magicChapter 2  : Falling Injury

Su Lenghan’s cold gaze stiffened a little. Frowning, he said, “Bixue, this isn’t the kind of person you ought to be.”

As Bixue looked at the emotionally distant man—noting the impatience in his voice—she unwittingly tightened her grip on the wine glass in her hand. Bitterness seeped in as she realized that she had misjudged him all along.

“Su Lenghan, even after spending three years together, you don’t understand me. The Yun family is in shambles, to save my grandfather, I am willing to do anything. Furthermore, isn’t the collapse of the Yun family the reason that you’re together with Meng Xinyan?”

It would be a lie to say that she didn’t care. After all, having spent three years together, even if there was no chemistry between them, they had grown accustomed to each other’s presence. In contrast, she was now being treated with neglect. Nobody knew that her self-worth was being eroded piece by piece.

Su Lenghan gave the wine glass a shake, staring at the red wine within. Rays of cold-bloodedness emitted from his elegant face. “Bixue, I know you understand that I don’t love you. I hope you don’t continue to pester me.”


Pester—upon hearing that word, Yun Bixue felt something tightening around her heart. The lingering smile she’d had, grew stiff and could no longer be maintained.

Meng Xinyan saw that Su Lenghan looked as though he wanted to drink some wine, and stepped forward. “Lenghan, you can’t drink. Father hopes that we can have a child together this year.” Meng Xinyan grumbled playfully.

As Su Lenghan looked toward Meng Xinyan, his gaze grew warm. “Alright, I won’t drink. Apologies, Miss Yun, I’m afraid I am unable to reciprocate your toast.”

Yun Bixue found the harmonious image of them painful to look at. What was she still hoping for? Even Su Lenghan was unwilling to lend her money, and nobody would be willing to make themselves the enemies of the An family of Tian Jing City.

In the face of various looks filled with prejudice, compassion, or empathy, Yun Bixue maintained her elegant smile. She raised her wine glass and presented a toast toward the crowd, and downed the entire glassful.

At the same moment, scuffling and yelling broke out at the entrance.


With two bodyguards clearing the way, a man of incomparable magnificence entered.

Donning a well-tailored, handmade white suit, it was as though he came from another world. His tall stature was well-built and filled with extraordinary elegance. His ink-black short hair reflected light off the chandelier and lingered. His picturesque eyes shone like glass. His complexion was snow-white, with a face that was overwhelmingly exquisite. His temperament was mellow, yet dreamy.

The moment he stepped into the hall, everyone’s attention was spontaneously attracted toward him. Some even gasped, such an extremely gorgeous man possessed breathtakingly shocking beauty.

Yun Bixue was shaken as well. She had not known that such an enchanting man had existed in this world. His beauty was beyond her comprehension.

The moment only lasted a second before Yun Bixue lowered her head. The more beautiful the man, the more toxic he was. This was evident in the case of An Yexuan, and in the current case of Su Lenghan.

While Yun Bixue locked her brows in thought, she was suddenly pushed from behind. She staggered, and her heels stepped on the hemline of her dress. Losing balance, she fell face first onto the floor.

“Ping... Pa...” Yun Bixue fell, and her wine glass shattered, making a crisp sound that broke the silence in the hall. The crowd’s attention was shifted toward Yun Bixue immediately.

All of it happened in a second. Yun Bixue’s entire body was shivering with pain. The color was drained from her face and blood had stained her hand. But she fought with all she had to hold on, she did not want others to treat her as a joke.