A complicated light flashed through ye wennian's eyes.

The quiet Wang qiancha was completely different from her usual self.

Usually, she looked very lively and full of energy, as if she would never be tired.

At this moment, she was very weak as she slept on the bed.

She was a fragile little girl.

At this moment, ye wennian's mind was filled with the thought of an animal, an animal like a kitten.

This was probably what it looked like when he curled up and fell asleep.


It made one's heart soften.

However, ye wennian seemed to have thought of something and his gaze darkened.

Then, he picked up a book and continued reading.

Ye wennian was very clear on what he should do.

Even when he was in the hospital looking after Wang qiancha, ye wennian never forgot to study.

Ye wennian was very self-disciplined and his self-control was very good.


He knew what he had to do.

The moment he started reading, ye wennian would be immersed in the book.


When Wang qiancha fell asleep, she felt as if she had returned to ancient times.

In her dream, she saw a man in an ancient costume.

Master mo was like jade, and his young master was unparalleled.

He really looked like ye wennian.However, he was wearing an ancient costume at the moment.

She saw that she seemed to have twisted her leg and was sitting on the ground, unable to move.

He squatted down and carried her on his back.

Then, in the snow, he carried her on his back and walked forward.

"Ye Nian, don't worry about me. You can go first," she said.

At this moment, she was also a little weak.

His name was Jun yenian.

It turned out that this was another world. His name was Jun yenian, not ye wennian. Their names were similar.

"You don't have any strength left. Don't talk, I won't leave you alone."

"But the pursuers are about to catch up. If you leave alone, you can still survive."

"Don't be afraid. I'll protect you. Even if we die, we'll die together," Jun yenian said.

Such a firm and simple sentence made her feel especially touched.

She sniffled and hugged Jun yenian's neck tightly.

She buried her head in his neck.

There seemed to be a lot of pursuers behind them.

However, Jun yenian protected her steadily as they traveled through the forest.

The clothes she was wearing were very thick, but ye junnian was wearing very little.

He seemed to have given her thick clothes to wear.In her dream, Wang qiancha was truly touched.

She was touched by how well he treated her and wanted to cherish him.

She just wanted to do something for him.


After an unknown period of time, Wang qiancha finally woke up.

When Wang qiancha woke up, she was still in a daze.

Wang qiancha blinked her eyes and then saw ye wennian beside her.

He was sitting by the bed, reading a book quietly.

It was said that focused people were the most charming.

Wang qiancha's expression froze.

She seemed to be in a daze, as if she was still in a dream.

Wang qiancha moved.

Ye wennian seemed to have sensed some movement and turned to look at Wang qiancha."You're awake? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Wang qiancha saw a look of concern in ye wennian's eyes.

However, it was not the gentle and doting gaze he had in his dream.

She suddenly sobered up.magic

She knew that he only treated her as a good friend.

Seeing that Wang qiancha didn't say anything, ye wennian continued to ask,""Is your stomach better?"

Wang qiancha nodded her head."Much better."

Even so, Wang qiancha's voice was still very weak.

She used her hands to support herself on the bed and prepared to sit up.

Ye wennian reached out to support Wang qiancha and helped her sit up.