A mysterious gift (2)

There were a few big words printed on the horizontal strip,”‘nianniang oppa’, with a’ big heart ‘next to it. The person holding the horizontal strip was naturally his beautiful little wife.

PEI Munian raised her eyebrows slightly and the corners of her lips curled up evilly.

He strode over with his long legs and stood in front of her. He reached out and pinched her little cheek, smiling.”Didn’t I tell you not to come? Have you been waiting for a long time?”

“It’s alright.”

Su Wanwan blinked her big eyes and smiled until her eyebrows curved. how is it? do you like me? ” I’m using the standards of the young male idol who chased me back then to woo you.”



He was originally quite happy, but he kept calling him a young fresh meat oppa, as if he was an old cured meat.

PEI Munian’s cold eyes swept over her slightly protruding belly and reminded her with a fake smile. you’re already a mother, so stop pretending to be young, okay? The little girl is only calling you oppa, so you should just forget about it. ”


Su Wanwan was so angry that she laughed. it seems that you want to kneel on the washing board tonight and not sleep on the warm big bed.

PEI Munian immediately hugged su Wanwan’s waist and lowered her head to kiss her red lips. Her voice was low and hoarse, with a charming magnetism, and she said very gently, ” “Honey, I missed you so much.”


“Hehe.” Su Wanwan sneered without any trace of politeness.

PEI Munian kissed su Wanwan’s forehead again and rubbed against it affectionately. I was wrong. My Wanwan will always be young and invincible. Even if she’s a mother, she’s a super hot mother.

Su Wanwan still wanted to be angry, but when she thought of how he had dealt with Xi Zhiwei’s matter, she was very happy, so she considered it as a success to make up for her mistake.

“This time, you’ve made a small contribution. I’ll let you off for now.”

A small contribution?

PEI Munian furrowed her brows and a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes. Wanwan, what credit? ”

“Still pretending? The notice has already been released!” Su Wanwan raised her head, her eyes full of smiles. but I’m very curious. How did you make Xi Zhiwei willing to confess? ” She doesn’t look like someone who would dig her own grave.”

However, PEI Munian didn’t understand su Wanwan’s words at all. The confusion in his eyes deepened. Wanwan, what are you talking about? What notice? What confession? Did Xi Zhiwei plead guilty?”


The smile in su Wanwan’s eyes slowly disappeared. PEI Munian’s expression did not look like she was pretending. Did he really not know about Xi Zhiwei?

But if he didn’t know, then Xi Zhiwei’s confession couldn’t have been because she found her conscience, right?

Su Wanwan furrowed her eyebrows and her expression became serious. She nodded lightly. yes, Xi Zhiwei released a personal confession notice at noon. Now everyone knows about the bad things she did. Wasn’t this done by you? ”

When PEI Munian found out that their child had been killed by Xi Zhiwei, he had wanted to deal with her immediately. However, he had been too busy recently and had hurriedly flown to America for a business trip. He had originally planned to deal with this matter when he came back, but he did not expect to hear about it the moment he came back.

“No, I was just thinking of coming back to handle it.”

“Ah? It really wasn’t you!” Su Wanwan’s eyes widened. This answer was indeed unexpected. if it wasn’t you, it’s basically impossible for Xi Zhiwei to confess herself. Then who else could it be? ”

To make Xi Zhiwei admit to her crime was not something that could be done so easily.