Chapter 1129  : UpgradedAs for Dou Tianyi, the mastermind who caused everything, his body rapidly declined after Wen Jingping’s death.

He stayed hooked on a ventilator in the intensive care unit until the eve of the New Year. In the end, he still breathed his last breath with resentment, confirming that he would not live past 30.

Su Yayan only learned about this matter from others a week after Dou Tianyi’s death. Her heart did not have any feelings.

She just lamented that if the system was still around and the male protagonist of the world died, it would have told her about such a big thing as soon as he died. How could it have waited until now?

After Su Yayan’s identity was exposed, it did attract a little trouble, just as she had been worried about.

Some people with complicated diseases rushed to her for treatment. These people were either trying to get close to relatives or friends, trying to get close to them in order to get Su Yayan to treat them.


Of course, Su Yayan would not agree to it. Once it started, more and more people would stick to her like bloodsuckers. She could not get rid of them.

Under such circumstances, Su Yayan decided to move to the small villa that Huo Chenhuan’s parents left behind for a period of time to stay away from the limelight.

It was at this time that the research institute, Ye Qiliang, and a group of well-known pharmacists made an appointment to send out articles to thank Su Yayan for her donation, they also confirmed that the Chinese medicinal herbs had the effect of alleviating and even treating some diseases that were difficult to overcome at this stage. In the near future, these medicinal herbs would be used as medicine to treat diseases in the real world.

The audience who had watched Su Yayan’s live broadcast finally realized that Su Yayan had said in the live broadcast that she had already given all the relevant materials to the research institute and relevant departments to be studied by more professional people, it was actually true that he wanted them to be applied to the right field at the right time!

Because of this, Su Yayan’s reputation rose to an unprecedented height. Some people who originally had evil thoughts did not dare to act rashly when they saw this. They could only wait for that day to come with peace of mind.

The matter of Dou Tianyi and the others had come to an end. Su Yayan and her family’s lives were finally back on track.


However, when Su Yayan occasionally went into the kitchen, her heart would still feel a little empty.

She had thought that she did not show it clearly, but she did not know that all of this had fallen into Huo Chenhuan’s eyes.

“You haven’t been able to lift your spirits recently. Are you still upset about what happened before?”

Su Yayan did not expect Huo Chenhuan to see through it, she was stunned for a moment before she said in a low voice, “It’s not that. I have a friend. A friend who has helped me a lot suddenly left. It’s a little… sad.”

“Friend?” Huo Chenhuan’s eyes flashed. He had basically met all of Su Yayan’s friends.

If he remembered correctly, none of these people had recently gone on a long trip.


So, this friend..

After Su Yayan finished speaking, she sighed softly and said with a faint smile, “It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m just a little disappointed for a moment. It’ll be fine after a while. Oh right, where’s Roly Poly? I haven’t seen the baby play with it for the past two days.”

“The functions of Yanbai’s robot system are basically complete. I’ve brought Roly Poly back to upgrade it in the past two days. It should be able to be sent back today.” 1

“Upgrade?” Su Yayan nodded, not really understanding. She did not think too much about it. She only thought that Roly Poly was brought back to upgrade its defense function. After all, Zuo Yanbai and the others had originally designed this robot because of its safety performance.

Just then, there was a sound that was neither too loud nor too soft. There were also the cries of Little Star outside.