Chapter 480: Side Story 7

The longer this dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be.

Xiaoguo turned on her cell phone and realized that the internet was flooded with posts of people showing off the black rain. Some people even wore swimsuits and stood in the black rain, tagging their posts with emotional captions. In short, black rain was now the top trending topic on the internet. For every ten posts that appeared online, nine posts were related to black rain.

Xiaoguo sighed and changed into a set of comfortable clothes and shoes. She put on her backpack and looked at the empty room. No matter how reluctant she was, she had to leave.

When she came out, she saw her mother secretly wiping her tears and her father was comforting her mother softly.

Xiaoguo stopped in her tracks and said, “Let’s go.”

Mr. Qin was more rational and knew that they were now in a passive situation. Although the idea of an apocalypse was shocking and unbelievable, one’s sixth sense could turn out to be terribly accurate. He was completely convinced that the apocalypse was coming.


“Guoguo, what if… I mean, what if it’s just the weather?”

Mrs. Qin was still a little hesitant. Were they being too sensitive? The weather bureau had reported that a recent fire at a plastic factory had caused an excessive amount of black dust in the air. Based on their explanation, the black rain was caused by the dust particles mixed with the rain. According to them, this was not a major problem.

“But it’s been four days,”

Mr. Qin said as he looked at her.

Mrs. Qin’s eyes instantly welled up with tears. She really didn’t want to believe it. “Then…”

“Ah!!! Help!”


She was about to say something else when there was a sudden cry outside the door that was louder than the rain. It didn’t sound like it was coming from just one person.

Mrs. Qin shrunk into Mr. Qin’s arms like a frightened rabbit and tried her best to stop herself from shaking.

Xiaoguo reacted quickly. Instinctively, she stepped forward to lock the door and the anti-theft door. She looked through the peephole and saw that the corridor was covered in blood. Broken limbs were strewn on the floor.

Quanzhou from the Liu family… the Fang family’s eldest son… Xiaodong, who was living next door… Daquan, who was diagonally across from them… The young couple from the Zhang family… They were all eating something.

Just as she was watching attentively, she saw Mr. Wang from next door, ran out with his wife’s broken arm between his teeth. He had already turned into a zombie.

Xiaoguo held her breath. She seemed to remember that Mrs. Wang was pregnant…

At this moment, Mr. Wang was blindly looking for his next target.

Coincidentally, the little girl, Fang Fang, who was living right across from them, heard the commotion and came out to check. The sound of the door opening attracted the attention of all the zombies.

In that instant, all the zombies looked greedily at the source of the sound. The blood and half-eaten meat in their mouths dropped to the ground and turned into a puddle of sticky mess.

Xiaoguo’s heart skipped a beat and she shouted instinctively, “Go in quickly!!


Fang Fang, who was still half-asleep, was jolted awake in that instant. When she saw the bloody scene, she quickly slammed the door shut just before the zombies pounced on her.

Seeing that the food had disappeared, all the zombies anxiously knocked on the door and scratched at the ground. They also came to Xiaoguo’s door because of her shouts earlier on.

Xiaoguo’s heart was beating wildly. She nervously looked through the peephole and saw Mr. Wang’s gray murky pupil. She immediately held her breath in fear.

Fortunately, her door was thick enough to drown out most of the sounds. The zombies wandered around mindlessly for a while and eventually walked away from her door.

After hearing Xiaoguo’s cry, Mrs. Qin covered her mouth tightly, afraid that she might accidentally make a sound.

Mr. Qin was standing by the window and watching the situation on the street.

The black rain was still falling, but because of the presence of blood, the puddles on the ground had turned a dark shade of red. It was a horrifying sight.

Xiaoguo’s phone started ringing. As she picked up the call, she turned on the television.

Ruyi’s panicked voice sounded in her ears. On the television, the leaders were addressing the public through an emergency broadcast.

Mrs. Qin sat down on the sofa and watched the television in a daze. She muttered to herself, “The apocalypse… It’s really the apocalypse…”

Xiaoguo frowned slightly when she saw her mother’s behavior. She said a few words to Ruyi to calm her down before hanging up.

“Mom? Mom?”

Xiaoguo tried her best to shake Mrs. Qin, but she seemed to have lost her soul. She couldn’t wake her up no matter how hard she tried.

Seeing this, Mr. Qin came over to help her. Suddenly, Mrs. Qin pushed the two of them away and ran to the toilet to throw up.

Xiaoguo ran to get water while Mr. Qin walked over and patted his wife’s back. He felt so worried for her.

Mr. Qin knew that his wife was timid. Although she seemed talkative and loud on the surface, she was actually very timid. Even though they were now in the house, she was already feeling so frightened. If she saw what was going on outside, she was definitely going to faint.

Mrs. Qin shook her head and tried to say something, but then she vomited again.

At this moment, Xiaoguo brought over some water. Mr. Qin took it and carefully fed it to Mrs. Qin.

Feeling the coolness in her throat, Mrs. Qin looked up and saw the worried look in their eyes. She tried her best to catch her breath and told them, “I’m fine.”

Mr. Qin helped her to the living room. The rain outside the window had gradually stopped, and a blazing sun was now hanging high in the sky.

Xiaoguo knew that the scorching sun would last for 24 hours. Even when night came, the sun was not going to go down.

Let’s set off now!

They couldn’t wait any longer. The most well-equipped and secure place in the country was the central military base in Lin City. It was also the only camp that remained safe and well-equipped during the post-apocalyptic period.

The outbreak had happened earlier than expected. They couldn’t stay in the building any longer. They must run before the rest of the people start to mutate.

Xiaoguo was like a calming pill for the couple. They believed everything she said without a doubt.

They knew that they had to leave this place. After all, Xiaoguo had already sent all their belongings to the central military camp in the city. As for the reason, their daughter’s explanation was that the camp was safe.

After making sure that her parents were fine, Xiaoguo took the lead and prepared to go out the door.

But Mr. Qin refused. He was a man. How could he let his daughter walk in front of him?

“Dad, you cover the rear.”

Xiaoguo had her word on this matter, so there was no room for negotiation.

Mr. Qin looked at his wife in the middle and nodded reluctantly.

Although Mr. Qin agreed to stay at the back, his gaze never left Xiaoguo, who was taking the lead. He was prepared to rush over if there was any danger.

Xiaoguo was not planning to go out blindly. Instead, she took out a telescope from her backpack.

This is not an ordinary telescope, but one that could be extended to view a far distance. It could also bend to look left, right, up and down. When encountering a corner, one could first extend it to check for dangers ahead.

Fortunately, their house was on the second floor. As long as they were careful, they could get out of the building quickly.

“Daddy, take good care of Mommy.”

Mr. Qin nodded nervously.

The slippery blood mixture in the corridor, the broken limbs, and the finger marks on the wall, as well as the occasional screams and roars coming from upstairs—all these were testing the limits of their sanity.

Fortunately, watching those zombie movies had paid off. What they were seeing now was nothing compared to those scenes in the movies.

This was how the two elders of the Qin family consoled themselves. This was the only way they knew how. Otherwise, they were really afraid that they might vomit at any moment. If they attracted the attention of the zombies, that would be the end of them.

In a few rooms, there were still zombies gnawing on the corpses. Xiaoguo gestured towards the two people behind her, and the three of them quickly ran past while holding their breath.

Fortunately, they arrived at the ground floor without any mishaps.

But things were not so straightforward here in the open. Terrifying screams could be heard coming from each of the buildings, and there were many zombies wandering within the neighborhood.

Most of the zombies were still in the building and had yet to come out. It was noon, and there were not many zombies beyond the perimeters of the neighborhood. To the three of them, this was a blessing in disguise.

Blood was flowing down along the steps and onto the ground. One could also see blood seeping through the windows and staining the exterior walls of the building. It looked like a living hell.

Feeling like she was going to break down, Mrs. Qin bit hard on her lower lips. She was useless, but she must not drag them down.

Mr. Qin’s usually rosy cheeks had completely turned pale at this moment. Holding onto tightly to his wife’s hand, he tried to pass on some of his body heat to her, although his body temperature was quite low at this instant.

At the steps near the entrance, Xiaoguo held on to the two of them. Mr. Qin followed her gaze and saw Doctor Liu, who usually took walks with them, gnawing on a pregnant woman with his blood-filled mouth.

The pregnant woman was not completely dead yet, her limbs were twitching, and her hands were still subconsciously trying to protect her cut open belly.

Xiaoguo took out a custom-made extendable ax from her backpack. The handle was a meter long with an ax fixed on one end, and a sharp knife attached on the opposite end. Under the sunlight, the blade was gleaming bright like a star.


Mr. Qin looked at her uneasily. Was she going to do what he was thinking?

Xiaoguo didn’t explain. She looked around to check if the surroundings were safe while she quietly approached Doctor Liu.

She had to kill him. He was blocking her car right now. In order not to attract the attention of other zombies, she had to kill him quietly..