Chapter 2460 The finale of the extra episode

Xiao Ruojun smiled and said, "After I went back yesterday, I talked to my husband about the poetry meeting. When my husband heard that Mr. Shanju's real identity was exposed, he said it was bad. You must run away early this morning. No, we'll wait here as soon as the city gate opens."

  Shu Yu laughed loudly when he heard the words, and turned to look at Meng Yunzheng, "Master Xiang still knows you very well."

  Meng Yunzheng coughed lightly, pretending he didn't hear anything, and playing around with Mianmian's hair.

  Shu Yu looked at Xiao Ruojun again, "Mianmian just said that she didn't say goodbye to Brother Doudou, now it's all right, I can say goodbye."

"No, it's not saying goodbye, I just packed my luggage and plan to go with you."

  Shu Yu was surprised, "Let's go together?"


"Yeah, it's a rare opportunity. I also want to go out for a walk. Doudou is so big, and she hasn't been out of the capital. We were talking about it a few days ago. Mianmian has already traveled to many places at a young age. As a man, he should travel all over thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. As for his father, an official in the court cannot leave Beijing without authorization, so I can only take him with him."

When Xiang Weinan found out that his wife and children were going on a long trip, his head grew dizzy.

Agree, I guess I won't see their mother and child for several months or even half a year, and I will be alone.

I don't agree with it, it is indeed delaying the two of them. Xiao Ruojun hasn't traveled far in four years. It's not an exaggeration for her to want to go out to relax and enjoy the scenery. My son, it's a prudent thing to say, but I don't have as much experience as Mianmian.

  Despite the torment in his heart, Xiang Weinan quickly dispatched a team of reliable guards to **** their mother and child along the way.

  Xiao Ruojun took out a letter, which was from Xiang Weinan to Meng Yunzheng.


  Meng Yunzheng just nodded after reading it, "Let's go together."

  Xiao Ruojun cheered happily, and Doudou climbed onto Mianmian's carriage without saying a word.

Several cars set off again, and there were more Xiao Ruojun mother and son, and the road became more and more lively.

  However, after walking for a while, Shu Yu suddenly said, "Should we just go back to Dong'an Mansion directly like this?"

  Meng Yunzheng, "...Where do you want to go?"

  Shu Yu pondered for a moment, "Speaking of which, although we have been to many places in these years, we have never been to the places north of the capital. Otherwise, we should go to see and see?"

  Meng Yunzheng thought that if he went back now, many people would come after hearing the news. He also couldn't be clean, so he nodded immediately, "Yes."

  Xiao Ruojun has no objection, she just wants to travel far away to see the world.

"Then let's turn around and go north."

  Shu Yu called out, "Yingxi."

"Understood, miss."

  Ying Xi turned his horse's head, and exchanged glances with Xia Yan who was riding beside him.

The two felt that such a honeymoon trip was actually very good.

Yes, they got married last year. After Ying Xi became enlightened, Xia Yan didn't give her a chance to contact other people at all, and directly abducted them back home.

  It’s pretty good now, Miss and Uncle go together wherever they go, so naturally the husband and wife.

  The carriage rumbled towards a direction they had never been before.

  Shu Yu thought of Fang Xiyue, "Speaking of which, Fang's hometown seems to be just further north of the capital. Do you think we will meet them?"

"We can go to the county where they are. If they are still there, maybe we can really see them." Meng Yunzheng replied with a smile.

  Shu Yu's eyes lit up, "Okay, the first destination has been decided, Fang's hometown, let's go."


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