Chapter 476  : Guarding the Mountain

Other than Qi Hao, who had already gone overseas, the other men in the Qi family were all called over by the old man.

The old man glanced at his grandchildren and then at Qi Yihan. “Where did Li go?”

Qi Yihan replied, “The higher-ups called her over. They need her help with something.”

The old man nodded and suddenly asked, “I heard that Tiancheng and Yaolong have been going on blind dates recently.”

Everyone was a little surprised that the old man would suddenly bring this up.


Second Master quickly replied, “That’s right. Guizhi has already found them a suitable girl. We can start preparing the wedding.”

For a family like the Qi family, as long as the young ones were willing to get married, they could marry pretty much any girl from the upper class.

The old man nodded in satisfaction and looked at Third Master.

Third Master quickly said, “Zeyu has come of age yet. It’s still too early to talk about marriage.”

Unexpectedly, the old man said, “It’s not early. We can let him get engaged first and get married when he’s old enough. Haven’t you realized that there are only a few in the fourth generation of our Qi family?”

These words surprised the masters even more.


First Master asked directly, “Father, did something happen?”

The old man looked at him unhappily and said with a straight face, “What can happen? I’m just concerned about you guys.”

With that, she looked at Qi Lingxuan.

Although he did not like this grandson of his, after hearing what the master said this morning, he felt that since this grandson was capable, he should keep him.

“Everyone, stay here today. This morning, a master said that today is the Ghost Year, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion where ghosts are everywhere. The master gave me some talismans. When the time comes, the malicious ghosts won’t be able to reach omy courtyard. It’s safer for you to stay here than in the Qi Mansion.”

These words shocked the other men.

Qi Yihan frowned and said, “If it’s really as scary as that master said, Father should call everyone over.”

The old man’s expression darkened. He didn’t like it when his words were refuted. However, this was his favorite youngest son, so he explained, “Master said that women carry a strong Yin Spirit and that their coming here will bring trouble to our family. Besides, there will be a group of masters guarding the Ghost Gate tonight, so there might not be any malicious ghosts coming out. Don’t worry about the women. I’ve already sent that master to the Qi Mansion and paid a high price to let him stay there. The master will protect them.”

After saying this, he added, “Call Li and ask her to come over later.”

If Tang Li was capable, he would feel more at ease with Tang Li around.

Qi Yihan still frowned.

If the women in the family found out about what the old man did, they would be disappointed.

He lowered his eyes and thought for a moment before saying, “If I am here, Qiqi and Linlin have to be here with me too.”

“No, children attract the Yin Spirit!” The old man’s face darkened. “These two children are not yours and Li’s to begin with. Why did you bring them here? If something happens, our entire Qi family will suffer.”

Qi Yihan was about to say something when the old man said impatiently, “I’m tired. I’ll go and rest first. You guys are not allowed to go back today.”

With that said, he stood up and left.

After the old man returned to his room, Third Master said, “Fourth Brother, don’t blame Father. Father is doing this for our own good.”

Qi Yihan nodded and turned to walk out.

Third Master quickly asked, “Fourth brother, where are you going?”

“I’ll stay at the Qi Mansion.”

“You’re not allowed to leave.” The old man, who had already entered the room, suddenly came out and shouted at him, “After tonight, you can do whatever you want, but not tonight.”

Qi Yihan turned around and looked at the old man opposite him. His gaze then swept across the others. Suddenly, his eyes blurred and he felt that the people in front of him had all turned black and white.

He suddenly wanted to find Tang Li. He felt that if he did not find her now, he would forever lose her..

With this thought in mind, he said, “I’ll go get Li.”

The old man nodded and said earnestly, “I’m doing this for the sake of the entire Qi family. Maybe nothing will happen tonight. Even if something happens, we have Talismans and masters. We will be safe.”

Qi Yihan nodded and did not say anything else. He turned around and walked towards the car.

When Qi Yihan came, he brought Qiqi and Linlin with him, who were sitting in the car while he was gone.

After getting into the car, Qiqi and Linlin seemed to have sensed his mood. At the same time, they leaned against the back of the seat and looked at him.

Linlin asked in a sweet voice, “Godfather, are you unhappy?”

Qi Yihan turned to look at the two little ones and said, “Sit tight. I’ll take you to your godmother.”

Qiqi and Linlin looked at each other. Qiqi said with a straight face, “It’s very dangerous over there. Godmother asked me and Linlin to protect you at home.”

Qi Yihan was silent for two seconds. He was really anxious to find Tang Li, but he couldn’t really go over just like that. What if he made things worse for her? He said, “I’ll call and ask if I can go.”

With that, he took out his phone and called Tang Li.

When Tang Li heard that Qi Yihan wanted to look for her, she wanted to reject him. However, she didn’t because she felt bored guarding the mountain alone. Coupled with the fact that she was strangely worried about Qi Yihan, she said, “Come over then.”

Then, she added, “Let Qiqi and Linlin join us.”

She felt that with Qiqi and Linlin around, he would be safe. Ghosts were all made of Yin Spirit. Qiqi and Linlin could easily swallow a lot of Yin Spirit.

After hanging up, Tang Li did not wait long before Qi Yihan arrived with the two little ones.

Despite it was two in the afternoon, the hottest time of the day, many people still came to pay respect to their ancestors

When Tang Li saw Qi Yihan walking over, she quickly stood up and opened the guard room, waving at him.

“Hubby, Qiqi, Linlin, come over quickly.”

Qi Yihan’s aura was too strong. Coupled with the fact that he was holding two little cuties, he attracted everyone’s attention. When Tang Li called out, everyone immediately looked at her.

Tang Li ignored everyone’s gazes. When the three of them walked over, she pulled Qi Yihan into the guard room.

After sitting down, she rested her chin on one hand and asked Qi Yihan with a smile, “Hubby, did you miss me?”

Qi Yihan touched her cheek and nodded.

Linlin, who was standing at the side, giggled.

Then, she covered Qiqi’s mouth with her hand and whispered into his ear, “I think Godmother is very bored and wants Godfather to keep her company.”

Tang Li kicked her calf and said, “Kids, behave yourself.”

“I’m not a kid.” Linlin raised her head and puffed out her chest. “I’m an adult Kylin.”

“Then turn into an adult and show me.”

Linlin stopped talking and looked sad.

Qi Yihan looked at the two girls who were bickering and his lips curled up.

He said, “Will my staying here with you tonight affect you?”

“No, you just have to stay in this guard room and let Qiqi and Linlin protect you. I’m worried that you’ll be afraid when you see so many strange ghosts in the middle of the night.”

“I won’t be afraid,” Qi Yihan said. “I don’t think ghosts are scary. The scariest thing is the human heart.”

Tang Li agreed with him and nodded. However, she still said, “When the time comes, I’ll give you some stuff. Even if Qiqi and Linlin are not by your side, no ghosts will dare to approach you.”

Linlin immediately said, “Qiqi and I will definitely stay with Godfather tonight.”

“I said if.”

After saying that, Tang Li looked out the window.

Tang Li asked, “Did you feel the cold air when you came?”

“I felt it,” Qiqi and Linlin replied at the same time.

Qi Yihan asked, “Is it because the Yin Spirit here is too strong?”

“Partly, and partly because this is the main entrance of the Ghost Gate. Yin Spirit is already leaking out.”

Qi Yihan nodded in agreement.

When it was past three o’clock, there were fewer and fewer people. At four o’clock, it was almost empty.

At this moment, Qi Yihan’s phone rang. It was from First Master.

First Master asked, “Fourth Brother, why does it take you so long to pick up Fourth Sister-in-law? Father is already angry and wants you to come back quickly.”

Qi Yihan said calmly, “Li and I have something on, so we won’t be coming over.”

“Outrageous!” The old man’s displeased voice was heard immediately. “If you don’t come back right away, I’ll get the bodyguards to kidnap you back.”

“I’m sorry, Father. It’s best if you don’t send bodyguards over. Let them protect you.”

Qi Yihan hung up after saying that.

Tang Li tilted her head to look at him, a little surprised that he would go against his father.

Qi Yihan told Tang Li what the old man said today. In the end, he said tiredly, “In the past, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with Father’s way of doing things. In a family like ours, it’s fine to be controlling and dictatorial. But today, I can’t accept it anymore. I felt very tired and didn’t want to listen to him anymore.”

Tang Li held his hand and said, “If I were you, I would also refute. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Qi Yihan tilted his head to look at her and his mood suddenly brightened. He felt that as long as Tang Li could understand him and stand on his side, nothing else mattered.

The field below the cemetery was very wide. It was still early before dark. Tang Li suggested, “Why don’t we barbecue? It’s such a wide field and there’s no one around. Isn’t it the best place to barbecue?”

Qi Yihan subconsciously looked at the cemetery beside him.

As if knowing what he was thinking, Tang Li smiled and said, “Don’t worry, there aren’t many ghosts here. Most of them have left. If we barbecue here, we can let them smell it.”

Qi Yihan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said, “Even if you want to barbecue, we don’t have the tools and food.”

Tang Li turned her gaze to linlin.

Linlin blinked her big eyes in confusion.

Tang Li gave her an amiable smile. “Linlin, go buy the tools and foods. I’ll give you an Invisibility Talisman. Fly to the market and bring back some food.”

“Oh, right. Don’t forget the barbecue tools.”

Linlin was stunned. “Godmother, I’m a baby. How can I buy so many things?”

Tang Li raised her hand to pull her braid and asked, “You just said that you’re an adult. Why are you a baby again?”

With that, she pushed her. “Hurry up. If you don’t know what to buy, ask the butcher.”

Then, she gave her her phone. “You can pay with my phone.”

Linlin had no choice but to go reluctantly.

After Linlin left, Qi Yihan looked at Tang Li.

Tang Li smiled at him and said, “Linlin is a sweet talker. She can definitely carry out the task.”

Qi Yihan chuckled.

Linlin returned an hour later. As expected, she did not disappoint Tang Li and bought a lot of delicious food.

When she turned back into a human, she pouted and said unhappily, “When the guard in the market saw me carrying so much stuff, he asked me to call my parents to pick me up. If I didn’t run fast, I wouldn’t have been able to come back.”

Tang Li, “I’ll reward you with delicious food later.”

Linlin was instantly happy.

Qi Yihan would definitely be the one to set up the barbecue.

Tang Li, Qiqi, and Linlin stood at the side and waited.

At this moment, Xuan He called.

Before Xuan He could speak, he saw Qi Yihan and the grill beside Tang Li.

He was speechless and suddenly forgot why he called.

Seeing that Xuan He remained silent, Tang Li asked, “Master Xuan, why are you calling me?”

Xuan He came back to his senses and quickly asked, “Master Tang, will your husband affect you?”

“No, I’ll make him stay in the guard room.”

Xuan He knew what Tang Li was capable of, so he did not say anything else.

Instead, they started talking about serious matters. “We’re all ready, but I’m worried that something unexpected will happen, so we’re going to use a special communication method. When the time comes, whoever is in trouble, the others will be able to get the news immediately and rush over to help.”

Tang Li nodded and said, “Use the talisman to communicate. Later, we’ll cast a spell together to make our talismans connect.”


After hanging up the phone, Tang Li went to the side and took out a talisman. Together with the other masters, they used mystic techniques to connect everyone’s talismans.

After she was done doing that, Qi Yihan finished grilling a lot of delicious food, so Tang Li started eating.

As soon as the sun set, this place became gloomy. Although it was July, the place was actually cold.

The four of them entered the guard room. Tang Li drew another talisman to cover the entire room. With a flash, the guard room seemed to be isolated from the outside world.