Chapter 2  : Back To Three Years Ago“Are all the arrangements complete?” Su Yayan watched as the man walked out of the morgue and coldly questioned the few men who were following him.

After receiving an affirmative answer, in a split second, a dangerous storm suddenly surged within the man’s eyes. It was as if the kiss inside the morgue had not only sapped all the warmth from his body, but also took away all his hope in the world.

“I will make everyone pay for her life!”

Su Yayan’s heart shook greatly. ‘Pay for my life?’ Who was he going to exact vengeance on? The driver or… someone else?

Before Su Yayan had time to think about it, she rushed to Huo Chenhuan and tried to catch him.

However, just as her hand was about to touch Huo Chenhuan, her surroundings suddenly froze and started warping, including Su Yayan herself.

A huge vortex twisted everything into its center and countless memory fragments instantaneously swept through Su Yayan’s mind, one by one.


A few breaths later, the vortex dissipated and everything settled down. Out of nowhere, a mechanical voice was heard.

“Ding—An eligible Female Support Host is detected. Counterattack Slap-in-the-face System at your service. The selected host has ten minutes to choose. Press 1 to accept or press 2 to reject. The countdown is starting…”

At the same time, inside a hospital, someone who was supposed to be unconscious suddenly woke up with a cold sweat and sat up in the hospital bed.

Several people waiting by the hospital bed quickly gathered around and spoke to her with concern, “Yanyan, Yanyan, you woke up! Are you hurt anywhere? How does your head feel?”

“Mom?” Su Yayan was in a daze as she looked at the familiar figure in front of her who had a very distressed and worried look on her face. The woman would not stop touching her, as if trying to confirm that she was not dreaming.

“Mommy’s here, I’m here! Are you still dizzy? Does it hurt anywhere else? Yu Xuan, go call a doctor to check on your sister.”


“Okay.” Su Yuxuan was just about to turn around and leave when his sister grabbed his hand. “Don’t go!”

Su Yayan grabbed her brother’s hand tightly, her body trembling somewhat uncontrollably.

She went back! She went back to the time when she was still alive! She went back to before she became a burden to her mom, dad, and brother; before she caused them to die one by one! They were all still alive!

“Brother, Dad, and… Mom?” Su Yayan’s eyes swept over the few familiar figures in front of her, one after another. Her eyes turned slightly red.

Unable to hold in all her fear and grievance, she threw herself into Mrs. Su’s arms and burst into tears, bawling at the top of her lungs.

Mrs. Su knew that her daughter was upset because of what happened, so she heartbrokenly said, “It’s okay, it’s okay. I know that you’ve suffered a lot because of what happened back then. Don’t worry. Your dad and I, and your brother too, will definitely speak up for you. We’ll personally drag Huo Shaofeng and that shameless bitch to your feet and make them apologize to you.”

“Yeah!” Su Yuxuan was suddenly filled with righteous indignation and eagerly agreed, adding, “The Huo family has simply gone too far! Don’t you worry. Mom, Dad, and I will definitely seek justice for you. Even though openly offending the Huo family is generally not a good idea, if it comes to it… If it comes to it, I’ll privately hire a few people to kidnap him and beat him up! No matter what, we’ll make them pay for what they’ve done to you!”

Su Yayan’s brother was usually modest and kept a low profile, but he actually had a nasty streak underneath.

It was rare of him to have emotional outbursts and say such brazen things. He was clearly extremely angry.

Even more surprising was that after Mr. Su heard his son’s vicious declaration, not only did he not discourage him, but his face turned equally dark as he looked at his daughter with a face of concern.

His daughter—his beloved and pampered daughter of the Su family, was bullied and humiliated.

It was no wonder that Su Yuxuan and his father were furious!