Ye wennian then picked up the pillow beside him and placed it behind Wang qiancha so that she could lean on it.

She could lean on Him.

At this moment, Wang qiancha could feel ye wennian's attentiveness.

She realized that although ye wennian looked cold, he was actually soft-hearted and very attentive.

Wang qiancha sat up and looked at ye wennian seriously.

Although she knew that he was ye wennian at this time, Wang qiancha still looked a little dazed.

She couldn't tell if it was real or ancient.


However, when she looked at ye wennian's eyes carefully, she could tell.

In ancient times, Jun yenian's eyes were filled with gentleness and love.

However, this was ye wennian, the modern him.

His eyes were cold and distant.

Even though she was concerned, there was still a sense of distance and strangeness.

It was said that the eyes were the windows to the soul. Wang qiancha felt that she could see through ye wennian's glasses and see his inner world.


His heart was cold and indifferent.

Moreover, he must have sealed his heart, as if he had isolated himself from the outside world.

Ye wennian also felt Wang qiancha's gaze."What's wrong?"

"You're here to watch over me. Are you disturbing your studies and rest?"Wang qiancha asked, pursing her lips."And will your family be worried about you?"

It was already past eight in the evening.

Wang qiancha wondered if ye wennian still had other things to do.


Ye wennian looked at Wang qiancha's pale face and said,""I'm fine. "

Wang qiancha looked at ye wennian's deep rose-like eyes, lifted the quilt, and said,""But I want to go home. If I don't go home at night, my family will be worried."

"And my stomach has recovered."

As she spoke, Wang qiancha revealed a bright smile to ye wennian.

She wanted ye wennian to think that she had already recovered and that her stomach was fine.

"It really doesn't hurt anymore?" Ye wennian still looked at Wang qiancha with some suspicion.

Wang qiancha nodded vigorously.

She looked at ye wennian and frowned. She tilted her head and said,""Are you very concerned about me?"

Wang qiancha looked at ye wennian seriously as she spoke.

Ye wennian's rose-like beautiful eyes flashed and he avoided Wang qiancha's gaze.

His expression was a little unnatural."Don't think too much."

Wang qiancha looked at ye wennian's expression and wanted to laugh.The corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

She felt that ye wennian did care about her.

She didn't know if he had any ancient memories.

She couldn't even tell if it was a memory or a dream.

However, she always felt that it was a real world.

"Then I'm going home."

As she spoke, Wang qiancha yawned.

Ye wennian looked at Wang qiancha and went to handle the discharge procedures for her.

Then, the two of them went home together.

They lived in the same neighborhood, so it was convenient for them to go back.

When they arrived at the neighborhood, ye wennian looked at Wang qiancha and said,""I'll send you home. "

It was an old neighborhood.

The streetlights at night were broken.

Ye wennian was worried that Wang qiancha would not be safe by herself.

A glint flashed across Wang qiancha's eyes."Sure. There aren't any street lights here. I'm also afraid of coming home at night."

Wang qiancha's voice was soft and weak as she spoke.

She raised her head and looked at ye wennian, asking expectantly,""Then, can we come back together if school ends late?"

As Wang qiancha looked at ye wennian, her eyes seemed to be able to speak and express her meaning very clearly.