Chapter 2776  : Master Wang: Brother, Can We Talk?

Qiao Nian took out her cell phone and typed a message. After a moment, she looked up and said, “I told her.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Li knew that if he paid for it himself, Director Li might be forced to accept his kindness, but might not feel good about it.

But it would be a different thing if Yuan Yongqin were to invest in the movie.

Not only Director Li, but the entire production team would be happy about

The more Jiang Li looked at Qiao Nian, the more he felt that she was sensible.

He was about to touch her face when the girl narrowed her eyes at him. She turned the baseball cap on her head to the back and stretched her legs to push the chair back to distance herself from him. Then, she looked at him with dry eyes. “What are you doing?”


Jiang Li’s restless hand was instantly killed by the big boss’s gaze. He instantly changed the topic. “Why isn’t Master Wang here yet?”

Someone happened to send Qiao Nian a WeChat message. It was obviously from Ye Wangchuan. As she played with her cell phone, she lowered her eyes and said, “He encountered something downstairs. He’ll come up after handling it.”

“Oh.” Jiang Li did not like this certain pig who had snatched their precious cabbage under his nose, so he was just asking casually. In fact, it did not matter if he came or not.

Qiao Nian did not see the change in his expression. She was looking at the WeChat message Ye Wangchuan had sent her. It was short: [Ran into an issue here. I’ll be over immediately.]

In the underground garage.

The noble and arrogant man was sitting in the car and making a call. His voice was low and charming. “When are you coming? Huh?”


“Right away.” It was actually MO Xi’s voice on the other end.

Ye Wangchuan looked up at the rustling people not far away. The corners of his lips curled up fiercely, but he calmly said, “Hurry up. Don’t let the rats escape. ”

MO Xi smiled and immediately said, “10 minutes.”

Ye Wangchuan looked at the time on his watch and then at the people who were about to leave. He decisively got out of the car. His long legs blocked in front of them with light steps. He smiled, but his eyes were extremely cold. “Brother, can we talk?”

The few people in the garage did not expect an Asian man to suddenly appear and chat with them.

The leader looked warily at the person blocking the way and said in a rough and unpleasant voice, “Get lost. Don’t f*cking block the way!’

“Pfft.” This was the first time Ye Wangchuan had been told to get lost. The corners of his eyes curled up slightly, and his smile widened, but he had no Intention or moving aside.

The man was busy collecting money and did not want to waste time with him. He cursed and wanted to hit him. “l told you to get lost…”

Just as he started speaking, his wrist was grabbed and easily buckled. The man cried out in pain and asked for help.

Someone behind him rushed over throwing a punch.

Ye Wangchuan grabbed the man’s wrist with one hand and sent him flying with a roundhouse kick.

Then, he looked at the people who were obviously afraid and on guard and said in the same lazy and casual tone, “Shall we talk?”


Su Qing was not in the mood to care about the artiste’s magazine shoot. Her cell phone had not stopped ringing since the first call from Mu Yiyi’s female assistant.

Calls kept coming in.

Every call was bad news for her.

She had just communicated with Weibo’s end about Mu Yiyi’s account, but the other party was vague and only said that he would help her investigate. Before she could settle this matter, Director Li contacted her again. The meaning between the lines was that he wanted to replace Mu Yiyi..