just fainted because I was so angry back then and bumped my head. I was light-headed and lost consciousness, but I’m awake now and there’s nothing wrong with me, really!” Su Yayan hugged Mrs. Su’s arm and pleaded, “Mom, I want to go to the Huo family’s place. I want to go right now. Will you take me there?”

Mrs. Su was softened by her daughter’s pleading. Not to mention, she was still furious with the whole thing anyway, so she gritted her teeth and nodded. “Alright. We’ll go to the Huo family’s place with you and demand they cancel the engagement for you.”

Mr. Su and Su Yuxuan’s faces sank slightly. Nevertheless, they quickly agreed and said, “Yes, yes, yes, cancel the engagement. We’ll go and have them break off the engagement right now.”

While Su Yayan was in a coma, the family was in no mood to pursue who was right and who was wrong, but now that Su Yayan was awake, they were not going to let things slide that easily.

When Su Yayan got out of the hospital with the help of her parents and got into the car, the feeling of expectation inside her reached its peak and she could hardly wait to appear in front of that person and hug him tightly.

Right then, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in her head. [Your ten-minute countdown is up. By default, the host will accept the binding. The system binding will officially start in three, two, one. Binding completed. The Slap-in-the-face Counterattack System 001 is at your service. I look forward to learning from you.]


The smile on Su Yayan’s face froze abruptly and she glanced at her parents sitting next to her who had no idea what just happened.

Her eyes narrowed dangerously and she lowered her voice as she asked, “What are you? How come you’re talking inside my head?”

[Hello, Host. I am Slap-in-the-face Counterattack System 001. I specialize in serving innocent male and female supporting characters who suffer from the assault of the male and female main characters with plot armor. My purpose is to help the host…]

Before 001 finished what it was saying, Su Yayan interrupted, “What are you talking about? Male and female main characters? Male and female supporting characters? Explain yourself properly!”

“It’s a long story, so please take a look at this book.”

When 001 said that, Su Yayan felt as though something was dumped into her mind.

It was a book with a cover that read, “Heartbreaker Game: My 101st Sweet Kiss with the Overbearing Prom King”.

“…” Su Yayan was feeling a little overwhelmed when the absurd and contrived Mary Sue story came flooding into her mind all at once.

The story in the book did not disappoint Su Yayan. It was a story about the relationship of a poor girl and a wealthy second-generation man that turned from mutual hate to a quarreling but loving couple.