Chapter 2777  : Where Did You People From the Entertainment Industry Come From? You Killed Me This Time

Su Qing rubbed her temples and interrupted him. “Director Li! We’ve signed the contract. It’s not appropriate for you to replace her at this time! Besides, our artiste especially took time out of her busy schedule to film the movie.

Who will bear the subsequent losses?”

“I’ve discussed it with the investors.” Director Li did not wait for her to make things difficult for him and took the initiative to say, “We can compensate you according to the penalty stated in the contract.”

Su Qing was surprised. It took her a long time to calm down.

She walked to the corner and talked with a gentler tone, “l heard that the production team has run into some financial difficulties. 1 can help you resolve this… Do you think you can keep Yiyi?


“Although she has a bad temper and caused trouble for the production team, she’s quite popular and has a lot of fans.

“l can teach her a good lesson. I guarantee that she will cooperate with the production team’s arrangements obediently. Director Li, can you make an exception…”

It was not without reason that Su Qing was able to become a big manager in the industry. She was really skilled. With just a few words, she helped the production team solve the funding problem and hinted that it was difficult to find a suitable artiste to replace Mu Yiyi at the last minute…

Under normal circumstances, even if the production team and director were not satisfied with the artiste, they would reconsider Mu Yiyi for the sake of benefits…

Unexpectedly, Su Qing had misjudged him this time.

Director Li did not think about it and straightforwardly said, “We’ve already solved the funding problem. The investors have recommended an artiste.” Su Qings eyes narrowed and her throat went dry. “Who is it?”


Director Li chuckled. “You’ve heard of her too. Queen of Cinema Bai Lan.” Su Qing was completely speechless.

Between Mu Yiyi and the Queen of Cinema, anyone with a discerning eye would know to choose the latter.

She just did not expect Director Li to find such a big flower to replace Mu Yiyi in the blink of an eye.

After a few seconds, she asked dryly, “Director Li, is it Jiang Li?”

They were all in the same circle.

The director did not want to make things too ugly, so he gave her some pointers. “No, it has nothing to do with Jiang Li this time. Zhui Guang introduced this investor to us. I can’t say much else. Anyway, Mu Yiyi acted like a diva and offended the wrong person. If you want to resolve the matter, apologize sincerely to her. It’s not a big deal, to begin with. There’s no need to make things difficult for her…”

Su Qing was lost in her thoughts and did not pay attention to his words. “l…


After hanging up, she had yet to recover when her cell phone rang again.

It was her aunt this time.

Su Qing remembered that she had asked her relative for help, so she quickly picked up. “Hello, Aunt. About that matter…”

She was also thinking about Director Li’s advice and hesitating if she should continue to find connections to pressure him.

Unexpectedly, before she could finish speaking, her aunt’s panicked voice interrupted her. “Who did you offend?!”

“What?” Su Qing was confused.

Her aunt was furious. “Didn’t you ask me for help over a small issue in your circle? Who did you provoke?! I found some purple to threaten the other party, but they just called and scolded me. They said that everyone they sent was detained. Where did you people from the entertainment industry come from? You killed me this time!”

Su Qings eyes were wide open, and her legs were shaky. Her stomach lurched as she held her phone and looked even more confused. “l… I really don’t know..freeweb .co m

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