Chapter 481: Side Story 8

Mrs. Qin held on to Xiaoguo uneasily. After all, the apocalypse had just begun, so killing was still an unfamiliar concept to them.

It was one thing to watch it in movies, but the actual situation was too heart-wrenching.

In the blink of an eye, a small zombie wandered over from behind.

It was Xiaobao from the Zhang family. Mr. Qin grabbed Xiaoguo nervously and suddenly felt pity for the child. Zombies in movies had no hearts, but that might not apply to zombies in reality.

Xiaoguo also saw the little zombie and immediately got ready for battle. It was not entirely true to say that she didn’t have compassion, but zombies were inhumane.

In order to let the two elders see the truth as soon as possible, Xiaoguo took a step back with the two of them. The little zombie was slow to react and had poor vision. All she could smell was human flesh. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws, ready to attack. Mrs. Qin quickly hugged Mr. Qin in fear.


Seeing that the effect had been achieved, Xiaoguo didn’t hesitate anymore. She quickly cut off the zombie’s head.

Mrs. Qin closed her eyes. She knew that this was the best solution, but she still couldn’t bear to see such an obedient child…

Mr. Qin did not dodge. He kept a close watch on what Xiaoguo was doing. He was the pillar of the family and must not become a hindrance to them. Those people had already become zombies, there was no humanity left to speak of.

According to the movie, a zombie’s head was its Achilles Heel. They would die only if their heads were cut off.

After dealing with the little zombie, Xiaoguo gave the ax a swing. This was indeed a good ax. It was worthy of its price and its marketing slogan.

It was lightweight, sharp and waterproof.


In her previous life, she had killed zombies before. Although she didn’t kill that many, she wasn’t as hesitant as her parents.

Fortunately, the commotion here did not attract Dr. Liu, who was still feeding on a corpse. Xiaoguo knew that zombies had a keen sense of hearing and smell, so there was no need for her to approach them carefully. A better strategy would be to get close to them quickly and go in for the kill before they could react.

Xiaoguo just wanted to get this over and done with. Otherwise, it would be over when a big troop of zombies appears!

According to her plan, before the other party could turn around, its head was dislodged from its body.

Xiaoguo inserted the car key into the keyhole and opened the car door without making a sound. She waved at the two people who were hiding by the side.

Mr. Qin picked up Mrs. Qin, whose legs were weak, and ran into the car.

Xiaoguo also got into the car and closed the door gently behind her.

Her car had the quietest engine among the other cars models, but it wasn’t completely silent.

Therefore, the sound of the engine still attracted a few zombies nearby, who started to walk towards them with their wide opened mouths.

Mrs. Qin grabbed her seatbelt tightly in fear. Her face was as pale as a sheet of paper. In a panicked tone, she asked Xiaoguo, “What should we do?”

Mr. Qin was also wearing a serious look on his face. “Xiaoguo…”

“Hold on tight to your seat belts.”

Xiaoguo had already expected this to happen. She had hired someone to modify the SUV a year ago. There were two buttons inside the car. When one button was pressed, spikes would protrude from the sides of the car. Those spikes were so sharp that they could cut a strand of hair into two pieces.

As for the other button, its function was to clean the spikes, removing any objects that were stuck on them.

The boss of the illegal modification shop had described Xiaoguo with the following words, “A beautiful appearance hiding a killer’s intent.”

Mr. and Mrs. Qin took her instructions very seriously. After hearing her words, they immediately held onto their seat belts and grabbed at the car roof handles.

Xiaoguo stepped gently on the accelerator. There weren’t many zombies around at the moment, so there was no need to rev the engine and attract more zombies. There was also no need to activate the spikes just for these few zombies.

Xiaoguo didn’t care about the zombies that were charging at her. She simply ran over them. The sound of bones cracking were constantly ringing in her ears. However, she was already prepared to turn a deaf ear to all this noise. At this moment, if the zombies don’t die, then she and her parents will die. Compassion was completely useless in such a scenario.

All the zombies blocking their way were crushed under the wheels. This was not a massacre, but rather a kind of redemption. The sooner they died, the sooner they could get away from this miserable place.

Just like that, Xiaoguo’s car drove onto the highway.

There weren’t many cars on the highway. Due to the continuous strange rain, no one would go out in a normal sedan. Only big cars would drive in this weather condition.

On the highway, they spotted a few broken cars and some zombies. It was relatively quiet, so it was quite an easy drive.

Mrs. Qin lay weakly in the car seat. She had gotten quite used to looking at the countless dead zombies and was no longer as apprehensive as before. Her daughter and husband were right. Those zombies were just some mindless animals now. The sooner they were killed, the sooner they would reach paradise.

Xiaoguo took out her phone and read the message from Ruyi. Then, she typed a few words and attempted to get in touch with Ruyi and her family before the internet collapsed.

When they arrived in Lin City, the situation there could not be underestimated.

At the highway entrance, there were many people who had turned into zombies and were chasing after the survivors.

There were mutilated corpses, terrifying zombies, overturned cars, fires caused by burning gasoline, and thick black smoke.

Seeing Xiaoguo’s car, many people who were still alive tried to stop it.

But Xiaoguo had no intention of stopping the car.

Mrs. Qin was feeling apprehensive but Mr. Qin patted her gently and shook his head at her.

Mrs. Qin tried to put away her worries. It made sense. They could barely protect themselves, how could they possibly care for other people? If they had to be selfish, so be it. As long as the three of them were alive, that was all that mattered.

Although Xiaoguo wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on in the back seat, she was completely relieved when she didn’t hear anything more from her mother. People can be unpredictable, and even if you help others today, they may not help you in return. Being selfish is good. At least they can stay alive.

Along the way, they ran over many zombies and successfully arrived at the ground floor of Ruyi’s residence. Fortunately, there were not many zombies around her neighborhood.

After sending Ruyi a message with her mobile phone, she turned down the volume on the radio and waited for Ruyi and her family to come down, all the while listening to the latest news and surveying the surroundings.

Mrs. Qin and Mr. Qin listened to the radio with worried expressions. In the end, they collapsed helplessly in the backseat.

At this moment, the country had no choice but to build a camp nearby. Everyone was asked to quickly make their way to the camps on their own.

It was the exact same situation in her previous life. After the announcement, most people rushed to the camp on their own. There were also some who chose to roam around.

In this life, Xiaoguo only wanted to live peacefully with her parents. Therefore, going to the camp was the best option.

After waiting for a long time, Ruyi finally came down with her parents and a dog.

Xiaoguo frowned when she saw the few of them covered in blood splatters. When they got closer, she asked, “Did you encounter the zombies?”

Ruyi nodded and said with a trembling face, “I killed two.”

Xiaoguo nodded thoughtfully, and carefully checked for any wounds on their body. After ensuring that they did not sustain any wounds, she started the car.

She first introduced everyone to each other. Thanks to their daughters, the two pairs of parents quickly became familiar with each other.

“Where are we going now?”

Ruyi’s mother was a delicate southern woman. What she had seen and experienced today frightened her very much. She had just witnessed her obedient daughter kill two zombies with her own eyes. It had taken her a while to recover from the shock.

Before Xiaoguo could answer, Mrs. Qin spoke first and told them what she had just heard on the radio.

Even a tall and mighty man like Ruyi’s father was paralyzed by fear. Since the authorities had made such an announcement, the world was truly finished…

“Don’t be discouraged.” Seeing their low spirits, Xiaoguo comforted them. “We have to carry on no matter what. As long as we are all well and alive.”

“Yes! We have to stay alive!”

After Ruyi wiped her hands with the wet wipes that Xiaoguo gave her, she nodded firmly. They must survive!

Although the two sets of parents were much older in age, they were not as strong-willed as their daughters. They were all feeling sad and afraid.

However, when they saw how spirited the girls were, they could not show their true feelings. At this point, they had to live well! They had to survive!

The situation on the roads was like a living hell, filled with screams, blood, and violence. The streets that used to be clean and orderly were now filled with scenes of carnage. Happy families were broken in an instant. Even the best of friends turned on each other in the blink of an eye.

On the way, Xiaoguo’s eyes landed on the school bus at the foot of the ditch. It was the school bus that her school had booked for the graduation trip. At this moment, it was overturned, with shattered glass, pieces of flesh, blood, and human limbs scattered around it.

Her grip on the steering wheel tightened involuntarily. Then, she retracted her gaze and looked straight at the clear road in front of her.

Stay alive..