Chapter 1130: It ReturnedBoth of them were stunned. After looking at each other, they walked out together.

As soon as they walked out of the door, they saw their little baby with Dun Dun and Silly crawling around a familiar little robot. Their eyes were filled with excitement and curiosity.

Normally, at times like this, Roly Poly would pick up the child and raise it high up. However, today, this little robot seemed especially… cold.

Su Yayan looked suspiciously at this familiar yet unfamiliar metal robot.

Zuo Yanbai happened to walk in at this time. When he saw Su Yayan and his son, his eyes flickered, and there was a hint of guilt in them.

“Young Master, Young Madam.”


Su Yayan smiled at him. “Thank you for your hard work. Has Roly Poly completed its upgrade?”

“It has completed its upgrade, it’s just…”

“It’s just?”

Before Su Yayan could ask any more questions, Dun Dun had already brought his dog son to climb on Roly Poly’s body out of habit. He wanted to climb on top of Roly Poly’s head as usual and order it around.

Roly Poly did not stop him, but it also did not help the two little fat dogs up as usual.

When Dun Dun struggled to climb on its shoulder, Roly Poly finally turned its round little head and looked at it with its hollow and deep black glass eyes for a while, “Silly dog,” he said in a mechanical voice


Dun Dun, who was suddenly attacked by his friend, was speechless

Su Yayan was speechless

Even though Huo Chenhuan did not have much contact with this little robot, Su Yayan and the baby liked it, so he would naturally pay more attention to it.

He finally realized that something was wrong and looked at Zuo Yanbai with an inquisitive look.

Zuo Yanbai rubbed his nose awkwardly, he chuckled, “Well, I don’t know what’s going on either. After the upgrade, the robot seemed to have changed. At first, I thought that it had accidentally covered something inside, but after checking it several times, I didn’t find anything unusual.”

Zuo Yanbai paused, he looked carefully at Su Yayan and Huo Chenhuan. “I brought it here today to ask Young Madam. Now that it’s like this, should I look for a problem to see if it can be corrected, or… bring another robot over?”


Huo Chenhuan did not say anything and left the choice to Su Yayan.

Su Yayan’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Zuo Yanbai say that. She thought of the familiar phrase “Silly dog” and a crazy idea came to her mind.

She walked step by step to the little robot and looked into its eyes. She asked tentatively, “System?”


It sounded proud and arrogant. Who else could it be?

Su Yayan’s eyes lit up. She was both excited and confused. “It’s really you! How did you…”

“Yanyan?” Huo Chenhuan interrupted her before she could finish.

Su Yayan then remembered that there were still people around. Her hand that was about to reach out to pat the little metal skull froze in mid-air.

Fortunately, Huo Chenhuan did not embarrass her for too long. He took the initiative to hold her hand.

“We’ll keep it for now. We’ll take a look at it. You can go back first.”

Although Zuo Yanbai felt that the two of them were strange, he did not ask further, “Oh, okay.”

As soon as Zuo Yanbai left, Huo Chenhuan’s gaze fell on the robot, but he did not let go of Su Yayan’s hand.

“Let’s go in and talk.”


The two of them had something to say, so they handed the baby and Dun Dun to Uncle Zhang to look after. Only then did they bring the round-skinned system into the study.

“Is this your friend?”

Huo Chenhuan’s direct question surprised Su Yayan, but at the same time, she felt relieved. He had guessed it!

“Yes.” Su Yayan finally smacked the round head of the system. “It’s a system.”

“A system?”

“Well, you can think of it as an intelligent robot, a string of data, but this data is very close to a human.”

Huo Chenhuan narrowed his eyes. Although he did not like Su Yayan being too close to other creatures, he was not jealous of the string of data.

“Hello, partner of the host. I’m Advanced System 001 from an advanced planet. It’s our first meeting, please give me your guidance.”

As the system spoke, two plastic flowers suddenly popped out of its round hands.

Su Yayan, “…”

Huo Chenhuan, “…”

The system, “…”

“The resources available are limited, and I apologize for the embarrassment during our first meeting.”

Hidden meaning: this is not my fault, but the robot’s own shell. The designer of the robot has to shoulder this blame!

“Pfft…” Su Yayan was the first to react. She could not help but laugh out loud, causing the originally serious atmosphere to become lighter. It was no longer as cold as before.

“…” The system, which had originally intended to give the host partner a good impression, failed to make a good start and shut itself down on the spot.

Huo Chenhuan could not help but laugh when he saw this. However, he still had serious business to attend to. He coughed lightly and said, “It… What’s going on? When did you…”

Su Yayan’s smile disappeared when she heard that. She stared at Huo Chenhuan for a long while as if she had made up her mind, she took a deep breath and said, “What I’m going to say next may seem incredible to you, but I’m using my character and my happiness this lifetime to guarantee that every word I say is true.”

“I believe you.” Huo Chenhuan said without hesitation as soon as Su Yayan finished her sentence. “I will believe you as long as you say it.”

Su Yayan was stunned. Her face was still familiar, but her eyes were a little more relaxed.

Huo Chenhuan was very familiar with the beginning of the whole story. Huo Shaofeng brought his little girlfriend to the Huo family’s banquet, and they had an argument with Su Yayan, who was also a guest at the banquet. They pushed her down the stairs, and she was injured and hospitalized.

However, from then on, it was a completely different story.

The Su family forcefully broke off the engagement between Su Yayan and Huo Shaofeng, but they did not ask Su Yayan to marry him.

They were like two parallel lines that never crossed each other, and they never crossed paths until Su Yayan’s death.

Although Huo Chenhuan was surprised when he heard the first half of the story, he was still calm. However, when he heard that the Su Yayan from his previous life had died in a car accident three years after breaking off the engagement with Huo Shaofeng.

Even though he had never seen it with his own eyes, he still felt the blood in his body turn cold. He subconsciously wanted to hold Su Yayan’s hand and feel the warmth on her body, he wanted to make sure that she was still alive.

Su Yayan sensed his emotions and stopped talking. She comforted him by holding his hand.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s all in the past.”

Huo Chenhuan lowered his eyes and hid the coldness in his eyes. He was afraid that he would scare Su Yayan. “Was it an accident or was it man-made?”

“It was an accident and man-made.” Su Yayan did not dwell on this topic and continued, “After I died, I did not lose my consciousness immediately. Instead, I became a soul that no one could see. I looked at my parents and they were sad. I also saw you and realized… that you had always liked me.”

Huo Chenhuan subconsciously tightened his grip on Su Yayan. He felt that everything had been explained.

The two of them had never had a direct interaction before. Su Yayan had suddenly chosen to get engaged to him after breaking off the engagement with Huo Shaofeng. She seemed to have predicted that he would not reject her. It was impossible for him to reject her.

“After that, I don’t know why. Maybe it was because your obsession was too deep, or maybe it was for some other reason. My soul floated away with you and stayed by your side for half a year.”

“I watched you try to protect my family for me, to shield them from the wind and rain, but in the end, you couldn’t resist the rules of the world, couldn’t save the hearts of the people who had died, and watched them leave one by one.

“I watched you drag the people who had harmed me to hell to avenge me, but in the end, you didn’t get to redeem yourself. You took the initiative to sink into Hell and died with me.”

Huo Chenhuan listened to everything Su Yayan said, but his heart did not waver at all. All that was left was his heartache for Su Yayan.

Huo Shaofeng, Wen Jingping, Huo Qihan, Cheng Fenglang… and that bullsh*it rule of the world.

Just to let those two idiots ascend to the sky, they had to step on the person he loved the most, use those innocent people as stepping stones, and carry them up step by step. Such a rule was meant to be broken!

Su Yayan told him everything. She closed her eyes and let out a long breath. She then looked at Huo Chenhuan and asked carefully, “Do you believe me?”

Huo Chenhuan kissed her forehead pitifully, full of sincerity and affection. “I do.”

Huo Chenhuan did not doubt Su Yayan’s words at all. Firstly, it was because he trusted her.

Secondly, he knew himself well enough to know that if the person he had been waiting for died just like that, his only light would be gone. He would really drag everyone down with her, and then personally come down to accompany her.

“Those Chinese medicinal herbs you took out earlier, were they all given to you by it?”

“Yes, they were exchanged. I collected the favorability and belief of others to exchange for these things.”

“That’s why you started a live broadcast and became a host?”

Huo Chenhuan had thought that Su Yayan’s live broadcast was a spur-of-the-moment thing. It was not necessarily that he did not want to use it to attack Wen Jingping. Now, it seemed that he was too narrow-minded.

Su Yayan laughed. “At that time, I desperately wanted to exchange for more medicinal herbs and more skills to do what I wanted to do the most. This was the best and fastest way.”

Huo Chenhuan was stunned for a moment, and his eyes lit up. “You… Did it for me?”

Su Yayan held his face and rubbed her face against his. “I want you to get better. I want you to be well and belong to me.”

Huo Chenhuan did not say anything, but he could not help but hug Su Yayan closer.

Su Yayan leaned on his chest, and her eyes were a little hot. She said in a low voice, “Thank you.” Thank you for believing in me.

Huo Chenhuan was silent for a moment, then suddenly said in a hoarse voice, “I had a dream once.”

“What dream?”

“I dreamed that you were covered in blood, lying lifelessly with your eyes closed and your body cold. I wanted to save you, but I couldn’t touch you at all. I can imagine the despair.” It was understandable.

Su Yayan’s arms around Huo Chenhuan paused, then gradually tightened. “You gave me a new life.” It also gave many people in this world a chance to change their fate.

The two of them hugged silently for a while, and Huo Chenhuan gradually calmed down. On the one hand, he was glad that fate had given him and Su Yayan a second chance, but on the other hand, he felt a little uncomfortable…

“In your previous life… did you ever like Huo Shaofeng?”

Su Yayan’s eyes widened. She had never expected that the first question Huo Chenhuan would ask after he recovered was this. She glared at him in exasperation and amusement.

“I don’t really like him. I can only say that I don’t hate him.”

Although she and Huo Shaofeng had been engaged for a period of time, the number of times they had really interacted and the time they had interacted was very limited.

In this limited interaction, perhaps Huo Qihan was anxious to use her and her mother to get in touch with her grandfather, so he gave Huo Shaofeng a direct order, which caused Huo Shaofeng’s spoiled temper to be more or less restrained.

In addition, Mrs. Huo and her mother were good friends, so she was not so guarded. Her impression of Huo Shaofeng was neither good nor bad. At most, he was just a slightly familiar stranger.

In fact, after thinking about it, even without Wen Jingping, it was probably impossible for her and Huo Shaofeng to really get married. It was just that without this fuse, the two families might not have had such an ugly fight back then.

Su Yayan knew what Huo Chenhuan was jealous of. She raised her head and kissed him. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Whether it’s in my past life or this life, you’re the only one I’ve ever loved.”

Huo Chenhuan lowered his head and looked at his little wife. He felt that at this moment, her eyes were filled with starlight, so bright that he could not take his eyes off her.

Seeing that the two of them were about to kiss and hug each other, the system, which had been neglected for a long time, finally could not stand it anymore.

“Host and partner, please consciously abide by the robot’s mental health protection regulations. Do not perform X-rated scenes in front of the system. Do not perform X-rated scenes in front of the system.”

“Cough!” Su Yayan was not as thick-skinned as Huo Chenhuan after all. After hearing this familiar warning, she remembered that there was a human camera in the room that was eyeing her like a tiger. She quickly left Huo Chenhuan’s embrace, her face was slightly red, and she did not dare to meet the system’s black glass eyes.

Huo Chenhuan smiled and patted the system’s round head. He said sincerely, “Thank you for taking care of Yanyan during this time, and thank you for your help.”

“No need to thank me. This is what the system should do.”

Su Yayan stood at the side for a while, when the heat on her face subsided, she also went forward and asked, “When the mission was completed that day, didn’t you leave? Why did you come back all of a sudden? And you even came into Roly Poly’s body? Could it be that you were addicted to swallowing systems and swallowed Roly Poly’s data as well?”

When the system heard her say that, it was furious. “That day, the system that swallowed the world’s female protagonist’s system was completely helpless. Moreover, it was the host’s request and not the system’s will. The system does not have the habit of swallowing other systems, so please stop slandering the system. The original data of this robot was stored in a small chip by the system. It can be used after the carrier is installed and restarted. As for why the system came back, it was because the system used the host’s favorability points to exchange for an opportunity to stay in this world.”

The system could not help but feel wronged when it said this. It had spent so much effort to exchange for such an opportunity from the main system.

Who would have thought that it would be forced to stuff a few handfuls of dog food at close range the moment it returned? It even had to be attacked, losing to a small robot from a low-level plane. It was simply furious!

“My favorability points?” Su Yayan raised her eyebrows. She remembered that the system had indeed asked for her consent before leaving, wanting to take away the remaining favorability points.

She had agreed at the time, but now that she thought about it, she had a hunch that this matter was not that simple.

“How many favorability points did you use for this opportunity of yours?”

“Not many.”

“How many are not many?”

The system’s dark eyes started to roll around, and it seemed to have a guilty conscience.

Su Yayan’s eyebrows shot up. “Don’t lie, tell me!”

Only then did the system stammer out a number.

The favorability points that the system had taken away when it left were not even a fraction of this number!

Su Yayan was not stupid, what else could she not understand?

“Good for you! I was wondering why you suddenly became such a loser. You couldn’t even avoid the signal block and send out a message. So you were deliberately guiding me to start a livestream to help you earn favorability points so that you can prepare for your return! Are you so reluctant to part with me?”

Huo Chenhuan stood at the side and watched Su Yayan knock the system’s round head until it made a clanging sound. Without mentioning Su Yayan, he thought that this little thing would not be able to return and was even sad for a long time.

It was not easy for her to get a chance to scold the system. After venting the anger that the system had caused her in the past, Su Yayan let out a sigh of relief, and the corners of her lips could not help but curl up a little.

She touched the system’s round head, she said earnestly, “It’s fine if you’re back, but we can’t just snatch other people’s bodies. Later, I’ll ask Yanbai to send another unactivated little robot over as your carrier. Let’s return the body to Roly Poly, okay?”

“Nope. Hmph!”

Su Yayan thought that the system would be easy to negotiate with now, but after being rejected, she was greatly surprised, “Why? Do you like the appearance of this robot? Don’t worry, I’ll ask Yanbai to get one for you, it’ll definitely be exactly the same as the one you have now!”

The system was still unwilling to let go. It snorted coldly and turned its back to ignore Su Yayan.

Su Yayan was stunned for a few seconds before she realized that the system was not… jealous, right?!

Before it left the system, it had already shown a few subtle signs of hostility and jealousy toward Roly Poly. This time, it had even stolen its body.

Putting everything else aside, the system just now was very skillful. It was clear that it had been studying her skills behind her back.

The more Su Yayan thought about it, the more she felt that it was possible. Looking at the system that was throwing a tantrum and refusing to cooperate, she had no choice but to turn to Huo Chenhuan.

Huo Chenhuan received his wife’s pitiful gaze, only then did he go forward to help her out. “Since it’s unwilling, let’s give Roly Poly another outer shell. Coincidentally, compared to its current body, Roly Poly would prefer a robot that is more feminine. It can wear the little apron that you gave it.”

Su Yayan blinked her eyes and asked curiously, “Does Yanbai have any other robots?”

“Yes, their appearance is similar, but some small details are different.”

“Alright then, ask Yanbai to send another one over.”


After the most basic problem was solved, Su Yayan’s gaze towards the system changed.

She smiled and touched the system’s round head, her whole body filled with a kind and kind holy light.

The system, “…” It had a bad feeling.

As expected, the next second, Su Yayan said, “Even though we are old acquaintances, the body you are using now is after all developed by the company of Chenhuan. There is a saying that goes, ‘eat a man’s mouth, but he will bite the hand that feeds him. You’ve already taken their experimental results, why don’t you give them something in return?”

The system, “…” It had just returned and she was already thinking about how to exploit it. Indeed, humans were unreliable and cunning!

If it had known earlier that it could not be saved, it would have regretted, felt sad, and been irritable!

However, no matter how regretful the system was, it was destined to be exploited by Su Yayan for the rest of its life. It could not escape.

Zuo Yanbai had just returned to the company when he received a message from Huo Chenhuan, asking him to send another female robot that did not have a central chip.

Although Zuo Yanbai was puzzled, he did not ask much. He personally went to the workshop and picked a robot that was similar to a round body, only with some colored paint. It looked more like a girl’s robot shell and was sent to the Huo residence.

Uncle Zhang and the others did not have much of a reaction to the addition of a robot at home. They only thought that it was a new product from Huo Chenhuan’s company and that they would bring it home to try it out first.

On the other hand, the little ones at home were more confused than curious about the sudden appearance of a robot that looked very much like a round body, but was not quite the same as a round one.

“One… one…” Little Star stood on the lawn in the yard, looking at the one on the left and the one on the right. He staggered over and circled around the two robots, his big eyes were full of confusion, as if he did not understand how the robots at home that took care of him turned from one to two.

Dun Dun was more sensitive. After all, ever since Roly Poly and it had accidentally broken the ice, the robot and the dog had become real companions.

Now that there was an additional one, Dun Dun really could not understand why there was a robot that looked like a little companion but was not as easy to get along with as before, it was a new member that did not look like a little companion but made it feel very friendly.

Could it be that its little friend would split up?

Its small and stout eyes were filled with great doubt.

No matter what, this strange combination gradually blended into this family.

Su Yayan leaned against the window sill on the second floor and looked at the scene in the courtyard. Her eyes revealed a hint of a smile.

Then, she felt her waist being held, and her entire body fell into a familiar warm embrace.

“Are you happy?”


In the courtyard, the system that had actually joined as a new member looked cold and aloof, and did not care much about the little one.

However, if one looked closely, one would discover that its black eyes had never moved away from the little one. Every time the little ones were unsteady and about to fall, it would silently stand by the side, ready to catch the baby at any time.

This was originally Roly Poly’s job, but now it had been snatched away by it. Or rather, it was secretly competing with Roly Poly.

Little did it know that Roly Poly, whom it regarded as an imaginary enemy, did not have this kind of consciousness at all. It was amusing and funny to watch.

Su Yayan looked at this scene with a smile in her eyes. She felt indescribably satisfied, “I’m happy that all of you are here.”

After saying that, Su Yayan broke away from Huo Chenhuan’s embrace. She turned around and hugged Huo Chenhuan’s waist. She rubbed her body against his chest in satisfaction and said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve allowed me to start over again, to save the person I wanted to save, and to make up for the many regrets she had.”

Huo Chenhuan reached out and touched her head. He looked at the person in his arms with a gentle and indulgent gaze, as if he was looking at his entire world.

“Thank you too.

“Thank you for coming to my side without hesitation, changing my life and our future.”

The spring breeze blew past, blowing the blue roses in the greenhouse.

The tiny petals fluttered in the wind, drifting past the two of them, bringing with them the fragrance of flowers.

Everything was so peaceful and beautiful.

The suffering was over, and the new life came as promised.

And the people they loved were all there.