Chapter 3  : Young Master Xie’s Helping Hand

When Yun Bixue attempted to pick herself up, a sudden force pushed her down again.

“Sister, Sister are you alright? It must be painful...”

A delicate voice was heard, a petite girl wearing a white one-piece ran toward Yun Bixue. She lowered herself and tried to help Yun Bixue, tears dripping down her cheeks.

The crowd immediately developed a tender affection for this petite girl. She was so pure and endearing, making others want to protect her. The crowd almost ignored Yun Bixue, who had fallen and remained reactionless.

Yun Bixue raised her head and looked at her cousin 1 —Yun Mengshi, and felt cynical. After being pushed by her cousin, the glass shards had pierced her palm and arm. Sweat was even coming out of her forehead.


Witnessing this scene, Xie Limo’s steps paused. With his almond eyes shimmering, his mouth curled apathetically.

Upon seeing Yun Bixue’s clear, beautiful face and the enduring stubbornness in her eyes, Xie Limo’s eyes flickered. His laid-back expression changed slightly and advanced toward Yun Bixue. He lowered himself and extended his right hand which was as exquisite as jade.

“Are you okay?” asked Xie Limo, the center of his fine eyebrows furrowed slightly as he looked at Yun Bixue. His question was delivered slowly, with a voice that was as clear as a running river. The voice flowed into Yun Bixue’s heart, filling her with warmth.

A lump formed in her throat. In her most sorry state, she ended up having a stranger save her.

Yun Bixue took her undamaged hand and placed it in Xie Limo’s palm. He closed his hand, and the warmth from his hand transferred to her heart.

As for Yun Mengshi, she looked at the man in front of her from closeby, he was as outstanding as a white lotus. She felt her heart race and her soul quiver. She had to have this man.


Xie Limo had not even stolen a glance at Yun Mengshi. After helping Yun Bixue to her feet, he spoke sleekly, “Xie Liu, help her dress her wounds.”

A man wearing a black suit came from behind and bowed respectfully at Xie Limo. He then approached Yun Bixue. “Miss Yun, please follow me.”

Yun Bixue nodded. Turning toward Xie Limo, she said, “Mr. Xie, thank you very much for what happened today.” After all, at her lowest point, it was he who extended a helping hand. She was grateful to him.

Yun Mengshi recovered from her trance and realized that Yun Bixue was about to leave. She gave chase immediately, tears falling as she closed the distance. “Sister, you’re bleeding. It must be excruciating...”

Yun Bixue frowned and turned her head. “Yun Mengshi, I only have one sister. I’ll be grateful if you do not follow me in the future.”

Yun Mengshi felt the color drain from her face and helplessly lowered her head. Her face was covered in tears. “Sister, what do you mean?”

Various thoughts arose amidst the crowd. It was known that Young Master Xie hated girls who made a scene during banquets as an excuse to get close to him. Once, someone fell on purpose to get Young Master Xie’s attention and got on his bad side. That girl had since been removed from the list of prestigious and influential people.

Furthermore... it was rumored that Young Master Xie was not responsive to women, but what about the current situation? Miss Yun sure is fortunate.

Yun Mengshi stomped her feet, turned around to face Young Master Xie and smiled with gratitude. “Young Master Xie, thank you for saving my sister today.” The smile was sweet, gentle and charming, captivating a few other onlooking scions.

Xie Limo gave an indifferent glance toward Yun Mengshi and continued walking forward. “Continue with the banquet!” As soon as the command was issued, the hall was filled with orchestral music, leaving Yun Mengshi standing awkwardly.

A few young ladies looked at Yun Mengshi jealously. “Nice act. The Yun family is already bankrupt, and yet here she is!”