Chapter 477: The End

In summer, it would usually be dark around eight in the Imperial Capital.

However, on Shangyang Mountain, it was already dark outside the guard room at seven.

Coupled with the fact that there were no street lamps and the moon was blocked by dark clouds, the wind was blowing outside the guard room like a ghost wailing. Ordinary people would definitely be scared to death at this moment.

Qi Yihan looked out the window and asked Tang Li, “Are there already ghosts coming out?”

“No,” Tang Li said. “This is caused by the Yin Spirit that came out of the ghost gate before it opened.”


Qi Yihan looked outside for a while and suddenly said to Tang Li, “Li, take out my toolbox.”

Although Tang Li did not know what he wanted to do, she immediately took it out.

Qi Yihan placed the toolbox on the table in the guard room and quickly opened it. He then took out a few special-looking parts and quickly assembled them.

Tang Li watched him assemble without blinking.

Before long, he assembled something that looked like a compact.

“What is this?”


“A magnetic field detector.”

Qi Yihan tested the dial in the room. Seeing that there was no reaction, he asked Tang Li, “Li, is this room isolated by you?”


With that, she asked, “Do you want to go out?”


The four of them walked to an empty space a meter away from the door.

When they walked out of the area isolated by the talisman, the wind was even stronger, rustling their clothes.

The needle on the dial in Qi Yihan’s hand started to spin faster and faster. In the end, it was like a windmill that couldn’t be stopped.

“The magnetic field here is already in a mess.” After Qi Yihan finished speaking, he took the dial and walked towards the entrance of the cemetery. As he walked, the needle on the dial was so fast that it was invisible.

Just as he reached the metal door at the entrance, Tang Li stopped him. “Hubby, don’t go in.”

Qi Yihan nodded and put away the dial. The four of them returned to the guard room.

The two of them discussed the cause of the magnetic field disruption.

Qiqi and Linlin stood by the window and looked out.

The two of them watched for a while before Linlin suddenly said to Tang Li, “Godmother, a ghost is coming out of the cemetery.”

Tang Li and Qi Yihan looked out.

Qi Yihan could not see it, so Tang Li tapped the space between his eyebrows and he saw several ghosts coming down from the mountain. Soon, they arrived and were looking at them curiously.

These ghosts were from the cemetery and were dressed neatly. Other than their feet not touching the ground, they were not scary.

Tang Li said to Qi Yihan, “Our other goal tonight is to make all the ghosts that are lingering in the human world go to the Netherworld. These ghosts feel like they are about to leave, so they came down early. Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid,” Qi Yihan said. “They don’t look like they pose a threat to us.”

“Yes, but when the ghost gate opens at midnight, there will be all kinds of ghosts. They might come to scare you, so don’t be afraid.”

Qi Yihan tilted his head to look at Tang Li, who was talking to him seriously. He held her hand and smiled. “I’m not afraid. Don’t worry.”

Tang Li smiled back at him and leaned closer to him. She leaned her head on his shoulder and said, “After I’m done with work tonight, I want to travel for a while.”


“I still want to eat the food you cook.”


Linlin, who was standing by the window, whispered into Qiqi’s ear, “Godmother is acting cute to Godfather again.”

Qiqi glanced at her and said, “Godmother is a girl. She has the right to act cute.”

When Linlin heard this, her eyes lit up. “Then… I’m a girl too. I want to act cute too.”

Qiqi, “Sure. Just find someone who can tolerate you.”

Linlin didn’t know what to say.

As the time approached midnight, it was even darker outside. At eleven o’clock, other than Tang Li and the others who were staying in the small room, the rest of the place was dark, as if it was covered by a thick black cloth.

The ghosts they saw previously could no longer be seen.

At that moment, Tang Li took out a talisman and threw it into the air. Immediately, images of the other masters appeared.

Over there on their side, it was dark as well and seemed to be more dangerous.

The moment they contacted each other, they told each other about the situation.

Xuan He said, “All the ghosts in the cemetery have come out, and the Yin Spirit around is getting stronger and stronger.”

The other places were similar to his place.

In the end, everyone looked at Tang Li.

Tang Li said, “It’s about the same on my side, but according to my prediction, the gate of hell might open a few minutes earlier tonight.”

“What?!” The masters’ expressions changed drastically.

Xuan He quickly said, “If that’s the case, there must be many malicious ghosts smashing against the gate, trying to break through it. Master Tang, you have to be careful.”

“Yes, I know.”

Tang Li talked to them for a while. Qiqi and Linlin, who were standing by the window, sensed something. At the same time, they turned around and said to Tang Li, “Godparents, the ghost gate appeared.”

Tang Li and Qi Yihan looked out of the window at the same time. As expected, they saw a trace of light in the darkness. In the light, an extremely large door appeared in the sky above the cemetery.

Tang Li said to the masters, “Everyone, be careful. The Ghost Gate has already appeared.”

With that, she walked towards the door. As she walked, she said to Qiqi and Linlin, “Qiqi, Xiaoli, protect your godfather.”

“Yes, Godmother.”


Tang Li stopped by the door and turned to look at Qi Yihan. She smiled at him. “Don’t worry, we can go back when the sun rises.”

Qi Yihan nodded at her. “Be careful.”

Tang Li nodded and walked out.

Tang Li quickly walked towards the Ghost Gate.

The closer she was, the more powerful the Yin Spirit she could feel.

At this moment, the ghost door was not opened yet. She quickly extended her finger and drew a talisman in the air. After the talisman was drawn, a golden light quickly attached to the ghost door. Then, she took out the copper bell.

As she expected, the ghost gate opened a few minutes earlier.

The moment the ghost gate opened, Tang Li leaped in. She stood inside and shook the copper bell in her hand.

Soon, many malicious ghosts who wanted to rush out were stopped by her.

A malicious ghost was unhappy. He bared his teeth and threatened, “Human, I advise you to mind your own business.”

Tang Li snorted and said in a low voice, “You’d better not go to places you’re not supposed to go.”

“What if we insist on going?”

“Then let’s see if you have the ability!”

The malicious ghosts immediately transformed into various terrifying shapes and attacked Tang Li.

Tang Li did not stop shaking the copper bell. A peach wood sword appeared in her other hand and she started fighting with the ghosts.

These malicious ghosts had done many evil things in the human world to begin with. They could not reincarnate in the ghost world and would dissipate into ashes after some time. Therefore, they wanted to escape back to the human world and find a suitable body to reincarnate in.

However, although these malicious ghosts looked powerful, they were nothing to Tang Li. The moment they touched the peach wood sword, they turned into ashes and disappeared.

The other malicious ghosts who wanted to charge at her were stunned by the wooden sword in Tang Li’s hand for a few seconds. However, when they thought that they would be turned into ashes anyway, they charged at her again.

For a moment, Tang Li started a massacre of these malicious ghosts.

As more ghosts disappeared, more ghosts charged at Tang Li.

Tonight, the ghosts in the entire Ghost Festival were out of control. They kept increasing in number and Tang Li went on a killing spree.

More than an hour later, the ghosts who wanted to rush out were finally afraid and did not dare to charge at her anymore. However, at that moment, Tang Li sensed an enormous power. She quickly shouted outside the ghost gate, “Qiqi, Linlin, come and guard the gate!”

Then, she took out the Guqin. She dropped her blood on the Guqin and threw it out. In the next second, her consciousness was pulled into a huge vortex.


Knock, knock, knock!

“Master Tang, are you inside?”

The sudden knock on the door brought Tang Li back to her senses. She subconsciously raised her right hand to look at her wrist. There was no longer a red line.

She subconsciously looked around and realized that she had returned to the room in the real world.

“How is that possible!”

In a panic, she started searching for the novel but couldn’t find it anywhere.

Her heart ached and her mind went blank.

Seeing that she did not open the door and there was a lot of noise inside, the person outside pushed the door open and stuck his head in.

Tang Li looked up at the same time. This person was the butler of this villa.

Seeing that Tang Li seemed to be looking for something, he asked, “Master Tang, what are you looking for?”

“A romance novel.” Tang Li did not find the novel and was extremely flustered. She quickly strode up to Butler Yang and asked, “Did you see the romance novel in here?”

Butler Yang was obviously a little confused by this question. He shook his head and said to her, “Master Tang, there is no such a thing here.”

Tang Li frowned. She remembered she entered the novel while the book spirit was fighting with the artifact spirit.

Butler Yang really did not know why Master Tang asked such a strange question. However, remembering why he was here, he asked, “Master Tang, when are you going to treat my master?”

Tang Li was not in the mood to treat the owner of this place. She was worried that Yihan would go crazy if he found out that she was suddenly gone.

The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became.

Butler Yang was shocked by Tang Li’s reaction.

“Master Tang…” Butler Yang suggested,” Why don’t you go and see my master first? When you’re done, I’ll get someone from the villa to help you find whatever you want. ”

“No, help me find it now,” Tang Li said anxiously. “Help me find a novel called xxxx.”

Butler Yang was about to speak when a young man’s voice came from behind him.

“Did Master Tang lose something in our villa?”

Tang Li and Butler Yang looked over at the same time. When Tang Li saw this person, her pupils constricted rapidly. He looked exactly like Qi Lingxuan.

Butler Yang greeted him, “Young Master Lingxuan.”

The young man looked at Tang Li and smiled at her. He introduced himself politely, “I’m Huo Lingxuan. The one who suddenly fainted is my cousin and the owner of this villa. Master Tang, I heard that your medical skills are very good. Please help my cousin.”

Looking at the man in front of her, Tang Li’s heart was racing. His name was Huo Lingxuan, and he looked exactly like the male lead in the book. She did not believe that there was no connection between them. She immediately put away the panic in her heart and asked the two of them, “What’s the full name of the patient?”

Previously, she only knew that this patient was the head of the Huo family.

Butler Yang was about to tell him.

Huo Lingxuan suddenly smiled and said, “Master Tang, why are you asking this? People don’t normally call my cousin by his name. They call him the head of the Huo family.”

Tang Li stared at Huo Lingxuan.

There was definitely something wrong with this person.

She lowered her eyes and thought for a moment before saying, “Alright, take me to see your family head now.”

“Master Tang doesn’t look very well. Do you want to rest for a while?”

Tang Li raised her head to look at Huo Lingxuan, and a cold glint flashed across her eyes.

She couldn’t be bothered to say anything else. “Take me to see your family head immediately.”

Butler Yang immediately came back to his senses and gestured for Tang Li to follow him. “Master Tang, please.”

The two of them walked out.

Huo Lingxuan, who was left behind, looked at the departing figure and a hint of ruthlessness flashed across his eyes.

Then, he immediately followed.

The three of them walked in the villa. There were armed guards everywhere. As they walked, Tang Li asked, “How did the family head faint?”

“My cousin fainted without warning.”

Tang Li glanced at Huo Lingxuan, who was eager to answer, and then at Butler Yang.

Butler Yang said, “Some time ago, the head of the family said that he was going somewhere to train, but he suddenly fainted the night before.”

“What abilities does your family head have?” The heads of these mysterious families all had very special abilities.

“Our family is the descendant of the divine beast, White Tiger. Cousin can become a White Tiger.”

Hearing that, Tang Li suddenly understood something.

Tang Li glanced at Huo Lingxuan and felt that this person must have something to do with it.

She did not ask further.

After walking for a while, Huo Lingxuan suddenly asked Tang Li, “Master Tang, what novel did you say just now? It turns out that you masters like to read novels.”

Tang Li glanced at Huo Lingxuan but did not say anything.

Huo Lingxuan added, “I have a cousin sister who likes to read novels too. What novel are you looking for? I’ll help you ask her if she has it.”

Tang Li suddenly stopped and immediately asked, “Where is your cousin sister now?”

“She lives in my courtyard. If Master Tang wants to ask her, I’ll take you there now.”

Tang Li nodded. “Alright, take me there now.”

“Alright, Master Tang, this way please.”

With that, he pointed in another direction.

Butler Yang, who was standing there, frowned and felt that Master Tang was acting a little strange. “Master Tang, we’re about to reach the main courtyard. Can you go and see the family head first?”

Tang Li said, “I’ll see his cousin first. It won’t take long.”

With that, she gestured for Huo Lingxuan to lead the way.

Huo Lingxuan brought her to his courtyard.

Huo Lingxuan’s courtyard was a little far from the head of the family’s courtyard. The two of them walked for a long time before arriving.

The moment she entered the courtyard, Tang Li asked, “Where’s your cousin sister?”

“Master Tang, don’t worry. She is inside. Please.”

The two of them continued walking towards the hall in the courtyard.

When she reached the door of the living room, Tang Li saw the novel placed on the table. At the same time, there was a formation in the living room that ordinary people could not see.

Huo Lingxuan said, “Master Tang, she must be out playing. Why don’t you go in and take a seat? I’ll get someone to find her immediately.”

“No need.”

Tang Li suddenly reached out her hand toward the book. The book flew into her hand as if it had wings. She glanced at the cover of the book and said, “I’m looking for this book.”

Then, she turned around and walked out of the door, saying, “I’ll borrow the book for a few days.”

With that, she left.

Huo Lingxuan looked at the departing figure and smiled evilly.

As Tang Li walked, she placed her hand on the book, trying to wake up the book spirit inside.

However, there was no reaction at all.

She frowned and quickly opened the novel. Only then did she realize that this was not the one she was looking for. At this moment, a light flashed from the book and was about to suck her in.

Tang Li snorted and quickly drew a talisman on the book, quickly sealing the light.

“How dare you set me up. You’re courting death.”

After saying that, Tang Li’s body swayed. In the next second, she appeared in front of Huo Lingxuan. She grabbed his neck and asked in a low voice, “Speak, what is your motive?”

Huo Lingxuan did not expect Tang Li to find out so quickly and that she was not sucked into the book.

He opened his mouth and said with difficulty, “How is that possible!”

Since that book could suck her in, why couldn’t this one? Besides, he had asked many masters to cast a spell on this book!

“Tell me the truth.”

Tang Li tightened her grip.

Huo Lingxuan felt like he was about to suffocate.

“I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you…”

Only then did Tang Li let go of him.

Huo Lingxuan coughed for a long time before saying with lingering fear, “I want to seal my cousin in this novel so that I can become the owner of this villa.”

“Master Tang, as long as you cooperate with me, I’ll give you anything you want.”

Tang Li sneered and said, “You can’t afford what I want.”

Then, with a flash, she disappeared in front of him.

In the next moment, Tang Li appeared in the main courtyard.

Before Butler Yang could react, Tang Li said, “Butler Yang, bring me in immediately.”

Although Butler Yang was still a little confused, he subconsciously led Tang Li to the family head’s bedroom.

The bedroom was divided into an inner and outer room. The outer room had an office area and a resting area. Tang Li did not look at the outer room and quickly walked in.

When she saw the familiar face lying on the bed, Tang Li smiled.

She suddenly strode over and held his face to look at it carefully. At the same time, the red thread returned to their wrists.

Tang Li mumbled, “Yihan, wait for me. I’ll wake you up.”

Then, she instructed, “Bring Huo Lingxuan over.”

In less than a minute, Huo Lingxuan was brought over and tied up. What brought him over was actually a divine beast with horns on its head.

After Huo Lingxuan was brought here, he looked at Tang Li with fear and indignation.

Tang Li sat on the edge of the bed and said, “Hand over that book.”

“No… Mm…”

The enormous pain made his face twist.

“Wait, wait, the book is with me.”

“Take it out.”

Before Huo Lingxuan could react, the divine beast that brought him here took out the novel on him.

Tang Li took the novel and placed her palm on it. She immediately summoned the book spirit.

“Send Yihan’s soul back.”

The book spirit’s trembling voice was immediately heard. “We can’t give him back his soul. Now, many ghosts have entered this world. Your husband is on a killing spree. He is about to make this world collapse.”

Tang Li’s heart skipped a beat. She quickly said to the divine beast and Butler Yang, “Watch Huo Lingxuan. I’ll go bring Yihan out.”

Before Butler Yang could react, Tang Li disappeared, leaving the book beside the head of the family.

When Tang Li appeared at the ghost gate, she saw many malicious ghosts surging out.

Qiqi and Linlin were gone, and so was Qi Yihan.

She quickly drew a talisman and forcefully closed the ghost door. At the same time, she sensed Qi Yihan’s aura and disappeared.

When Tang Li found Qi Yihan, he was covered in a murderous aura and was constantly killing with the sword in his hand.

Beside him was Qiqi and Linlin, who were also killing.

At this moment, he was covered in blood like a killing machine.

Tang Li leaped up and landed beside Qi Yihan.

Qi Yihan did not see her at all. The moment he sensed someone approaching, he stabbed his sword at her.


Tang Li’s voice instantly woke him up. Qi Yihan withdrew the sharp sword in his hand. In the next second, he quickly pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. His eyes were red and his voice was hoarse and trembling. “Li.”

“It’s me.” Tang Li reached out and drew a Heart Cleansing Talisman on his back. She said, “I’m back.”

In the next second, she felt tears dripping down on her neck. Then, the man said in an even more hoarse voice, “Please, don’t scare me anymore.”

Tang Li’s eyes turned red. “Alright.”

The two of them hugged for a long while before Tang Li withdrew from his arms. She took out the bell and kept ringing it. Then, a peach wood sword appeared in her hand. She quickly dealt with the malicious ghosts and shouted, “Qiqi, Lili.”

The two Kylins who were devouring the Yin Spirit quickly flew over.


Tang Li said, “Go get Qi Lingxuan.”

The two of them quickly grabbed Qi Lingxuan, who was hiding in the dark. Tang Li said to Qi Yihan, “Yihan, you were pulled into the novel like me. This person is your cousin’s consciousness. Only by killing him can you leave.”

When Qi Lingxuan, who was thrown to the ground, heard this, his pupils constricted and he was about to resist.

However, how could Qi Yihan give him this chance? A gun quickly appeared in his hand and he pulled the trigger. Bang! Qi Lingxuan fell into a pool of blood.

At this moment, the book spirit’s voice was heard. “The world is about to collapse.”

Tang Li threw out a pen. “Write that Qi Lingxuan was the greatest villain and was killed by Qi Yihan and Tang Li. From now on, this book will be the small world I created. We can enter whenever we want.”

After the last stroke, the malicious ghosts that were still rampaging turned into smoke and disappeared into the world. At the same time, the first ray of light came from the horizon.

All the Yin Spirit and darkness were dissipated.

Tang Li touched Qi Yihan’s hand and said, “Hubby, I’ll take you away from here.”

With that, the two of them disappeared.

In the next moment, Tang Li returned to the bedside. Huo Lingxuan covered his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Tang Li in disbelief.

Tang Li looked straight at the man lying on the bed.

After a few seconds, the man’s eyes moved. After waiting for a while, he finally opened his eyes.

Looking at the man who had opened his eyes, Butler Yang, who was standing at the side, cried tears of joy. “Master, you’re finally awake.”

The man looked at Tang Li in a daze.

Tang Li waved her hand at his eyes and asked with a frown, “Did you lose your memory when you returned to the real world?”

She was wondering if she should get him into the book again.

She did not want a husband who lost all his memory.

However, in the next second, the man reached out to her.

Tang Li gave him her hand.

He immediately held it.

The man smiled. “Now, we can live the rest of our life together.”

Tang Li smiled as well. “We will live together forever.”