A mysterious gift (3)

Countless people immediately popped up in su Wanwan’s mind, but no matter how she thought about it, it didn’t feel likely.

She couldn’t guess who it was for a while, so PEI Munian could only leave the airport with su Wanwan. After they entered the car, su Wanwan was still guessing, ” niannian, I think it’s most likely my sister. She must have heard about me, so she helped me.

Her sister had always doted on her. Even if they had not contacted each other for all these years, she would always help her with anything. And for now, the only person she could ask Xi Zhiwei to confess to her crime easily was her sister.

After all, her sister was the Qin family’s daughter-in-law. Her brother-in-law’s power in the United States could not be underestimated.

PEI Munian did not say anything.


Originally, su Wanwan’s guess wasn’t a big problem. If it was her sister who helped her, it wasn’t impossible. But he thought that her sister shouldn’t have the time to help her at the moment because he was on a business trip to the United States this time. He heard that ran ran’s sister, su Zao, and Qin ye were in the midst of a divorce.

“I’ll call and ask now. It should be morning in the U.S. Right now, so it won’t affect anything.” As su Wanwan spoke, she immediately took out her phone from her bag and was about to make a call.

PEI Munian’s arm reached over and snatched her phone away. She said indifferently, ” “I thought your sister didn’t want you to disturb her? Besides, this matter might not be your sister’s doing. We’ll talk after we’ve investigated clearly.”

He didn’t want su Wanwan to know about su Zao’s divorce. At the moment, she was pregnant and didn’t have much to worry about. Moreover, he thought that with su Zao’s character, she wouldn’t want Wanwan to get involved in her Affairs.

“But if it’s not sister, who else could it be?”

Su Wanwan mumbled, ” if it’s brother Ziwei, then brother Ziwei shouldn’t have any way to make Xi Zhiwei confess, hehe.


PEI Munian glanced at her and smiled. “Did you forget someone?”

Forget a person?

“Who is it?”

“To be able to make Xi Zhiwei confess so easily, other than me, there is another person. That was my mother.”

“Mrs. PEI?”

It wasn’t that su Wanwan didn’t think about it, but she felt that the possibility was too small. She had wanted to help Xi Zhiwei get away with it before, and she hated her so much, how could she help her?

Su Wanwan directly shook her head. it’s impossible for her to be in a hurry, right? ”

“Why is it impossible?”

“Because she hates me, Yingluo.”

but she doesn’t hate her grandson. The reason she hates you is because you hurt me and her grandson. Now that everything has been clarified as a misunderstanding, she naturally won’t hate you anymore.

After a pause, PEI Munian continued, ” I called her yesterday and told her that we will be re-registering next Monday. I hope that she and my father can be the witnesses. I think that the notice of Xi Zhiwei’s confession is a wedding gift from her as your mother-in-law. It can be considered as acknowledging you again.

“Really?” Su Wanwan still couldn’t believe it.

PEI Munian laughed and patted her head. it’s true. Father and mother have accepted you again. So, our wedding will receive everyone’s blessings and approval. In the future, our family of three will be very happy.

Su Wanwan’s eyes were unconsciously stained with tears. She nodded hard and threw herself into PEI Munian’s arms. mm, we will definitely be very happy.

N years later.

“Mr. PEI, is there anything you’re not satisfied with about Mrs. PEI?”

Mr. PEI’s Black eyes narrowed. The only thing he wasn’t satisfied with was that she couldn’t do it before he was satisfied every night.

Thus, Mr. PEI said shamelessly, ” charge it for two hours, and it can last for five minutes.

‘F-ck, is the pure advertising message for you to use like this?’ Su Wanwan’s cheeks quickly flushed red and she criticized in her heart: This damn hooligan!

“Mrs. PEI, what about you?” the reporter asked.

“Charge it for five minutes and last for two hours!” Mrs. PEI answered through gritted teeth.

PEI Munian raised her eyebrows and glanced at Mrs. PEI from the corner of her eyes. She smiled thoughtfully. So she was so dissatisfied because she was not satisfied with his usual behavior?

That night, after Mr. PEI worked hard for four hours, he leaned against the bed and pinched su Wanwan’s small chin with an evil smile: “Are you satisfied now?”